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Sunni cleric Molana Kheyrshahi says Iranians owe a big debt to 2nd Calif


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American Dream

Anonymous Observer

by American Dream on

"The Islamic Republic allows and encourages this sort of anti-Iranian
rhetoric and this vile belittling of pre-Islam Iranian history."

The IRI does not encourage this Iranian Sunni Muslim Priest.  He might be monitored by the IRI to see if he insults the Shia Imams or incites Sunni Muslims in Iran to commit civil unrest.  

The IRI does not belittle pre-Islam history.  Persepolis is still a tourist attraction.  Unlike the Taliban who blew up their statues of Buddah.  The IRI supported the name "Persian Gulf".  

As far as God is concerned, God never gave a time for marriage in the Koran, hadiths, Bible, etc.  You are mixing apples and oranges.  And modern Psychology came about with Freud.  Anyhow, I don't know anyone married to a 9 year old female.  And its probably highly unlikely in the Muslim world.

There are other topics in which to criticize the IRI.  This criticism is a bit far fetched.

All the best.




Anonymous Observer

Samsam Jaan

by Anonymous Observer on

I personally don't believe that story either.  The most suspecious part of the story is her death, where she is given a white horse in Karbala, and rides that horse to her homeland of Persia (nonstop to Rey!!!!)  while being chased by enemies.  Then the mountain in Rey opens up and swallows her and her horse so that the enemies can not reach her!!! sounds like a sci fi movie to me. 

I remember reading somewhere some time ago that Hossein's wife was actually a tribeswoman from Yemen.  But I cannot remember the name of the book.

But, all of that being said, I cannot categorically dismiss the story as I have not done the research and cannot disprove the existing sources. 

Anonymous Observer

American Dream

by Anonymous Observer on

You are engaging in the much applauded, and ancient, Arab and Islamic art of "Safsateh" or as is translated into English: filibustering the argument.  I asked you a specific question, and here you are ranting about Kulani, etc. Here is the question again: there are multiple hadiths and quotes (going back to Aisha herself), which are written by respected Muslim and Arab historians, all of which lead to this inevitable conclusion (and I’ll give you the best case scenario for Mohamed): he “married” Aisha when she was 6 years old and consummated the marriage when she was 9.  You say otherwise, and you claim that all of these hadiths, and by extension, the entire history of this affair are fabricated.  Therefore, it is your burden to show how each one of these claims are fabricated.  You must tell us the sources and methods you use to disprove all these sources.  Claiming that all of these hadiths are wrong because of some vague notion that at some point hadiths were being fabricated for political reasons is total nonsense.  You are substituting your point of view for a very well documented historical event.

As far as pedophilia not being looked at in the context that it is today, here’s the point my friend: let’s assume, for the sake of the argument, that marrying 9 year olds was the normal custom within the Arabian society at the time of Mohamed.  But wouldn’t it be contrary to the notion of Mohamed being God’s prophet for him to have followed suit?  Let me expand a little bit.  Mohamed is God’s messenger.  Therefore, if he intended on marrying a 9 year old child, God would have presumably told him that doing so would be wrong and immoral and would have irreversible and devastating physical and psychological effects on this little girl.  After all, God would not have had to wait until the advent of 20th century modern medicine to have known that, right?  So, either Mohamed was not a prophet, or he ignored God’s input on this particular subject and chose to go ahead with his sexual perversion instead.  See the problem in the whole “it’s a cultural and era thing” argument?  A good example is the concept of killing female infants.  That was a cultural thing also.  Mohamed supposedly stood up to that aspect of Arabian culture and stopped it, why couldn’t he do the same for child marriages?!!!

And as far linking the IRI to this mullah’s rant, here’s the connection:  The Islamic Republic allows and encourages this sort of anti-Iranian rhetoric and this vile belittling of pre-Islam Iranian history.   Can you imagine if, instead of this guy bad mouthing Persian kings, he was on the “manbar” in his mosque and bad mouthing not even Mohamed, but some Imam (let’s say, Mohamed-e Bagher)?  Can you just imagine what the IRI would have doe to him by now?  He would have been executed for being an apostate.  But, an idiot like this guy can give a speech bad mouthing everything about Iran’s pre-Islam history and he is actually encouraged by the IRI.  And this is not the only example of their anti-Iranian behavior.  They also appoint Iran history deniers to be the head of Iran’s antiquities and now are wiping references to Iran’s pre-Islam history from school books.  That’s where the connection lies.

