Ahmadinejad: Opponents and sanctions

Speech in Kerman

AP: Faced with the prospect of new sanctions because of Iran's nuclear defiance, President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said Saturday that new penalties would only strengthen the country's technological progress by encouraging it to become more self-sufficient. In a speech, Ahmadinejad also rejected President Barack Obama's offers of engagement, saying "three or four beautiful words" don't mean U.S. policies have changed under his administration. "They say they have extended a hand to Iran, but the Iranian government and nation declined to welcome that," he said. "What kind of hand did you extend towards the Iranian nation? What has changed? Did you lift sanctions? Did you stop propaganda? Did you reduce the pressure?" >>>


No Fear

Interesting quote

by No Fear on

انصافاً رئیس‌جمهور باهوش و حواس‌جمعی داریم که تقریباً در همه‌ی مواردی که دقت کرده‌ام، حواسش هست که اگر حتا انتقادی تلویحی می‌کند؛ اینطور برداشت نشود که با صنف، گروه یا طبقه‌ای از مردم مخالف است و منافع آنها را نمی‌بیند.

مثلاً این اظهاراتش را بخوانید: [اگر بزرگترین تولیدات را در کشور داشته باشیم اما یک شبکه‌ی توزیع درست نداشته باشیم تولیدات ما ضایع خواهد شد. شبکه‌ی توزیع باید در سراسر کشور به‌طور هماهنگ کار کند. به‌طوری‌که بتواند نوسانات قیمت را کنترل نماید. ضمن اینکه تولید کننده‌ها و توزیع‌کننده‌های ما جزو بهترین مردم هستند. عواملی که قاعده‌ی کلی را در تنظیم بازار رعایت نمی‌کنند تعدادشان خیلی اندک است. خوشبختانه قریب‌به‌اتفاق تولیدکنندگان، توزیع‌کنندگان و واسطه‌گران یا همان مباشران؛ دلسوزند].

حالا اگر «یک عضو الیگارشی خانوادگی ـ صنفی» رئیس‌جمهور بود، حرف‌زدنش این‌طور بود: [هرچه می‌کشیم از دست این سرمایه‌داران زالوصفت و واسطه‌های کفتارصفت است که خون محرومان و خلق‌‌های پابرهنه و مستضعف را در شیشه کرده‌اند. به قول حضرت علی (ع) هیچ کاخی ندیدم؛ مگر کنارش کوخی باشد].

بعدهم عصر که می‌شد؛ در خانه‌های دوسه‌هزارمتری در زعفرانیه (که حاصل تبانی‌شان با همان سرمایه‌داران و همان واسطه‌هاست) می‌نشستند کنار آلاچیق، روزنامه می‌خواندند و به‌مان می‌خندیدند که «خودمانیم ها. عجب مردم ساده‌ای داریم حاج‌خانم»!

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Dr. Ahmadinejad

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@ Cyclicforward ;

Many cities in the world use monorail ( Skytrain ) for long distances. Vancouver Canada just expanded their monorail systems which connects 2 cities to Vancouver. Your arguement is faulty and it suffers from lack of information and knowledge.

Besides, Ahmadinejad wanted to use Monorail to complement metro system in areas where tunneling is expensive. However, special interest groups in Iran opposed his idea since monorail would have reduced their profits from tunneling construction firms close to Rafsanjani.

@ Minadadvar ;

Ahmadinejad is Iran's president and he has sworn to uphold the IR constitution as his primary responsibility. He is the primary representative of our law. What you want him to do is to exceed his responsibility and act without considerations of where his responsibilities lies. For example, Ahmadinejad is NOT responsible nor involved in who the Judiciary passes judgement on to go to prison or not. " Ghoveye Ghazaaiyeh " is responsible for that not " Ghoveyeh Mojriyeh" which Ahmadinejad is the head of.

Iranian government is multi layer and our Judiciary acts independently from our Administrations. It is similar in the US as well. Foreign policy which you brought up, is not something that Ahmadinejad uses as a diversion, It is his responsibility.

I hope that answered your question.


No Fear

by minadadvar on

Let's assume that AN is not responsible for the atrocities committed by Mullahs.  Then, why does not he have the courage to talk about these criminal acts?  Instead, he keeps on talking about US and Israel to divert attention.  You keep on saying, it is not his fault.  Sorry, but that is not good enough. He is the "President" and should act presidential not like a "potted plant".


