Disabled parking?

Iranians abusing disabled placards in Los Angeles

NBC: Do you ever wonder why it’s often impossible to find a parking spot on the streets of Southern California? An undercover investigation by NBCLA exposes one of the main reasons why: more and more people are fraudulently using disabled placards, to park free at meters and on streets where the parking is supposed to be for residents only. The problem of placard misuse has become so rampant, that NBCLA found in some neighborhoods almost every parked car is displaying a disabled placard, leaving no place for the rest of us to park our cars. We found this sections of downtown Los Angeles, Beverly Hills, and Westwood >>>

View more news videos at: //www.nbclosangeles.com/video.


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good for them, I loved it

by iran_zameen on

Instead of being bothered by what you see, perhaps you should go and see how people like Madoff ripped off millions from people.

This is what I call blue collar crime. You need to look into white collar crime and see who is committing it before you come down hard on Iranians.

For my part, I consider what they are doing wrong because it hurts handicapped folks, but as far as stealing from the US government, I am all for it.

Why should Iranians care anymore than other people about the US government? When Indians run telephone scams, Koreans run healthcare scams, Jews run legal scams...why should Iranians be excluded?

On another note, did these folks leave iran so that they can come and open a store in this dump? All that talk about LA and IRanians, and this is what we get--2 star stores???


Latest news- Armenian gangs killed 4 in a restaurant in Glendale

by obama on

This just happened 30 minutes ago! I guess, they just wanted to prove my last comment. See, as I said, we don't have this kind of problems. With the exception of some crooked businessmen, we really are civilized and educated community in this country! Not perfect, but very good! Thanks to our great culture! I wish we would follow it more closely.

Ali P.


by Ali P. on

"Iranians abusing disabled placards in Los Angeles" is not the original headline, is it?

Do we know if any of them were Iranian? 


Russian Aremenians are the No.1 in frauds in the US!

by obama on

Any court house you pass by, you will see many armenian criminals smoking with their black attires like gangs (many are). I see armenian kids (19-20) with a $100,000 Mecedes Benzes. The real estate fraud, check fraud, business fraud is so prevalent amongst them. In fact, the Armenians say that Persian Aremenians are the most civilized and the least prone to cheating among the armenians.

This was not meant to bash armenians, since they are not the only groups. I just wanted to point out that for such a small minority, they have a very high percentage of criminals. Iranians pale in comaprison. We should have some perspectives, but this does not justify the action of the few by no means. Koreans are not better.

I am glad to see the outrage here, but believe me most of these unethical Iranians that you see are the Downtown businessmen whether they are jews, or moslem. I have dealt with them in the past and I advise you not to deal with them. They cheat us Iranians more than they cheat the foreigners due to taarof. They only care about money and mostly are scumbs!

I was cheated $15,000 for buying rugs that when iwated to sell it, they bought it for $800 for two pieces of rugs. Turned out they were paki rugs. Iranian FARSH FOROUSH are the biggest liars and cheaters in Iran. Never to be trusted! These are the same scumbs here as they were in Iran and I am glad they were kicked out of Iran, or left, as they should the rest!

So, before you put all iranians into one catagory, please differentiate them from the general public. Like any communities we have bad people who are primarily businessmen, but we have much more good people. Think of the good Iranian people and avoid the scumbs who are iranians by name only, not character!  


A True story

by capt_ayhab on

When I broke my ankle 3 years ago, during one of the worst winters, weeks and weeks of snow and ice, I really ended up appreciating the privilege of close by parking spots. 



I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek

Hi Jason - This behavior isn't limited to Iranians

by I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek on

As annoying as these people are - have you ever been to a large scale Iranian themed event in the US? - I can tell you that this type of laziness and stupidity happens everywhere by all types of people, including non-Iranians. Why? People are greedy. Not just Iranians!

LA has a high high high concentration of Iranians, especially in the shopping district shown here.

I'm not saying what these people do is OK, I'm saying it's not because they are Iranian. There are many many other Iranians who don't do this. 



Zarang bazi

by jasonrobardas on

this is part of our national charecter .  It is so stupid they have not learned anything living here . Shame

I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek

OK I finally watched the video

by I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek on

What a bunch of a-holes. I do understand that they are trying to save money. I am suspicious of NBC doing this story during this economic time. Using secret cameras for 2 months?! California is sinking and this is big issue? People want to save money. Most of these people are business owners. It's not that bad, except for the lying. But who would incriminate himself? That's the 5th amendment right not to!


Questions for screen name 'kayvanali'

by Raoul1955 on

I read the article and watched the video showing some people using the handicapped permit improperly. The project involved monitoring a small part of the business district with subsequent interviews with a handful of people with foreign accents.

Questions for screen name 'kayvanali:'

1)     Since there is no mention of the national origins of the said few, how can inferences be made vis-à-vis their national origins?  Nationality means citizenship, and one may presume either they are US Nationals or Permanent Residents without any inferences of their national origins.

