Abbas Edalat

Says politicizing Iran's nuclear program is to justify illegal sanctions and threats

Abbas Edalat is on the board of directors of Campaign Against Sanctions and Military Intervention in Iran (CASMII). Here he puts forward his views in a London debate:

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:


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Fouzul Bashi

ghalam-doon jan

by Fouzul Bashi on

My two fouzuli pennies:

I entirely agree with you that the history of the world is full of traumas, and there are other places such as in Africa where it IS profound and intergenerational.  I think the choice of Mongols has several reasons and this is what comes to my mind: 1) as I mentioned, Edaalat seems to want to highlight the contribution Islamic civilisation made to the modern European civilisation based on Rainessance, to counter the widespread and racist demonisation against Islam. 2) Mongol attack was very destructive to Islamic civilisation.  3) The mongol occupation which lasted over 8 generations had (must have had) profound and intergenerational traumatic impact. 4) It IS significant that two profoundly traumatised groups of people are placed together as adversaries.  I am not suggesting that that has not happened elsewhere but the scale of the trauma in both cases are very significant and more importantly, it is an important factor in psychosocial understanding of the region, whether or not it is unique.

 However, I guess Edaalat did not mention the impact of Arab invasion and the intergenerational trauma of that, because he was either biased, or more likely, knew the repercussions of that as far as the IR's reaction is concerned.  So perhaps he was trying to make the point of the factor of profound trauma and felt latching on to Mongols will adequately make the point!

I also think the contemporary history of colonisation, and the more recent colonisation of Palestine are far more relevant!!! Why he does not mention it?  I don't know.  It is a big omission, because if anything, it is the issue of multiple trauma that he misses!

I think acknowledgment of the traumatisation of Jews in the Holocaust is very important for a humane and compassionate understanding of the interactions and is a corrective trajectory to 'the extent of the Holocaust was exaggerated' remarks, and complimentary to 'Holocaust is being milked for political agenda'. 

So in short (!), I think he is making an interesting and valid point, about an extremely emotionally charged situation.  Other occupiers, say those who plundered, massacred, raped and ensavled the natives of Africa, Australia, America, did not come with that psychological baggage.  As you say the issue of occupation and the atrocities of that is the present and running trauma. 



Dear F.B.

by ghalam-doon on

I read your reply to my original comment once again. I still don't understand the reason why he singled out the Mongols. Our region was invaded several times and I assume millions of people were brutally murdered every time. Why Mongols? Perhaps it's some psycholigical concept that I don't understand.

As I asked before is our region the only place in the whole world that was invaded, people massacred etc. Remember Attila The Hun or other brutal murderers like Alexander the so-called great. Or more recently, the atrocities of the imperialist regimes in Africa and Asia and the massacre of the Amercians in East Asia. A whole civilization was totally destroyed in Latin America. The history of human civilization is a very ugly one and now Mr. Edalat comes along and introduces a new concept! The problem in the Middle-East is not that they put two traumatized group of people in the same place facing each other. The problem is 1st and foremost the occupation.

dingo daddy En passant

what is self serving about it?

by dingo daddy En passant on

benross, Please elaborate.


You want self serving

by benross on

You want self serving passion, you have Rajavi.

dingo daddy En passant

I admire his passion

by dingo daddy En passant on

few people can speak so passionately about Iran. He also uses intelligent arguments. My problem with him and other lefties is that they automatically exclude the Monarchy from consideration for future Iran.

Fouzul Bashi


by Fouzul Bashi on

Yes, and I replied to you earier down the thread.  This proposition does not discount suffering and trauma elsewhere in the world.  It speaks of two major intergenarational traumas (major on the international and historical scale) interacting, and places the impact of the imperialist meddling in that psychosocial context.   Anyway, if you are interested, you can find it on the thread.


Did anyone watch part 3?

by ghalam-doon on

It's amazing that no one comments about the part where he talks about Mongols and claims the whole population of the region is traumatized because of the atrocities committed more than 700 years ago!

And then he starts talking about some psychology mambo-jumbo. All this sounds intelligent but is it only our region in the world that was traumatized? The history of the world is full of these conquests and brutalities. Even today people are brutally murdered around the world. And why not talking about the Arab invasion which had a far more lasting result. At least Mongols did not try to impose their own culture upon the people of the region. On the other hand, see what happened after the Arab invasion. Many countries were forced to become Arabs and lose their nationality.  The remaining ones including owr own have conflicts within their societies even today.



In my opinion, he has few

by Arthimis on

In my opinion, he has few correct points in his entire hostile lecture, but like the rest of the S.R.O.I, he is blind, deaf, hypocrite & deceitful about the Islamic Republic's entire criminal  records!!! All those atroceties he and his likes have commited and inflicted on Iran and Iranians in the past 31 years of their Evil occupation and destruction of Iran on all levels!!!!