Lastly, my friend, I am not looking for an “American Dream”.  I am looking for freedom for my people in Iran.

Red Wine


by Red Wine on

شيخي را پرسيدند اسلام چيست؟ شيخ گفت: اسلام ديني است كه اگر در آن داخل شوي سر آلتت ببرند و اگر از آن خارج شوي سر خودت را.

American Dream


by American Dream on

  _SetupBidi('source');   مجلسی
در اطراف در طول سلسله صفوی بود. است که بیش از یک هزار سال بعد از محمد.
برخی از ایرانیان به خاطر نمی آنچه که برای صبحانه خوردند ، چگونه مجلسی
می دانند که چگونه محمد یا امامان 12 زندگی

American Dream


by American Dream on

  _SetupBidi('source');   محمد
باقر مجلسی ، (1616 آگهی -- 1698 م) (به زبان فارسی علامه مجلسی ؛ تغییرات
: مجلسی ، مجلسی ، مجلسی ، Madjlessi) معروف به علامه مجلسی یا مجلسی
کتابنامه ثانی (مجلسی دوم) ، دوازده مشهور و بسیار قدرتمند ایرانی شد
روحانی شیعه ، در طول دوران صفوی می باشد. او به عنوان "یکی از قدرتمند
ترین و با نفوذ علما شیعه در تمام دوران شرح داده شده است ،" که "سیاست ها
و اقدامات دوازده Shia'ism در جهت reoriented بود که از روز خود را در

American Dream

Anonymous Observer

by American Dream on

"Even more reason to get rid of the IRI"

-As they say in Iran, what is the connection here?  You have a problem of looseness of association.  What does IRI have to do with the history of Islam?  IRI came about over a thousand years afterwards.

With regards to the Hadiths you choose, they are all Sunni hadith.  They may or may not be valid.

"American Dream and Dariushabadi: enough BS please, trying to justify Mohamed's pedophilia.  Here, tell us how all of the following sources are wrong and you two are right:"

Pedophelia?  That is a modern term used in the west.  Arabia, 1400 years ago was a totally different place.  Arabia was made up of Bedouins and city dwellers.  And the age of marriage was younger.  That was their society.  

The Oldest Shia Hadith is "Al-Kafi fi ilm deen" by Kulani.  Kulani was born in Ray, Tehran.  He was a court secretary in Baghdad during the Abbasid dynasty.  His book that collected hadiths was written in Arabic.  It has been translated into farsi.  Not all of the hadiths that Kulani collected were authentic.  He wrote down what people told him.  

If you study Islamic history from its origin in Arabia you will see that it was in tune with the culture in Arabia 1400 years ago.

With regards to Sunni hadiths and Sunni historians let me say this much...there came a time during the Abbasid dynasty that the Caliphs at the time wanted the Muslim Clerics at the time to re-write Islam.  In such an atmosphere the Sunni Muslim Clerics stopped interpreting Islam.   The last 4 interpreters of Sunni Islam became the 4 schools of thought in Sunni Islam:

1.  Hanbali

2.  Hanafi

3.  Maliki

4  Shafei


There are some sunni hadiths that say that Mohammad said, "Never trust a Persian" or "Never trust a Turk".  These hadiths were created by the Ummayad or Abbasid Caliphs in order to keep themselves in power.  They are not authentic hadiths.  Mohammad never met a turk.  And the only Persian Mohammad is historically known to have met was Salman, who was Mohammad's friend.

I don't know how a 1400 year old religion is connected to the IRI.  There are 1 billion muslims in the world and most of them don't live in Iran.

Try another route in attacking the IRI.  The attack on a faith of 1 billion people is not sane or logical.  Especially when 98% of 70 million Iranians are Muslim.

Such rhetoric may make you an Anonymous observer forever.

And to reach the American Dream, one must believe in freedom of religion.



ازدواج شهربانو با حسین دروغ تاریخی


 گمنام جان اینم چاخان دوم .

شجاء الدین شفاء

ساسانی همسر امام حسین (ع) بوده و گاه حتی به این مسئله افتخار هم می ورزند که حسین (ع) داماد ایرانیان بوده است و بنابراین بعد از کشته شدنش ایرانیان بسیار غمگین شده اند و هر سال مراسم عزاداری برپا می کرده اند.

