McCain pushing for war with Iran

Countdown's Keith Olbermann




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I want no credibility with you and your likes - go ahead and try to tarnish my logic by your pedestrian approach of me and other Iranian patriots as wanting Iran bombed - how many do you think you can fool on the internet?   Your tactics does pay with ignorant masses - but here on  are you kidding?   do you think anyone will buy your smear tactics?  loser


Keep voting for Obama and Iran will have Nuke

by shahabshahab on

For those who think just because they don't like Republicans, it's okay to talk with Ahmadinejad: Obama and his people are simply afraid of Iran. This would prove very very dangerous when that country will get its hands on the Nuke. Then, they will threaten for example: we want the Persian Gulf" and U.S. will say: Let's give it to them because you don't want Angry Iranians with a bomb! How smart is that!

I am always amazed at how seemingly eduacted smart Iranians on this blog don't see simple concepts such as: Maybe you donot like MCaine. But he is capable of saying very smart things. And vice versa: Obama may seem smart. But he has proven that he has no clue as to how to deal with the Iranian nuke problem His people are simply afraid of Iran.

This will backfire in a big way for this superpower. 


What is to stop them?!?

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 Do you realize how many of them are absolutely convinced that no one can even" deter" them from doing ANYTHING to anyone with relative impunity? All they see is disunity and therefore weakness. Weakness is the signal to strike.


Both Hayworth and McCain = wingnuts

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That pretty much sums it up.

Arizona deserves what they get, unless they evolve and progress into 21 century by putting a Democrat in the Senate.

How pathetic and sad McCain has become that he has taken second place to Palin. When was it that he lost his dignity?

Sadly he was the only Republican that I admired as a man of honor. Honor Shmhonor



out of context?

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Watch out for Hayworth.  A

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Watch out for Hayworth.  A bona fide racist. That's why he is winning in Arizona...

Much worse than McCain if he get elected.





you have zero credibility seeing as how you dont have any problems with iran getting bombed.


Yet another leftist liberal

by masoudA on

Yet another leftist liberal piece of propaganda.   This propaganda is to save IR from any attacks - people of Iran are not the targets, in fact they are the prize. 

This idiot ex sports analyst is putting his nose in places where it does not belong.  McCain never suggested to bomb Iran he was making a sarcastic remark - in fact if Olberman or any of the rest of the leftist propagandists had any credibility they would play the rest of his comments - not to take a line out of context.   

Funnier is his guest suggesting Iran will have the nukes but it will be an angrier Iran if we bug them!!!!  loool at idiots self proclaimed political analysts. 


I don't think McCain want's to Bomb like they make it

by timothyfloyd on

out to be,everytime.That seems unfair,I am glad McCain finally said what he would have done had be been President.That would have been to just -Up our sanction's on Iran a bit more to please the one side and that most likely,would have been the end of the story.



Genghis Khan

Classy Realism

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Mc Cain has been a piñata for the stupid Democrats for a while. He is a noble man with a noble idea, which is based on a comprehensive military attack against IRI. When you think of it, there is no other option available. I hope it will happen before it'll be too late.

If my body dies, let my body die, but do not let my country die.


He's talking about Sanctions

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We should not be going around the world trying to gather support for sanctions.If we are going to sanction Iran,it's our right,lets do it.McCain say's it straight up.Does he mention War? No but they put it in there don't they as if he did.This is a misleading political piece of trash and you complain about Fox New's,what a laugh.Can't you see you're blinded by hate? Where is the Hate for Obama? He is the one going to Super Powers making this a popularity contest.

The irony of it all,the last years you spent hating the Republicans to the point of blaming terrorist's blasts on them and now the Democrats are building the most damning sanctions on your country but you've a blind eye.Obama starts bombing Pakistan,you've a blind eye..Wake up man,Olberman is a propagandist Liar worse than Hannity,Rush and even Coulter.



john hanassab

war with iran

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he is talking from is back side


The most pathetic desperation for re-election

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This pathetic war mongering excuse for a human being use to bit if honor and dignity. But his lust and desperation for re-election and keeping his job has brought him to the point of pathological insanity.

People of Arizona should vote his sorry being out of the Senate.




what is the solution???

by Raad on

ok, i agree he is stupid and ..,but as an iranian which lives in Iran and has many many problems causes by this regime, if they can make nuclear wapen, what is the solution then?

you guys come from u.s.a or europe to do something?

Answer me and do be under attack of emotions and persian proud or hating America which make some people blind.


Kamran Ramyar


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You don't have to dig deep to find an excuse to call Mc Cain an imbecile.  Just look at his choice as vice presidental nominee....Sarah Palin!!  Yes that other imbecile BITCH.  Now on to more serious matters....I personally met Mc Cain's younger brother - Joe Mc Cain - at a Washington social gathering a number of years ago.  At the time he was a reporter for Baltimore Sun newspaper.  Anyway, over the course of our conversation Joe hinted at his brother's mysterious/ strange behavior, especially since his return from incarceration at Hanoi hilton.  Makes you wonder what our Vietnamese friends did to John Mc Cain while he was a POW.   Maybe shoved a bottle of warm water up his ass!


I remember

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him debating  Obama prior to the  election, he looks stupid now as he did back then.



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Definitely bereh gom sheh in the most crowded shopping mall in Tehran!