Cabinet rubber stamped

18 proposed ministers approved by Majles

Ahmadinejad says "Iran is a true democracy":

Members of the Parliament are casting their votes for the new cabinet. Members of the Presiding Board are joking around about "cheating in voting," referring to "mobile ballot boxes" (a known medium of vote rigging in the June presidential election) and about the Parliament's minority fraction's overseeing the voting process to be sure that there is no cheating. It's not clear who is talking, maybe Larijani, but the person says "we don't want them to object to the vote later, because they might end up in Kahrizak." Someone points the open mic to Larijani a little later.


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Democracy in action!

by ghalam-doon on

With a little help from my [their] friend:




rest assured

by Fatollah on

we are the biggest losers of them all, since they are ruling our people and our country! -F

Lynn Wong Abdullah

What a joke!

by Lynn Wong Abdullah on

God help us all now!

American Dream

I knew it all along

by American Dream on

The reform movement, the pragmatists and the conservatives are all in this together. Another 4 years of Ahmadinejad and another 2500 years of theocracy. Heavan help us.


Bunch of losers

by Benyamin on

There is a wise proverb in persian that reads "The ise enemy that is after your livelyhood is better than an unwise friend (that may kill you)"!!!

These ministers and their presidents and their law makers better do their job right (although I doubt it since most of them have fake cridentials) or they may die in an airplane accident or things like that.

Khameneie gol nakasht reed


they in it for themselfes

by bahar on

they in it for themselfes ,they just getting paid to do not a  job not for people nor for our country...this is not the house of congress ,

for thier seat ,they do any thing ,while men and wowen sre in jail getting raped and killed ...

outrages .........these men and some women of the house of (anter).......are nobody ....

down with dictator and those ,who support them..

one day people make pay for thier crim agianst the humanity.