Rape investigation

Judge Mohammad Ali Moghaddami asks raped prisoners to come forward



Arab invasion...

by Emil on

1400 years of Arab invasion and counting...What else would you expect...?

Kaveh Nouraee

Damned if you do, damned if you don't

by Kaveh Nouraee on

Report being raped, and they'll accuse you of being a homosexual.

Say nothing, and give these bastards a green light to continue their heinous acts.



by Kambiz_Se on

In 1400 years, Islam has never ever defeded a case of humanity, on the contrary it always encourage killing, raping, destroying. Just look at our country's history when Islam invaded it, they killed all men, raped all women and children and took them as slaves. They will never have mercy on you, do not have mercy on them otherwise you will be raped, killed and burned.

Payande Iran

Hamid Izadi

جواب مهدي کروبي به قاضي مقدمي

Hamid Izadi


سحام نیوز : پیرو سخنان قاضی مقدمی در بخش های مختلف خبری که ادعاهایی را
درباره مهدی کروبی بیان کرده بود دبیرکل حزب اعتمادملی با نگارش نامه ای
به عزت الله ضرغامی رییس صدا و سیما خواستار تنظیم برنامه ای تلویزیونی
با حضور نماینده وی برای شرح ماجرایی شد که درهفته های اخیر گذشت .
متن این نامه به شرح زیر است :

جناب آقای عزت الله ضرغامی
ریاست محترم صدا و سیما
با سلام و احترام
پیرو اظهارات آقای قاضی مقدمی رییس بازپرسی شعبه سیزدهم که از طرف دادستان محترم وقت تهران به اینجانب معرفی شده بود در بخش های مختلف خبری درباره حوادث پس از انتخابات و ادعاهای ایشان مبنی بر غیر قابل استناد بودن مستندات اینجانب درباره آزار جنسی برخی از بازداشت شدگان حوادث اخیر تقاضا می کنم هر چه سریعتر دستور فرمایید همین امشب برنامه ای با حضور نماینده ای از سوی اینجانب برای توضیح پیرامون آنچه روی داده است برگزار شود یا اینکه اطلاعیه دفتر اینجانب در شرح این ماجرا از تریبون رسانه ملی خوانده شود ، تا مردم خود در جریان ماجرا قرار گیرند . البته بنده فکر می کنم اینجانب و کسانی که در راستای احقاق حقوق مردم تلاش می کنیم به اندازه برخی مسئولان که می خواستند جنایاتی که شده است را پنهان کنند از
این حق برخورداریم تا از تریبون رسانه ملی با مردم سخن بگوییم .

مهدی کروبی


Result of being quiet

by Iranyvaliazad on

20 years or so ago when moslem clerics were killing young Iranians who opposed islamic dictatorship in thousand, raping teenage girls before execution and so on ... majority of Iranians were quiet and did not protest.  The result of that submissive action by Iranian is today's bold killings, rape and torture of people from all walks of life even those who are, supposedly, from their own camp in the hands of moslem thugs.

islam brings nothing but misery to masses.

1 hamvatan

Never ever believe an akhound!

by 1 hamvatan on

Why would anyone believe what this akhound says? I mean really look at this guy, he is probably of them, the rapists, who want to make sure the victims are rearrested or even killed for leaking this information.



پاینده باد ایران

American Dream

Rape of Men in Iran's prisons

by American Dream on

I called several Iranian Physicians in Tehran and asked them about the topic of Iranian males being raped in Iran's prisons.  I was under the impression that a big fat corrections officer with a body like olympic gold medalist enters the jail takes off his pants and the prisoners and anally sodomizes Iranian male prisoners and then forces them into giving the correctional officer oral sex.  I was absolutely wrong.

In Iran, in the prisons, male prisoners have a correction officers baton shoved up there anal cavity.  Sometimes non-alcoholic beer glasses are shoved up the prisoners anus.

This was done by a New York City Cop to a guy arrested named Abner Louima.

On more on Abner Louima see:


That is torture a far cry from sodomy.

When I told the Iranian what happened to the Iranian women like Taraneh was worse, they were shocked.  Go figure???  Getting plugged in the butt for a man is worse that getting gang raped and killed.

And the most shocked physician was a female Iranian physician.



Onvaght meeran khar az ghebres meearand

by Bavafa on

When there are so plentiful in Iran. Some one needs to tell this jack@$$, if they come forward with their claim, then they are most likely to get raped again and again if not lose their lives.  What sort of protection are they offering these victums.