Nuclear battle of words

Iran-Israel face-off

Does Iran's second nuclear facility prove country is producing atomic bomb? Are Israeli policies to blame? Would Tel-Aviv launch an air strike on Tehran? Dr Shmuel Gordon, a former pilot in the Israeli Air Force from Tel Aviv and Professor Pirouz Mojtahed Zadeh from the University of Tehran who is in London, - in heated debate.


Mohammad Ala

Good job + Thank you.

by Mohammad Ala on

Dr. Mojtahed Zadeh:

 Good job and thank you.  I wish we had more people like yourself. 


by the way, the moderator is

by Irooni on

by the way, the moderator is so jeegar :)


Just curious - why a pilot?

by farrad02 on

Is there a hidden message in the choice made for the Israeli guest of this program? Why do they have an air force pilot on this program from the Israeli side of this debate?


American Dream

The two balds look like a homosexual couple

by American Dream on

The Iranian guy is the man in the homosexual relationship.  That is the Iranian guy is the bekon and the Israeli guy is the bache kooni.

As we know, nothing is Sacred.  Thank Almighty Allah.

And may we all get 72 Virgins in La La Land!


Battle of the Balds...

by Emil on

The Iranian guy would win...he has got a few more strands of hair...


این یارو


این یارو اسراییلیه خیلی هالو تشریف داره


Battle of the Balds!

by anonymous111.2 on



Rude Professor Pirouz ...

by Emil on

The Iranian guy was  rude...he laughed while the other guy was talking, and got angry and almost lost his temper by the end of the interview.... pretty uncivilized....


A Mullah without a Turban

by mahmoudg on

This characacter Mojtahedzadeh, seems to be another apologist sent to the West, defending the failed policies and desires of a regime, no longer popular with its own masses (if it ever was).  Put a turban on him, let him not shower for three days, take his razor away and you have a Mullah in the making. 

American Dream

Does the Israeli guy know about this women?

by American Dream on


What would the Israeli guy think about this video clip?


60+ year old nation telling Iran ...

by Fatollah on

any more sanctions, then they should go on and build the damn thing!


Dumb Shumel

by capt_ayhab on

Couldn't they find any one dumber than this Shumel guy?

[they have oil they don't need energy]. He is as dumb as a bag of hammers.




by Benyamin on

There are two things that was said on this eratic debate. First: Israel will never attack Iran. Seocond: Iranians are enslaved to the idealogy of Islam by mollahs in form of government.

We Iranians know better than that. 


Professor Pirouz Mojtahed Zadeh from the University of Tehran

by Abarmard on

There is a Professor Pirouz Mojtahed Zadeh from the University of Tehran and an Israeli pilot. That says it all about which society is militarily based. Pilots fly, what makes them an expert?


It's A Shame When The Israeli Guy Is The Only One To Address...

by NOT_AK69 on

"the enslavement of the Iranian people"


I thought the best reaction/response was

by Bavafa on

When the Iranian guy could not keep himself from laughing.  The whole arguement is nothing but laughable.


American Dream

Israeli guy is very funny

by American Dream on

When the Israeli guy says there is rampant poverty on the streets of Tehran that was completely laughable.  Does he mean to say that Niavaran, Tehran is piss poor?

The former Israeli pilot calls Iranians slaves.  Very interesting.

"poorness and slavery of its (iranian) people", what a silly thing to say.



And Then...

by KouroshS on

The former pilot flew to London to have a beer with Pirouz khan:)