2)     On what basis did you choose the title when the original reporters never mentioned the Citizenship, or the National Origins for these individuals?

3)     What exactly is your objective for posting this?



by Fatollah on

it is not just LA, believe me, we are everywhere and do all that kind of zerangi shit, I am begning to believe that decency is heradatory!

p/s not that we are any worse or any better of the other nationalities, we are a very proud people and pride and these attitudes doesn't go together.



by reader1 on


I could not agree more with Farrad02 ,Bihonar and Obama. I am ashamed of some of my fellow countrymen who brag about being smart in cheating and breaking the law. 


Whatever happened to the 5000 years civilization?

by bihonar on

The good old Iranians (not all, of course) destroyed their own country back home and now they are here to ruin this one too. Good job. Knowing my people, I am sure they call this act "zerangi" (cleverness) too, and brag about it in their parties. Shouldn't we be ashamed of ourselves? How long more are we going to continue on this path? The problem is that we, in our community, know about these things and tolerate it. We don't speak up against it. I know an Iranian who lives in a multimillion Dollar home and sells junk cars, which he knows are going to break down the next day, as is, to poor hard working Mexicans with wife and a bunch of little kids. This guy has the respect of everyone, because he is "zerang". I am greatly entertained by some people's justification, that "others do it too". you know pal, that and a Dollar may get you a cup of coffee, but of course not a coffee worth a damn. My father used to say that, here, in this country, live 30 millions (population of Iran in those days) of thieves. Please don’t humor yourself with what Cyrus, Darioush, the Persian Empire and the Iranians of that era did. Those free and brave people had nothing in common with the pathetic people (again, not all, of course) of today’s Iran and we all know it too.  


dingo daddy En passant

That is a disgrace

by dingo daddy En passant on

I'm sorry for the rest of the citizens.


خجالت بکشیم.


ما ایرانیها چرا اینقدر از این مملکت (آمریکا) طلبکاريم. این پر رویی و زیاده خواهی از کجا آمده و به چه دلیل؟

آیا ملت ما به افغانها و خارجیان دیگر در ایران حتی گوشه اي از حقوق قانونی شان را میدهد که ما اینقدر زیاده خواه و پر رو تشریف داريم. بنده در ایران در یک مهمانی بودم که یک خانم و آقاي مسن که فرزندانشان در لوس آنجلس زندگی میکنند و در رفت و آمد بین ایران و آمریکا هستند با غرور و خود ستایی روشهای مختلف تیغ زدن سیستم آمريکا و مفت ستانی از بیزینس ها و سازمانهای آمریکا را تعریف میکردند به طرزی که یعني این نشانه یک نوع زرنگی و برتری است.  بنده نخواستم میهمانی را با اعتراض خودم خراب کنم ولی واقعاً چندش آور بود. آبرو و حيثیتی که نوع ایرانیان لوس آنجلسی از یک ملت میبرند واقعاً قيمت این مفت ستانی ها و دزدی ها را از حساب همه ملت ایران کم میکند! 

شما چند ایرانی مسن را میشناسید که بدون روزی کار و پرداخت سوشال سکوریتی در تمام زندگی شان حالا با افتخار "از آمریکا حقوق میگیرند" و آن را در ایران خرج میکنند و به رفت و آمد با لوفت هانزا و هواپیمایی امارات به در و همسایه فخر هم میفروشند؟ آیا این کار با دزدی چه فرقی دارد؟

با این وضعیت ما از جمهوری اسلامی و آخوندها رفتار بهتر و دیگري هم میطلبیم و آنها را دزد و جانی ميدانیم. خوب فرق شما که در کالیفرنیا میدزدی و مرسدس بنز خودت را در خیابانهای لوس آنجلس میراني با آخوند زاده دزد که در خیابان میرداماد ماکسیمای خود را میراند و از تهرانیها میدزدد چیست؟



It's about time! Why do you say Iranians? it has no nationality!

by obama on

We are good in tagging ourselves. I see Armenians, fat people, many blacks, whites, asians. This law that had a good intention is misused big time.

The other time I saw five attorneys with their mercedes benzes parked their cars in front of a restaurant where they had a meeting, they all hung their handicapped parking permit! they should all be put in jail! It's about time to investigate this!


bet you Bobby et al are the only ones...

by Monda on

generating income in that neighborhood. 

I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek

Disabled parking is a scam itself

by I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek on

Most disabled people have care takers. I know some people with Multiple Sclerosis who really do travel alone and depend on these spaces, but human beings being the filthy, selfish morons we are, ruin this basic right. 

If you are fat, that does NOT entitle you to these spaces. I with the DMV would stop giving fat people these tags too.  

maziar 58


by maziar 58 on

Is to issue a lic. for roof mounted that can not be easily removed and lighted sign just like pizza delivery or taxi services DECLARING HANDICAP........

problem solved.       Maziar