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Idiots are Single Iranians with American slu... ehem girlfriends

by HHH on

You can find wonderful girls in Iran as well as materialist, loos-nonor, selfish, know-nothings with a Philosophy degree who are looking for a rich, PHD, CEO Supermen (plural) with a Benz.

Even though girls in Iran are free in their homes and some have taken boyfriends and lovers, still compared to the foreign and Iranian girls outside Iran they're much, much better in every way.

My brother went back and within weeks he married a sweet, barbydoll girl with masters degree, an intelligent girl, a kind and generous girl and an independent, talented girl. Now they have 2 kids and doing just fine after 11 years.

So who's the idiot?!



by onlyinamrica on

Going to Iran and bring a bride here, equates to carrying a big suitcase on your shoulder for the rest of your life. One might ask why? The answer is, because, it doesn't have wheels nor a handle. I have seen a whole bunch of these idiots.



Awesome...:-) Thank you...

by Arthimis on

Awesome...:-) Thank you...