Cabinet: Inexperience criticized

Majles session debating the new cabinet


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Arab Islamo fascists...

by Emil on

Bunch of Arab Islamo fascist...

Iraneh Azad

An Absolute Sham

by Iraneh Azad on

What do you expect from the IRI jerks?

khaleh mosheh

looks like AN

by khaleh mosheh on

got a bunch of residents in mental hospital and made them ministers after a thorough consultation with 3 five year olds. They had said it would be fun to have the country run by a bunch of lunatics. I beleive AN said he could not agree more and duly nominated his cabinet.


BTW, here are the results, note the defense

by Jaleho on

minister... those who were dreaming of the "divided" Iran's foreign policy and were misreading the events in Iran, take note :-) :-)

"The nominees who failed to win the parliament's approval were the proposed candidates for the ministries of welfare and social security, energy, and education, Fatemeh Ajorlou, Mohammad Aliabadi, and Sousan Keshavarz.

Ajorlou only gained 76 votes, much less than the required 143 votes. Aliabadi fell short of gaining the vote of confidence by six votes, and Keshavarz got the lowest approval with just 49 votes.

The lawmakers approved President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's choice of the following individuals for the leading posts at the country's ministries:

(Candidates: Votes in favor, Votes against, Abstentions)

Minister of Foreign Affairs Manouchehr Mottaki: 173, 79, 34

Minister of Oil Masoud Mirkazemi: 147, 117, 19

Minister of Defense Brigadier Ahmad Vahidi: 227, 54, 5

Minister of Intelligence Heydar Moslehi: 194, 67, 25

Minister of Justice Morteza Bakhtiari: 225, 36, 23

Minister of Interior Mostafa Mohammad Najjar: 182, 75, 25

Minister of Economic Affairs and Finance Seyyed Shamseddin Hosseini: 224, 41, and 21

Minister of Commerce Mehdi Ghazanfari: 158, 91, 37

Minister of Culture and Islamic Guidance Seyyed Mohammad Hosseini: 194, 61, 31

Minister of Cooperatives Mohammad Abbasi: 163, 83, 37

Minister of Industries and Mines Ali Akbar Mehrabian: 153, 103, 27

Minister of Jihad-e-Agriculture Sadeq Khalilian: 200, 54, 32

Minister of Communications and Information Technology Reza Taqipour: 197, 62, 27

Minister of Health Marzieh Vahid-Dastjerdi: 175, 82, 29

Minister of Housing and Urban Development Abdolreza
Sheikholeslami: 193, 63, 30

Minister of Labor and Social Affairs Ali Nikzad: 219, 40, 27

Minister of Science, Research and Technology Kamran Daneshjoo: 186, 75, 25

Minister of Road and Transportation Hamid Behbahani: 167, 83, 33 "


I would have voted for Ahmadinejad

by Jaleho on

if I didn't know him and I just heard the lecture of these opposition groups!

Good that I knew Ahmadinjejad and I voted for him anyway :-) 

Setareh Sabety

thank you ghormeh

by Setareh Sabety on

for all the cool stuff and the quick posting!