و اما حقیقت چیست ؟ آیا واقعا حسین (ع) شوهر شهربانو بوده و یا این داستان ساخته و پرداخته ی ذهن ملایان و "شعوبیون"(۱) است ؟

علامه مجلسی در بحار الانوار (ج۱۱-ص۴) می گوید: "مادر امام سجاد(ع)، شهربانو دختر یزدگرد ساسانی بوده است که در زمان عمر و در جنگ های ایران و اعراب اسیر و به مدینه آورده شد. از او تنها یک پسر به دنیا آمد که سجاد (ع) است."

Full text //

Anonymous Observer

Even more reason to get rid of the IRI: to shut

by Anonymous Observer on

these bigots and Arabo-supramicists.  They are a bunch of racists. 

American Dream and Dariushabadi: enough BS please, trying to justify Mohamed's pedophilia.  Here, tell us how all of the following sources are wrong and you two are right:

See: //

American Dream


by American Dream on

Regarding your post:

1.  Mohammad married Ayeshah at age 9, yet Mohammad did not consumate the marriage until Ayeshah was 18.  Arab Chiefs would throw their daughters at Mohammad so they would have closer ties with him.  This is Arab custom.  And the Arab women loved it.  Mohammad was the 7th centuries Elvis. 

2.  The Arab conquest of Iran or the Muslim Conquest of Iran would not be possible unless there was Iranian contribution to that victory.  The Iranian Army refused to fight.  They were tired of the Sassanian Dynasty.  They were tired of the Zoroastrian religion.  This is all historically documented.  The last Sassanian King's daughter married the Mohammad's grand son.

3.  Another religion that was popular in Iran at the time was the religion of Mazdak.  It preached the equality of man.  This equality also existed in Islam's teachings.  That is why Iranians welcomed Islam with open arms.

4.  Mohammad didn't have many children.  From Hadiths one would know that the Prophet did not use contraception, which at the time was pulling out. 



The same...

by Emil on

Shia akhond, Sunni akhond, the same crap...

As always:

A good akhond is a dead akhond...



by BIKAR on

Mohammad had Aisha at 6 years old and he waited till she bled, at nine at had sex with her, just like rest of you f..king Arab and Arab lovers, he was nothing but a thug who killed and rubbed the men in the caravans for taxes, and took their girls, for him, not to save them, but to have a son from them, and none of them had son for him.The time is over that you guys keep feeding bull to people and they listen and always blame the west, for you crap.Nobody believes any thing you guys say anymore except bunch of morons, they either come to their senses, or they will parish. 


American Dream

The Sunni Muslim Iranian Priest

by American Dream on

His speech is long and Iranian poetry never floated my boat.

Yet, what is this about incest in the Sassanid dynasty.

First MacKenzie Phillips reveals that she slept with her biological father for 10 years and now this?

How could Kings in the Sassanid dynasty sleep with their daughters and sisters?

I thought Xerxes being gay in the Movie 300 was all the controversy that Iranians needed.

And Siamak posted something about homosexual sodomizers being in Iran right and left when he was growing up.  Go figure a nation of fudge packers.

Now this?  Incest in the Sassanid dynasty?

The Sunni Cleric says Iranians were fire worshippers.  I have no problem with that.  People are dying in India yet refusing to eat the cow that passes them on the road.  I've heard of odder things.  

Yet, sleeping with one's own sister and daughter?  That's just obsurd.  

I know a lot of Iranian men will respond to my post and say that I am to religious with regards to this incest topic.

Some nut will probably write, "If you can't keep it in your pants then keep it in the family".

One guy will probably say, "But, you haven't seen my sister, she doesn't need a nose job and she doesn't have a uni-brow."

All in all, nothing is sacred.


ما که عادت نداشتیم


ما که عادت نداشتیم دخترانمان را زنده به گور کنیم ، ما برای خودمان تمدن وثروت و آزادی و آبادی داشتیم و فقر را فخر نمیدانستیم همه اینها را از ما گرفتند وبجاش فقرو پشیمانی و مرده پرستی و گریه و گدائی و تأسف واطاعت از خدای غدار و قهار و آداب کونشوئی و خلأ رفتن برایمان آوردند ، همه چیزشان آمیخته با کثافت و پستی و سود پرستی و بی ذوقی و مرگ و بدبختی است.

