Aslan on Amiri

Reza Aslan talks on CNN about Iranian nuclear scientist Shahram Amiri


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CIA Brain drainage???

by mehdi79 on

Why do you think iranians are defecting to the west? simple .. this regime is unable to provide a sound & safe environment for scientists, students & army staff ... no wonder no one is willing to willing with this regime & fleeing the country. its not CIA draining these technocrats but the regime itself by its behaviour towards citizens of iran forcing them to flee the country just like communist soviet union dissents took refuge in western europe & US ... history is repeating itself


Aslan is a pretend journalist

by robertborden54 on

He is simply recycling 3 year old information.  I was wondering how a teacher of comparative literature had contact with "intelligence sources":


It's probably more about his fame than revealing any actual information.

I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek

Google Curve Ball

by I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek on

Another scientist who was "talking to the CIA." I was wondering when we'd have our Iranian curveball operative. Now we have him with a picture and all. Hooray! WAR TIME!