Girl in Taxi

Interesting conversation on a ride in Tehran


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Nader Vanaki

طپش خانم

Nader Vanaki

لطفآ بفرمایید که از این کلیپ بی سر و ته چه نتیجه گیری اجتماعی، سیاسی، روانشناسی تونستی بدست بیاری من را هم روشن کن.


Made in the islamic republic

by ThePope on

Another koskhol-e daahaati-e chaador chaaghchooli...
It's these type of 'people', and their stupid families, who support the islamic republic; who are pro ahmadinejad; and who think that Iran is progressing!

We have a few of them on this site too!

P.S.  And for some friggin' reason they all like to listen to Homeyra...!!?