چرا ریختشان غمناک و موذی است و شعرشان چوس ناله است چونکه با ندبه و زوزه و پرستش اموات همه اَش سرو کار دارند.

برای عرب سوسمار خوری که چندین صد سال پیش به طمع خلافت ترکیده، زنده ها باید به سرشان لجن بمالند و مرگ و زاری کنند.

... ، در مسجد مسلمانان اولین برخورد با بوی َگند خَلأست که گویا وسیله تبلیغ برای عبادتشان و جلب کفار است تا به اصول این مذهب خو بگیرند. بعد این حوض کثیفیکه دست و پای چرکین خودشان را در آن می شویند و به آهنگ نعره مؤَذن روی زیلوی خاک آلود خودشان دولا و راست میشوند و برای خدای خونخوارشان ِورد و اَفسون میخوانند.

... , عید قربان مسلمانان با کشتار گوسفندان و وحشت و کثافت و شکنجه جانوران برای خدای مهربان و بخشایشگر است خدای جهودی آنها قهار و جبار و کین توز است و همه اش دستور کشتن و چاپیدن مردمان را میدهد وپیش از روز رستاخیز حضرت صاحب را میفرستد تا حسابی دَخل اُمتش را بیاورد و آنقدر از آنها قتل عام بکند که تا زانوی اسبش در خون موج بزند.

تازه مسلمان مومن کسی است که به امید لذتهای موهوم شهوانی و شکم پرستی آن دنیا با فقر و فلاکت و بدبختی عمر را بسر برد و وسایل عیش و نوش نمایندگان مذهبش را فراهم بیاورد. همه اَش زیر سلطه اَموات زندگی میکنند و مردمان زنده امروز از قواننین شوم هزار سال پیش تبعیت میکنند کاری که پست ترین جانوران نمیکنند.

عوض اینکه به مسائل فکری و فلسفی وهنری بپردازند ، کارشان این است که از صبح تا شام راجع به شک میان دو و سه استعامنه قلیله و کثیره بحث کنند.

این مذهب برای یک وجب پائین تنه از عقب و جلو ساخته و پرداخته شده. انگار که پیش از ظهور اسلام نه کسی تولید مثل میکرد و نه سر قدم میرفت ، خدا آخرین فرستاده خود را مامور اصلاح این امور کرده!

تمام فلسفه اسلام روی نجاسات بنا شده اگر پائین تنه را از آن حدف کنیم اسلام روی هم میغلتد و دیگر مفهومی ندارد. بعد هم علمای این دین مجبورند از صبح تا شام با زبان ساختگی عربی سرو کله بزنند سجع و قافیه های بی معنی و پر طمطرق برای اغفال مردم بسازند ویا تحویل بدهند.

سرتا سر ممالکی را که فتح کردند، مردمش را به خاک سیاه نشاندند و به نکبت و جهل و تعصب و فقر و جا سوسی و دوروئی و دزدی و چاپلوسی و کون آخوند لیسی مبتلا کردند و سرزمینش را به شکل صحرای برهوت در آوردند.

Red Wine


by Red Wine on

حال آدمیزاد از این‌ها به هم می‌خورد، از خودشان، از فرهنگ بربرشان، از مذهبشان،از زبان مسخرشان به هم می‌خورد...

ما چطور این همه سال گول خوردیم ؟ ما چطور حاضر شدیم زیر بار این بی‌ شرمان برویم ؟! اینها و کسانی‌ که دنباله رو اینها هستند،لیاقت زندگی‌ در ایران زیبای ما را ندارند.. اینها باید بروند در یمن و سودان زندگی‌ کنند.

ایران آینده از وجود اینها و مذهبیون پاک خواهد شد... به زودی.



Mr. Abadi and some other facts

by Faramarz_Fateh on

For the past 30 years, IRI leaders have taken up the cause of Palestinians who are Arabs and Sunni (for the most part).

One day Iranians will wake up and realize their Sunni so called brothers hate them more than the Jews.

As for you Mr. Abadi, unfortunately you cannot have it both ways.  80-90% of what is preached by the Mullahs in Iran is from Hadithes, not the Quran.  Quran is only 666 mostly short sentences.

You cannot pick and choose Hadithes that fit your purpose.

For CENTURIES, age of consent for marriage for Shia' and Sunni women has been 9.  You or no one else can refute this.  All the stuff you have written about pregnancy, condoms etc really is a fat fetched attempt to create a parallel reality that no one educated and or with minimal knowledge of history buys.

