Cultural Revolution, Part 2?

New effort to make universities more "Islamic"


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by Khar on



Don't lose sleep over it

by Abarmard on

The fact that Universities are the place for science and knowledge, it is impossible to reverse it and expect results. The concept requires one to challenge the status quo, and it will always be that way, especially in Iran.

They are free to "try" to implement whatever they see fit, but end result will not be what they calculated, similar to the early days of revolution. Think of simpler issues such as Sara and Dara dolls, National dress, and many other failed policies and laws. Add this one to it. 

Generally all they can do, which is not good for those who suffer, is to expel some professors and students. That is a short term solution. Long term we will see nothing but the same result.

Here is my advice to Iranian policy makers. It is more fruitful to change government policies that are against growth and freedom. In long term that would be beneficial and will give the best result for the government and the country, which puts it on the same path and meaning rather than separate it. What's today is good for the country is not good for the government, those need to be reevaluated.

The source for this kinds of rules are to establish a more secure system, however security of the system is based on its dynamic format and ability to change based on the needs of the population. Therefore long term policies must be based on developing a system that answers to the mass rather than changing what is taught in the classrooms. After all, this is the information age.

Shazde Asdola Mirza

ما دانشگاه لازم نداریم. من خودم ۶ ماهه در حوزه دکتر تربیت می‌کنم

Shazde Asdola Mirza

Another gem from Imam Khomeini ... RIS


Kamran Daneshjoo is a traitor!

by Benyamin on

I quote him saying " The Universities don`t belong to any grou except to the Neazam!?" As if "Nezam" is a blank with no political or religious affiliation.

Thses peopel think that people in Iran are their slaves and they can do whatever they wish to do with them!

Even if I were a Hezbollahi I would be offended!