Bill Maher: Teabaggers

How to reduce U.S. national debt



Excellent point as often

by Bavafa on

This country is on the self destruction path and unless we wise up soon, it may become too late to do any thing about it.




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When this clip was originally posted on Huffington post on Friday, it generated close to 1500 comments.

This dude is good I mean great.



Awesome :-)

by Arthimis on

No body is perfect and neither is Bill Maher... In fact, he does have a huge ego, like most people with fame and under spot light... However, his opinion of America is very true on so many levels, irrespective of who pays his paychecks for him to be so funny... :-)

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

IRI is a fine example

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


of printing money gone wild. I was going through my old "Aziz Nassin" books from before the revolution. Here is what one cost: 20 rials. You heard right 2 toman! Now they won't even give us a kick in rear for 2 toman.

hamsade ghadimi


by hamsade ghadimi on

i hope you were not serious when you said "The feds keep printing money and so long as the rest of the world accpets it, it's buisness as usuall so no need to worry."

printing money causes inflation and devaluation of currency.  the more money a government prints, the less value the currency will have in real terms.  one needs to increase real output to counter the excess money that is printed.  yes, the world will accept the dollar but not at the same value.  otherwise, everyone can retire and have their governments keep printing "extra money."  you can learn more on this matter by taking an introductory economics course in the nearest community college in your town.


what is to worry?

by MRX1 on

The feds keep printing money and so long as the rest of the world accpets it, it's buisness as usuall so no need to worry.

useless people like Bill Maher are primary beneficery of this system any way. In a perfect world, people like him have to  go get a real job and rest assure their pay check would not be this large. He should just go hang out in play boy mansion!


Right on Bill! Tea beggars are racists who said nothing to Bush

by obama on

and cheney when they inaded all those countries, and they will encourage invading Iran but they don't want the poor get health care,but let them die!

When other countries hate Americans, they really mean TEA BEGGARS (not baggers)!

Little Tweet

Do you think

by Little Tweet on

Teabaggers watch the Bill Maher's show?


A midget clawn

by Bugsy on

Without the "Empire", which he wishes to be given up, there will be no "super-fat" paycheque for him, and his countless hypocrite likes.


Hey Marge

by afyoun on


Please wise up those who dont know where the phrase "money for nothing & chicks for free" is originated from and refering to?

Cheers gal


Love Bill Maher X 2

by PERS66 on

I love this man, he always lays it out like it is.

Bill for president ;)))



Great analysis

by John on

Bill Maher, and / or his writers, almost always hit the nail on the head.  The biggest danger to Americans is themselves, unfortunately the teabaggers are a growing phenomenon and that ridiculous Palin woman may well be the next US president.  If that happens, god help you all.

I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek

LOL he does a great job. Love Bill Maher

by I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek on

money for nothing and chicks for free LOLLLLL

The defense budget is a black hole that will kill the USA. I'm sure other countries like Saudi and Israel are looking forward to that! How smart of them. How sad for the Americans.