Iran begins war games

In Persian Gulf, Strait of Hormuz

AP: Iran launched large-scale war games in the Persian Gulf oil route of the Strait of Hormuz on Thursday, holding the military exercises earlier than usual after the country's leaders expressed new concerns that the U.S. has made a veiled nuclear threat against the Islamic Republic. Tehran was angered by President Barack Obama's announcement earlier this month of a new U.S. nuclear policy in which he pledged America would not use atomic weapons against nations that do not have them. Iran and North Korea were pointedly excluded from the non-use pledge, and Iranian leaders took that as an implicit threat. Iran has been holding military maneuvers, dubbed as The Great Prophet, in the strategic waters annually since 2006 to show off its military capabilities >>>


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Islamic regime wants a war!

by Sadrakarta on

Now that there's a huge gap between IRI supporters and the opposition, the only way that can unite them in favor of the Islamic regime is a common enemy. Yes, a war. Iranian government is so narrowminded, it is pushing for a war by pocking the west in the eye constantly. Once a war happens, God know what will become of Iran. The chance of a nuclear attack still exist and Iranian government is too ignorant to see that. Those little boats can't defend Iran, either.


Dear Diejaan Sargord

by afyoun on

I've just signed an account here.  The reason? YOU.



Initially, which of academies have you attended, if I might ask?

Dovvomly, be honest and let us know how many super secret accounts are registered here, under your Aliases. (guys while reading this hum the Mission Impossible tune)   

Sevvomanly, man, that's a bit redundant; having trained for so many years and not being able to flex the muscles in a maneuvers or so .. but instead get a low profile in a cubical behind a corporate pc, blogging like a twelve years old girl.

Now tell me: Who's your daddy?


very impressive when there is no enemy

by azadi5 on

yes, it's easy to unload on a defenseless wreck of a ship with missiles. But in reality, I don't think these little boats stand a chance to even get close enough to a war ship to shoot their missiles. from the video, it also looked like the missiles were not well aimed, just shooting randomly in whatever was in front of the boat, they'll be lucky if they don't shoot themselves. good luck.


Anonymous Observer

by IRI on

We are negotiating about our role in the future party of Iran and currently I am out of job. I do not know much about military.

Anonymous Observer


by Anonymous Observer on

why do you have to ask our [fake] sargord this question:

 "Dear Sargord, since you know about military, why didn't these brave soldiers sink the ship using their under water missiles? Are they capable of doing so?

Thanks in advance."

I thought you were the official "spokesperson" for the IRI.  Why don't you just pick up the phone and call the IRGC command?  They'll give you the answer. :-)))


sinking the ship will not "pollute" the Persian Gulf.  Depending on where it is sunk, the ship can be used as an artificial reef.  

I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek

Why does the USA waste 5 trillion on nukes over the years

by I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek on

And pretend that a country like Iran, that hasn't invaded anyone, is going to "attack the USA." 

So much bullshit these days. The USA has lost its sense once and for all.  



by Demo on

A very impressive TV show indeed for the majority of the people in IRAN who have to struggle so hard with their “Days of Our Lives” hardships. Unlike their sufferings, however, this is only like a TV movie & is oceans away from the reality of a war with US (and not with the Emirates). Did not we already experience 8 years of real war with our neighboring Muslim country??? War is not a game & not a delusion. Such games might back fire & invoke an US aggression.

And by the way where are the town sizes US fleets & how do they look like & how far are they from the practice area & how much $$$$ annual military budget, to whose pockets, how much pride generation, and go on and go on? The old ship is the reminder of the two World War II submarines that IRI purchased from Russians some years ago for 600 millions dollars and they could not operate in the warm waters of Persian Gulf.   

Sargord Pirouz

That old ship took a

by Sargord Pirouz on

That old ship took a licking! Plenty of 107 mm AP rockets pierced the hull.

They used it for target practice, but intentionally didn't sink it. It was tugged away. Either they'll use it for future testing (there's 2 more days to the maneuvers) or it'll be scrapped.

Personally, I'm hoping they don't sink it. It would only serve to pollute the Persian Gulf, where instead dismantlers could make a few rials scrapping it for recycle. 


Very impressive

by IRI on

I think the message is clear. We are hoping to get our neighbors to participate in our next exercise.

Dear Sargord, since you know about military, why didn't these brave soldiers sink the ship using their under water missiles? Are they capable of doing so?
Thanks in advance.

Sargord Pirouz

The IRGCN used an old Iraq

by Sargord Pirouz on

The IRGCN used an old Iraq Navy troop ship for target practice in the middle of the Persian Gulf. Kind'a says it all- don't it? How things have changed since 2003.

The lineup of IRGCN Thondar class missile craft was impressive, too.

Oh, and there was a fleet of high-speed patrol boats marked "Aba Abdellah Boys" in english along the hull sides. Yes, they've an intended audience for their war games! 


what Navy???!!

by pars35 on

I have a feeling the IRI nuke program is just like their Navy.  Some old lady with a pressure cooker had  spit a Goat's head and called atomic program.

Give me a break.. Ten 20' ft boats with 19 century rockets. Get real, beating up on unarmed women has gone to their head