Pro-regime crowd vastly outnumbered

Ahmadinejad supporters on one side and green protesters on the other

Great clip from Quds Day protests in Tehran.


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American Dream

Support real Iranian Patriotic

by American Dream on

Regime change may be your goal.

I do not question that.

I question Mir Hussein Mousavi's goal.

In the end, he will stand with the theocracy.

He has invested too much in the theocracy.  He has a lot to lose.  And it is uncertain what Mr. Mousavi has to gain.

And the mass that has protested alongside Mousavi, a lot of them wear Chadors and have foot long beards.  Just watch the video clip.  A lot of the Mousavi protesters don't look much different than the Ahmadinejad protesters.

A lot of people confuse the protests in Europe and the United States for what is going on in Iran.

It is 2009 and the theocracy has been etched into the hearts and minds of the Iranian people.

Several years ago an Iranian Satellite Television host named Mr. Fouladvand tried to return to liberate and make Iran secular.  He disappeared in the most secular country in the Muslim world, Turkey.

It is easy to say they are protesting in Iran and we are protesting in Beverly Hills, it is all the same.  Yet, it is not the same.

Those people in Iran are all paid by Khomeini Iranian Rials.  They have a vested interest in that theocracy.  How many of them want regime change?

The verdict is still out.

An educated guess is that they want reform.  A mellow form of the theocracy, like the early days of Khatami's presidency.

That being said, that is giving the Iranian theocracy another life line.

As a freedom fighter for the human rights of the Iranian people for more than 37 years I believe that the reform movement in Iran is one big joke.

there is no time to sugar coat the matter.

Iran's movement of change has been hijacked by people who take part in Qods day and say they are the real message of Ayat'Allah Ruh'Allah Moosavi Khomayni.  They parade around with the color green that has since day one been associated with Islam.

The reform protesters have been given an opium that just doesn't help their pain.


Support real Iranian Patriotic

Change of regime is the ultimate goal

by Support real Iranian Patriotic on

Mirhousein is part of IRI(khamenei's nephew.),reformist has been part of this barbaric regime.

our brave Young generation came to street to change a regime not to change a murderer whit another murderer then go back home jobless,no hope for future,humiliated day after day bay yabos and rapists for dress code,while rafsanjani and co with velayate vagheeh rubbing the country,obviously with the help of brother Russia and china and hezbe tudeh vatan foroush.

Regime change is the ultimate goal.

American Dream


by American Dream on

"but I'll take the side which doesn't rape and Kill, which one do you take?"

The correctional police officers of the prisons raped and tortured the people that they were able to incarcerate.  The prisons fall under the judiciary system in Iran.  The attorney general of Iran was Shahrudi before the protests and now Larijani.  They are the one's to answer questions about the subject of torture.

The commander and chief in Iran is the Rahbar, who is Ayat'Allah Seyed Ali Khamenei.  He controls the  military, the basij and the Revolutionary Guards.  If the military, Revolutionary Guards or the Basij have committed crimes they must be charged by the prosecuter of the courts.

The President of Iran, presently Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is powerlesss in this case.  He only make speeches that are useless and can only tweek internal economic problems.

Both Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, Mousavi and Karoubi are part of this theocratic government.  Mousavi and Karoubi question the methods used by the prison guards and the military with regards to the aftermath of the Iranian Presidential elections.  Ahmadinejad has not questioned the methods and has stated that it is sad that Neda, an Iranian was killed.  What is the difference between the 3 men?

They have not accomplished anything!

The prison system in Iran has remained the same.

The judiciary, which Ahmadinejad has no power over...

As a matter of fact the Larijani brothers hate Ahmadinejad.  That is a fact.  And Larijani is the Attorney General of Iran.

So to answer you, they are all in this together. 

I can not shake a hand that has blood on it, even if it spoke up after the fact.




Louie Louie


by Louie Louie on



A.D you maybe right

by Khar on

but I'll take the side which doesn't rape and Kill, which one do you take?

American Dream

What Iranians do not see is clearly evident

by American Dream on

The Reform Movement has been a member of the Iranian theocracy.

Look at the protest closely.

There are men with foot long beards on both sides of the protest.

There are women with Chadors on both sides of the protest.

The theocracy itself created the Reform Movement.

It is a smoke screen.

It's a total lie.

Don't be fooled.

The Reform Movement just gives another lifeline to the Iranian theocracy.

The reform movement is the continuation of business as usual in the day to day activities of the Iranian theocracy.


To all Supporters of Islam's Republic Estebdaad

by Khar on

a picture is worth a 1000 words, images don't lie,!!!!!!!!!!!! You Do. 


A powerful

by yolanda on

A very powerful video! What a contrast! It is epic and timeless! I am so glad that someone was able to tape pro-regime parade and green protesters' parade in one video.

This is classic and I have added this to my You-tube collection.

Thanks for digging out this piece of hidden treasure! It is a pure joy to watch!