Iran unveils 'faster' uranium centrifuges

Announcement comes as UN Security Council discuss new sanctions

BBC: Iran's president has unveiled new "third-generation" centrifuges that its nuclear chief says can enrich uranium much faster than current technology. The centrifuges would have separation power six times that of the first generation, Ali Akbar Salehi said in a speech marking National Nuclear Day. The new technology could shorten the time it takes to build a nuclear bomb. Tehran insists its nuclear programme is solely for peaceful purposes. Friday's announcement comes as members of the UN Security Council discuss a new round of sanctions against Iran over its refusal to halt uranium enrichment >>>



Fussygorilla - You are simply wrong

by reader1 on

No decent Iranian would belittle the achievement of the young iranian scientists. Those decent scientists deserve to have decent and competent politicians and leaders to present them in the international arena. I wish they just could keep their mouth shut and let the nation reach its rightful goal, i.e.  nuclear capability without nuclear arsenal.  It seems to me that they are deliberately creating enemies for the sake of their political survival. Imagine the damage they have done by repeatedly  and quite unnecessarily denying the Holocaust and implying the intent to wipe out a nation from the face of the earth, even though they might have not quite meant it that way. I wish someone could do an objective and scientific assessment of how much per capita ordinary Iranians are paying for this unmeasured comments by your president.  The following dictionary definition for "diplomacy" may interest you.


Instrument by which a state (or, by extension, an organization or individual) attempts to achieve its aims, in relation to those of others, through dialogue and negotiation.


Shame on you

by fussygorilla on

Shame on those Iranians who use any argument to belittle the tremendous scientific achievements of Iranian young sicentists. It is not just in the nuclear energy area but in many other fields like medicine, pharmacology, stemcell research, and others that their fellow Iranians have made progress.  Where is their sense of national pride? Shameful.


Ask the Native Americans

by glent on

It is the DUTY of Muslim nations to build the same type of weapons that Shatan has rewarded the cowardly reprobate hypocrytes with. These rats will always commit heinous crimes and unjust perpetrations against ANYONE who cannot fight back. They are mentally deficient and possesed of a psychotic lack of remorse indicating that they will never cease untill they are utterly rendered incapable.



by Demo on

As the regime has not succeeded to clean the country up of all the prevalent impurities such as poverty, drugs addictions, devastating unemployment, prostitution, inflation, and of so many others it is quite absurd to brag about having acquired the most technological advanced centrifuges (AT WHAT $$$???) to obtain the highly purified uranium. What is next???  Could that be an atomic bomb exhibition conference to show the world a hidden underground “NUCLEAR BOMB” in the city of NA-TANZ”??? Would such stop our country economical/environmental deteriorations??? If people really believed that there was a huge fraud in their last presidential election, then why do they need to believe that any other claim of the regime is the truth & nothing but the truth. Is not the whole IRI drama like a “SAD-TANZ (COMIC)”????