Indian SARI from Persia

Sari Persian Zoroastrian cultural dress

"In the Parsi language Gara means needle point or embroidery. These delicate dresses that women wear has been the traditional dress of Zoroastrian women for centuries since its origination from ancient Persia and Greece. And That Parsi Gara clothing Parsi Women wore, it is not what you think, and that SARI dress, it is actually a Persian Zoroastrian cultural dress. That Persian tradition style and fashion is from a long time ago. We did keep it alive among our Zoroastrians. The dress how to wear it, the style of it, and the tying of it around your body is important too, every Parsi lady must know about it."


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Loved the Dresses and the

by Arthimis on

Loved the Dresses and the video clip, very classy... Excellent Music for presentation... Sounds like Serge Gainsbourg mix!? Love the song.. Tres belle, bien sûr.. Merci: -)

Free Iran and True Iranians...


My Princess would look even more beautiful in Parsi-Gara... :-)



by yolanda on

Thank you for the beautiful video. I have saved it with my you-tube account!

The dresses are gorgeous!