Stop your propaganda

by cyclicforward on

Show me one country in the world that uses monorail in place of metro. Monorail is simply used for very short distances. Since when you become expert on Monorail vs. metro you AN lover. Stop your propaganda and go away. Your types have caused considerable grief for Iranian people.


Stop your propaganda

by cyclicforward on

Show me one country in the world that uses monorail in place of metro. Monorail is simply used for very short distances. Since when you become expert on Monorail vs. metro you AN lover. Stop your propaganda and go away. Your types have caused considerable grief for Iranian people.

No Fear

Babak ..

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Anyone with haif a brain knows that building monorail is a lot cheaper than Metro. Ask anyone with an engineering degree to testify on this.

BBC news is biased. It fails to mention the political power struggle between Ahmadinejad and rafsanjani when it came to Metro system in Iran.

Tehran Metro is sucking up HUGE funds. They have borrowed huge sums from Iranian banks which they failed to payback and have defaulted on the loans. They have spent all their budgets which was allocated by the government. They have exhusted foreign investments to the point of losing their credit on international market. They couldn't pay for the trains which they purchased by LC from china. They lobbied heavily in the majlis so a billion additional US dollar was given to Hashemi ( Rafsanjani son ) who by the way, is not accountable to anyone and holds on to the positions while handing out big contracts to companies close to rafsanjani and Co..

At this point, No one can tell how much this metro is costing us. Ahmadinejad Can NOT do anything here, since this organization which Swallows funds like a whale is not accountable to the government and acts independently. 

Oh, i can go on and on here....( this is only the tip of the iceberg )

So, what are you talking about? Do your homework and don't rely on second or third hand information from BBC.



Ahmadinejad is a sad low life

by tabriz_balasi on

Islamic Republic is a terrorist organization, that terrorizes its own people.  the sad thing is that they lie so much that they start believing their own lies.  IR will be destroyed from within.  Ahmadinejad, i hope you burn in hell along side khomeini and khamenie.  if Prophet Muhammad was here, he would cut off your head.


be an act at all times in the name of Allah.


Too funny

by cyclicforward on

Some body should tell this Mahmoud moron that his first priority should be how to make gasoline rather than nuclear energy.


the funnisest part is his comment about benzin

by azadi5 on

AN is a true idiot. He makes it sound like making benzin is like making kah gel for construction. Bad bakht, if you you had the know how on making benzin why you haven't done it in the past 31 years?

babak pirouzian

to No fear: Are you in denial?

by babak pirouzian on

Regarding the skytrain: here is the BBC link of report with proper photo. ( other similar link mentioned in this thread here earlier, it seems you did not even looked at it!!!, hence you are rejecting it.)   

If you deny this factual report, including a photo and qoute from Tehran's mayor, Mr. Ghalibaff, there is nothing any one can help you with.







No Fear

Flocks of Chickens

by No Fear on

I have not seen anyone providing logical objective views against what Ahmadinejad was saying.

You guys are the perfect opposition any government wishes for.

@ Mardom Mazloom :  Repeating what Ahmadinejad says can not be used as a counter arguement.

@ IranFirst :  Posting a cartoon which does not reflect the true situation in Iran only points to you as a propagandist.

@ Babak pirouzian :  You are misinformed about Tehran skytrain and metro system. I have done some research in this area as a hobby. If you wish, i will correct you in a seperate blog which you may start to show how sure you are about mismanagement in Tehran public transportation.

@ Worcester Mo :  You have nothing of value at all to add. just personal attack.

@ reader1 :  Ignorance of international politics? care to elaborate more?

@ Minadadvar :  To people like you  , anything that goes wrong in Iran is the result of Ahmadinejad being the president.  You like the easy answer. I have nothing to say to you.

@ free vs islam :   Did i hear the voice of Asadollah Mirza in your reply? Conspiracy theory advocates like daie jaan Napeleon are a dying breed in politics. Anyway, what you believe, doesn't matter, because you don't count. Because you don't want to be counted, since its always others who are going to do it for you.