By the way, how do you know if other wives of the prophet didn't give birth to children and that the children died later?  Are there photos, YouTube videos?!  PLEASE give us a break.  We are not Iranians living is a dahat near Ardabil in year 1758 



پست بودن


تو میگی‌ ایرانیها پست بودن، ایرانیها پست بودن یا اجداد تازی تو که
یه سری دزد و آدم کش بودن و به میهن ما حمله کردن و کشتن و تجاوز کردن و
سوزندند. پست کسی‌ هست که بچه ۹ ساله را که هنوز با عروسک بازی میکنی‌،
همسر خودش می‌کنه، براستی که شما‌ها ریشه توون پست


Yet another moron

by mahmoudg on

What the heck, was The Prophet Mohamad himself not a child molestor? or did not Marry Ayesha an Arab Whore, 9 year olds?  Throughout his life, he slept with over 40 women.  I dont think even John Holmes, the American erotica actor, slept with as many women.  Mohamad proves that Islam is a relogion that wants to have sex and pilage and has not been able to prove beyond that.  If not for the Persian prowess it would have died in infancy, in the barren hot worthless deserts of the A-rabian Peninsula.

Darius Kadivar

I confess to All Charges !... ;0)))

by Darius Kadivar on

Nobody Expects the IRI Inquisition !



Darius Kadivar

The IRI Inquisition

by Darius Kadivar on

The IRI Inquisition





Iran has become a Timarestan

by Mehrban on

Where patients (like this guy) are in charge.

Ali P.

Those of us who are happy to see Iran as an Islamic country...

by Ali P. on

should indeed celebrate Omar. It would even make sense to have an "Omar Day", with festivilies and all, commemorating the Arab worrier and his "liberation(!)" of us .


Those of us who are not thrilled about it, may want to avoid naming our kids "Omar", remember him as a brutal aggressor , curse him, and have "Omarkoshoon" festivities, where we burn effigies of Omar.


Hmmm... the "Omarkoshoon" has faded, but how come the first group does everything else on the list of the second group?

Oh well. Nothing we do makes sense baabaa...


Omar Omaru sag pedaru was the song

by SamSamIIII on


 we used to sing on the street as a kid.

He says;

"Irania naamoos nadashtand, zanaashoono ghomaar mikardan..."

yet another big lie by seed of hejaaz. The whole bussines of islamic "Hejaab" is derived from a more moderate version of Sassanid "Pardah" or "pardah kerdaa" which was practiced by Iranians way before Islam for Irani women to dress & act modest in view of non-Iranin tribes and strangers. If it wasn,t for civil customs of Sassanids Arabs would still walk around with nothing but a chaffieh around their waiste.

I wonder if there is more hookers in Iran now under Omar cult than Iran under Yazdgird ;)






Path of Kiaan Resurrection of True Iran Hoisting Drafshe Kaviaan // //


What if we Iranians don't want any of it.

by پیام on

Neither shia or sunny eslam. Just let us live our lives without all these b.s., pleaes!


maziar the jahel

by dariushabadi on

you follow western propoganda that the Prophet slept with a 9 year old? The source they derive it from is Hadith, and hadith says she was 18 years old.


The only hadith that claims she was "9", was a hadith that claimed she was 9 when she entered the Prophet's house, and it goes on to clarify that therefore Aisha is more reliable than Ali to narrate hadith, because she was younger than Ali when she entered the Prophet's household.


So it was obviously politically motivated to narrate such a hadith, to demonize Ali.


Also, if the Prophet was sleeping with these women, how come none of his 9 wives after Khadija became pregnant? It is not like he was impotent, he had 4 children with Khadija. So we know he wasn't impotent or sterile.


Yet 9 wives couldn't get pregnant from him? It is not like TROJANS were available back then.


And taking it out before ejaculation is not a preventative method of birth control, it is only 40% effective which is barely at all.


Yet none of his 9 wives got pregnant. So most historians, even from the western orientalist conclude that these were marriages of political alliances, and not lust, otherwise one of them would have become pregnant. 

maziar 58

Al craps......

by maziar 58 on

forget about shia ,sunni differences,arabs and Iranian craps....

tell us how a 63 years old supposedly ....leader.

can sleep with a 9 years old  and have pride in it ?         Maziar