People and Entities as such are the ones who are Shameless!!!! And yes, that includes all the other ones he mentioned in his unbearable so called lecture... 

Mr. Edaalat, You are a SHAME to your own last name! I hope you read this Sir!!!

You want to talk about Justice here???!!! Do yourself and every other Iranian a huge favor!!! Confess the TRUTH  and beg for forgiveness from Iran and all Iranians... Only then, you shall set yourself and the rest of us FREE...And please Sir, if you want the civilized world to take you a little more seriously, refrain from pointing your finger constantly toward others and speak in a more civilized and peaceful manner!!! Honestly...

"Making promises and lectures to ourselves and others do not work.
Only Telling the truth does ! Healing starts the moment we understand this
ultimate reality."




by Fartash on

he's such a showman, but there are alot like him . that means he's a loser showman.

True Iranians which live inside Iran wants to get rid of IR asap , if with sanctions , politics and force. They go to road and die for freedom, how It's not possible to take sanctions to topple the regime ?...

"What’s really behind Iran’s nuclear programme? " Fartashphoto's Blog -- //


nvm , found it

by shahanshahesmail on

I found the part , it seems some of the same is repeated in part 2 . Sorry for the confusion


missed part

by shahanshahesmail on

I think there might be a missed part in part 2 of the video , he finishes part 1 talking about the timeline of the IRI , which I would of found very interesting to hear his views about , then on part 2 it begins with him fighting with the british guy.

the mention of abu ali sina (ibn sina) , jalaloldin mohammad rumi , ibn rushd of cordobba , abu mohammad saadi and hafez shirazi , the islamic fundamentalist scientists ,  people who turned europeans from backwardness to elightenment was extremely interesting to hear . Im glad the europeans agreed to it.


Sounds smart but it's not!

by shahabshahab on

This man is at best misguided. He has read some history and has sense of historcal perspective. But he does not understand or does not want to understand the nature of the IRI. Well, we can always accuse him of being a paid agent of IRI. But that does not answer all the questions. He sounds like he believes in this nonesense. If we go by him, Iran will be under the rule of IRI for 1000 years from now. Yes,1000 years.

He advertsiese  for IRI and that't all he is doing. There is no comparison between 1953 and now. Then, the government in Iran was democratic and was toppled by U.S. This government os tyranniacl. Only opportunitst draw the comparison to benefit from it. How dare he or anyone else compare Nationalist Mossadegh to these  Arab ayatollahs and their followers?.


Christian Zionists

by Q on

iranvataneman: I believe this is what he's talking about. I wrote about this group myself. They are crazy and dagerous lunatics. Joe Lieberman loves them.


Spot on Edalat

by iranvataneman on

The development that will help get rid of cancer in Iranians, that will help Iranians improve their lifestyles, help get rid of poverty, is a "so called threat to peace".


Apparently it's also a threat to these Iranian diaspora morons, who don't want Iran to become developed, and remain weak. I love the Freudian connection, excellent arguments.


Damn, now they use messianism. Interesting finds Mr. Edalat. You bring justice to the oppressed, keep up your great work.


I don't even feel sorry for him

by benross on

Textbook hypocrisy, inferiority complex, fake patriotism, reactionary thoughts of a 'left'over of the cold war era, rotten brain and total uselessness.

He is not talking about sanctions, he is talking about his miserable being... and it doesn't shake me. We have enough samples of him here in IC.


Sorry AO

by cyclicforward on

I think I got the whole reply chain mixed up. I better leave this chain before causing more confusion :-)

Fouzul Bashi

To Fraud, the Fatriot ;)

by Fouzul Bashi on

You shameless Fatriot, you have evaded a response as usual, just resorting to your offensive dribble, you airtight sanction rapist murderer.

Sheila K

Hypocrisy is painful!

by Sheila K on


We flee Islamic regime from the claws of its tyranny, andmove far away from the place we once called VATAN. Cause we hate to live there.BUT then we defend the Islamic Tyranny’s right to Nuclear arms. Just doesn’tmake sense to me. Now, if it was the Republic of Iran, a democratic government thatwe fight for and never want to escape from, then I can understand defendingIran’s right for nuclear power.

Why should I waste my breath and defend Khamenei’s right fornuclear power? This is NOT for the people of Iran but it’s more power for thehardline establishment and I want no part of it.

We are so brainwashed with conspiracy theories that evenafter all these years abroad, we can’t even admit the truth to our own selves.Anyhow, as for the nuclear power, I am certain that Iran does NOT have thecapability. They are just blowing their horns for an excuse to go to war andextend their livelihood. Their power comes from fear, violence, hate, religion,and using people. Who needs nuclear bomb when you have all that.

