Life in Iran

Travelog by Darvish, March 2010

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:


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Fouzul Bashi

Obama jan

by Fouzul Bashi on

Reading some of these comment, it was a pleasure to read your insightful view.  Thanks mate ..


Thanks Darvish ...

by reRa on

thanks dear for sharing your experience with us here .... I really enjoyed watching them .. specially at the end with Chris de Burgh & Arian Band music .. thats my fav anyway .. looking forward to see more from you in the future ... all the best




امیدوارم یک روزی این کوه ظلم، استبداد، جهل و بیداد خراب شه و دره


خیلی‌ ممنون از این فیلم! ساده بود، غم انگیز بود، ولی‌ بازم امید رو
میشد توش حس کرد! همون امیدی که اون خراب شده رو ۲۵۰۰ سال نگاه داشته...
کوه باید خراب شه، تا دره پر شه... برای من شخصاً بسیار عمیق بود این جمله
از این مرد ساده ولی‌ با طرز فکری و نفسی‌ چنان بیدار! هزار آفرین‌ای
مرد... امیدوارم یک روزی این کوه ظلم، استبداد، جهل و بیداد خراب شه و دره
ایران و ایرانیان پر شه از دانش، عشق، آزادی و ترقی‌... با آروزی سلامتی‌،
بیداری، آزادی، استقلال، خوشبختی‌، خوشحالی، ترقی‌ و عشق برای ایران و
ایرانیان عزیز ما از درگاه پروردگار بزرگ ایران و جهان... آمین.


CHOKH SAAGHOL GHARDAASH! Sign of a true civilized cuture!

by obama on

I truly enjoyed it! Took us where no tourists would go! It was humbling and refreshing. Didn't care for english subtitles since it was meant for us. how about the torkish translation? 

Why are these people still happy? They are not greedy. Not as much as they deserve, but true happiness is in your heart not the material things. That's what differentiates us from the greedy cultures who only seek happiness through sex and material. Our true culture is a davishi culture.

You can see the strength of the culture in the good looking tehrani shoe shiner. The man was so intellignet and educated with high spirit that he could have been your next door neighbor. This is where the government fails. This man deserves much more. He could have been the surgeon. He definitely would make a much better president.

It really makes me appreciate of my culture when i see these uneducated people talk, think and behave like an educated person. This is the sign of true and old civilization where you have all these characteristics without even knowing how to spell your name! 


your camera

by ahmad_ on

what brand is it? did you say canon?

is it a movie camera or just a digital still camera with movie option?


very  interesting

Fouzul Bashi

Thank you Darvish jan

by Fouzul Bashi on

Thank you, what a film .. Genuine, sad, heartening, full of spirit.  What good people, hard working, simple and complex.  Damet garm baradar!  Very moving ..

Mort Gilani

Thanks for Posting

by Mort Gilani on

A good docu-drama about a disgusting way of life.

Why Iranians are so content

by on

Why Iranians are so content with poor qualities of anything?  What is it about us that not only allows creation of works of "sambal", but also promotes and praise-  I am vying for a day when "Iranian expectations" exceed  whatever product, service or creation Iranians offer.



Beautiful diary

by Monda on

Ressidan bekhair va tashakkor farovon, Darvish.

(kooh baayad kharaab sheh ke darreh por sheh.  But at what cost?) 

Peter Pan

They tow your broken car for $0.50 @59(part 3)!!

by Peter Pan on

Disappointig, humiliating... you name it.

By the way you didn't have to make an English caption, if you were not up to the job. How Persian, or how Persian-Canadian.

yada yada yada

Reza Pahlavi will have to work hard

by yada yada yada on

In order to fix this jungle of UNDEVELOPED society.Does this society need nuclear power? NEVER. Explosion of population is mind boggling.


I am humbled again!

by reader1 on


This documentry humbled me and reminded me yet again that our beloved country is and will remain a third world country for many generations to come.

Jahanshah Javid

Hardworking people

by Jahanshah Javid on

Dirt poor, struggling, but hardworking and full of spirit. Enjoyed this sincere diary.