Mardom Mazloom

Sanctions are good for Iran!!

by Mardom Mazloom on

Mein Fraüd, do you hear it? A.N. has made your year.


Best way to deal with IRI Ocuppiers

by IranFirst on

Is to help the opsition, the Green movement and no more talks with IRI terorrists


babak pirouzian

Sargord: If you can read Persian , read it in NEWS section here.

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Masterpiece of A Nejad @ millions of $ loss شوک پایان تعطیلات برای احمدی نژاد

bbc persian / Husain Bastani

recommended by babak pirouzian 05-Apr-2010 (one comment)

>>> If you did not know how stupid he is , now you'll know........ 

Worcester Mo

Sargord has crack in his huka

by Worcester Mo on

I was not convinced but now I am that Sargord is smoking crack...NO doubt.  !00% sure now.

free vs islam

Parsing poodle

by free vs islam on

The guy is no body and he knows it and everyone knows it and he is just like a poodle to bark.

This guy should say Imam Zaman will deliver the petro for us instead.

He is working for everyone but Iranian people; unfortunately we are the nation who doesn’t learn from our own mistakes again, again. There is a green movement and seems already on the strike to move! because they have a leaders like Mousavi and others who no different than poodle Ahmadi.

We the people 31 years ago changed the modern living to 7th century Arab living and idea of freedom.

Now and some of us knew then who engineered the Khomeini illiterate to campaign to change the government and we rushed to streets and cheered for satanic regime that going to rape and kill and exile the people from own motherland and we are the most migrated nation in late 20th century.

Really if we would have understood or we would have been evolved enough, what would have been our decision? And no matter what and who was trying to deceive us from reality. We go back to religion that most of us can’t read or understand and we depend on some people to interpret their own version to us and we keep follow the same road to darkness rather choosing different path for better and brighter future. Only I could say that I hope there would be some one that will lead our people to light from this darkness that we all wish for and my dream is the day that we don’t have to explain ourselves and our mistakes in future.



Now that is interesting,

by cyclicforward on

Comparing this moron with Winston Churchill. Good grief what else you come up with Sargord. The next thing we probably will here from you is that you are the incarnation of General Patton.

Fussy, as far as Mahmoud lies, you don't have to go far. He claims Iran is a democracy and he is elected president by popular vote. Have you been around lately or just pulling my leg today?

Sargord Pirouz

President Ahmadinejad's

by Sargord Pirouz on

President Ahmadinejad's defiance and Iran's geostrategic standing is highly reminiscent of Winston Churchill in 1940, where (like Iran today) Britain faced a hostile hegemonist continental power. 


An is at it again

by minadadvar on

He does not want to talk about all the pressure that this criminal regime is putting on Iranians.  Someone should give him a lecture about rape, torture and murder of our courageous "Hamvatans".  Shame on him.


Excuse his ignorance but he is a good communicator

by reader1 on


This guy must be given some credit for being a good communicator. He seems quite comfortable with his ignorance of international politics.

babak pirouzian

go and figure, how he can produce gas shortage in 2 weeks.......

by babak pirouzian on

he said "They  (USA)  imagine we will get upset should they refuse to sell gasoline to us. ... No, we immediately tell experts to produce it,"

the translator missed a portion of his speech, where he said ".....we immediately tell our experts (OR TECHNICIANS) we need this much litres of gas, and we want you to make them within a week, 15 days, or 20 days....."  now you go and figure..... 



by fussygorilla on

Cyclic,  Just trowing out a sentence of accusation does not cut it. If you have something to say worthy of reading, say it. What has Ahmadi said that is a "lie"?  In fact, every point he made here is true.  Iranians have indeed become much much more self-reliant and self-confident because they had to due to sanctions. Of course it has been hard on the people but U.S. does not care about the Iranian people, it wants the oil, it is against any state that refuses to become a client state, and it pushes, threatens, bullies Iran to get there.


he had a nice haircut

by bahramthegreat on

If noticed carefully, he had a nice haircut and almost shaved his face (not much hair there). He is now becoming more civilize.


Typical for Mahmoud

by cyclicforward on

This guy keeps on lying and story telling. He just does not have any sense of reality or sense of sympathy with Iranians.


توهم آخه دیگه تا چه حد!؟