Anonymous Observer


by Anonymous Observer on

Are you sure you mean me?!!!



by cyclicforward on

I was not talking to you but now that we have started it you should be calm. Just answer the points and tell us why we are wrong. IRI is a monster that needs to be put to death. Some how we need to facilitate that. This situation can not go for another thirty years.

hamsade ghadimi


by hamsade ghadimi on

to get a glimpse on what kind of animal camsii is you can read the following article on their website where camsii puts its full support behind ahmadi in the aftermath of the iranian june "selections" claiming there has never been rigged elections in iri.  the curious thing is that it solely presents those outside of iran to be the ones who did not believe in the results ignoring scores of protesters (and their treatment) within iran.



Clown Indeed

by masoudA on

These clowns look great when they passionately argue against POTENTIAL sanctions that may hurt the poor Iranian population - but the bastards will never get out of the sludge they are in for keeping quiet about ACTUAL crimes which have been taking place in Iran for over 30 years.   Not only they are clowns they are also fools not knowing the difference between the modern era of internet and video clips, with the days their sellout fathers used to change colors ever decade or so.   And I am not specifically talking about this clown - he may just be another dime a dozen out of job/out of luck opportunist sniffing for IR handouts. 



by Midwesty on

I am sure I also did mine in a transparent way. We were talking about nukes not human rights issues. These two are completely independent from each other from the world view but from the human rights view, I think any time we bring up the nuke issue the human rights issue will suffer.

Obama, in no way can justify to take absolutely an inhuman action to stop another inhuman action to improve human rights issues in Iran.

From the nuke angle and the possibility of its use against Israel and the West, it's just pure speculation from bone and illogical in all aspects and illegal from the international law point of view.

The only thing they can do is to take a illegal preemptive action, that in concept any country is entitled to do so, but the consequences are of a grave concern.

Think about the consequences then take action, that's the wise way to do anything.

Good Evenning every one!


China and N Korea,

by Midwesty on

Has never invaded any country. Chinese much like Iranians are very passive people. N Korea has sensitive push buttons that are very well known to the rest of the world. If you push them you''ll get their reaction.

I think the other way, IRI with respect to their foreign policy has been extremely passive making its enemies daring. They have not drawn any red lines to show them the consequences as N. Korea would do.

Anonymous Observer


by Anonymous Observer on

I believe that I articulated my reasons pretty clearly. Now if you can't / don't want to understand them and rather shout slogans in response, then please be my guest.  



by cyclicforward on

Think of a little more complex situation. They can definitely act more irresponsibly. very much like their cousins in China and North Korea. Also in the case of a conflict with Israel or U.S. they won't be given a second chance. U.S. will strike hard and full force and I am afraid to say may be using nuclear arsenal. As you can see Iranian people are the one who will have to take the brunt of all this misery.

IRI needs to be stopped before another human catastrophe takes shape in Iran. Don't underestimate this situation.



by Midwesty on

I'd love you to take a straight shoot at me then I would be delighted to give you a depleted nuke-speech on a small scale to bust your bunker thoughts!

Bimbo jan, we had a nice conversation before you came in and reminded us again from you belated "happy hour".



I know the cowboy way of thinking...

by Midwesty on's too complicated...let's nuke-em!



by Midwesty on

Again what IRI being isolated has anything to do with human rights violation on one hand and becoming a nuclear power on the other?

Now you are talking about three different subjects. 

Does IRI isolation deserve Iranians to be nuked because IRI is weak on its human rights scores?

Developing (let's say military grade) NUKES make human rights worst in Iran?




Wow, what a refreshing post for IC,

by Q on

The issue is simple, and clearly demonstrates the difference between most of us and people like Fred below.

Iran's nuclear "ambitions" is only a problem for people who believe in military attack of Iran.

Uranium enrichment or even full-bomb is of absolutely no use to IRI when it comes to internal dissent. What are you saying? That IRI would have nuked Tehran to stop the Green protests? Get real!!!

As useless it is internally, it's even more useless externally. Even if they get a bomb, they will never out-compete Israel or even be able to hit Israel without wiping out half of Palestine. It's not going to happen. Those who say otherwise, are blinded by hate or are just unashamed propagandists.

Let's look at this logically. No one has showed Iran is developing nuclear weapons. The issue, even admitted by Obama and Sarkozy is if Iran is allowed to enrich Uranium, a right that is given to it by NPT. Iran is even entitled to help in doing so, but it has not gotten any.

Don't let your hatred of IRI blind you to the main point of these anti-Iran actions, be it denial of rights, or sanctions or threat of attack by juje-imperialist of the region Israel, is to be able to attack Iran when they want with impunity.

They just want Iran to remain weak and subservient to Western powers, because they can there is no other reason. There is no threat of any kind. Dont' be fooled.

Midwesty: I'm glad someone gets it. Thank You for speaking out.

Kadivar: Yes, and Chomsky is a Linguist and you are a freaking film critic!!!