Ann Coulter: Bomb Iran

"Time for preemtive attack on Iran"


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She's a bulimic Joseph

by desi on

She's a bulimic Joseph McCarthy.  

Kaveh Nouraee

I heard about her having an Iranian boyfriend

by Kaveh Nouraee on

I guess that explains a lot of her bitterness.

The guy treated her like the pig that she is and dumped her like a used Christmas tree on December 26th.

Good for him, but I hope he showered afterwards.


Ann Coulter

by yolanda on

Ann Coulter also dated Bill Maher, it is incredible! Bill Maher admitted on TV that he dated her long time ago. Both of them graduated from Cornell University.



She used to have an Iranian

by koorosh10 on

She used to have an Iranian boy friend. I am not joking. He was  even moslem by her admission.

Kaveh Nouraee

Ann Coulter is like a scab

by Kaveh Nouraee on

If you keep playing with it, it will keep causing problems.

If you leave it alone, it will fade away.


Please don't give her too much attention

by IRANdokht on

She'll do anything to be in the spotlight. This is an old video clip and should've been sent to the trash bin. They have a good expression for people like her which I won't repeat here.  Don't take her too seriously, even the republicans don't! 

btw I like Mollah's comment (Astaghforellah)




Too blonde for her good!

by choghok on

Trying to look German Arian I think she has destroyed her only brain cell by using too much bleach. This is yet another reason why FOX which is owned by Bullshit murdoch is not a watchable and reliable channel.



by timothyfloyd on


American Dream

Remembering Ann Coulter from her days at Cornell University

by American Dream on

I remember asking Ann Coulter about the 444 day Iran hostage crisis and the failed Operation Eagle Claw which was used to rescue the American hostages.  Ann Coulter's answer was that the United States should have bombed Iran with nuclear weapons until the hostage crisis was solved.  When I told her that there are many Iranian univeristy students in the United States that have family in Iran,  her reply was that if they don't like America bombing the crap out of Iran they should get out of our country. 


has Ann been with a good Iranian man?

by Monda on

i just wonder:o)


Ann: Get lost. We hate you. You need fame. That is it.

by minadadvar on

You are ANN ( farsi-ann means shit.  You sure is shit).  I hate you.   All you wants is fame and fortune.  You should get lost.  I really hate you. You are disgusting. 

Anonymous Observer

Everytime I see Ann Coulter

by Anonymous Observer on

I want to throw up.  What a disgusting creature.  With idiots like these, no wonder that the Republicans are in so much trouble.


worse than

by capt_ayhab on

Worse than Ann Coulter are our own version of crazy nutcases who are malijaks to these war mongering hateful crowd who propagate surgical bombing, the kind who comment with their filthy presence in this very site.


dingo daddy En passant

disgusting white trash

by dingo daddy En passant on

why waste time on these people. The chief trash is Murdoch, the owner of FOX who is an Australian lunatic.


Thank God republicans are out of office.

by پیام on

These garbage hezbollahi's ( the USA version) are lame ducks as they put it in the US. Lots of hot air and BS which will have no consequences on Barak's decision making. The only thing they achieve by having these dumb discussions on FOX, is feeding the animosity towards USA in Iranians society who basically have nothing against ordinary US-citizens.

Ahmed from Bahrain

The Rogue nation must be Israel for:

by Ahmed from Bahrain on

A) Stealing land that does not belong to them,

B) Creating phony wars,

C) Secretly building nukes, 200 of them and,

D) Not allowing any UN inspections.


E) Sucking American tax dollars,

F) Controlling US media to lie their way and bluff US citizens as to the truth of the matter.

The last point is clear from the clip shown above.

Poor Americans falling for that crap.

Ahmed from Bahrain


They know Americans will do

by Dariush on

They know Americans will do anything for money. So they are trying to say, people, if we bomb Iran you will have a better economy. Just as one of them said," there is no need to build schools and roads, just bomb and rob the country and give us our share".  This clip may be old, but the idea and the characters still exist. 

Building schools, roads, medical attentions and agriculture does not serve U.S. interest, but bombing, destruction, killing, rape and starvation does.  It is mind boggling.


US is too broke to...

by yolanda on

US is too broke to bomb Iran!



Just another dumb Blond

by pars35 on

F$%K news is just a low budget republican station invented by rupert murdoch , isreali's, and  GW gange.


They are so desperate now days and can not get of the quick sand . They will be covering UFO landing next.


Mrs Baktaihari  and Reza Phalavi must very happy to hear this grap from their employer!! 

Mola Nasredeen

No one has the guts to attack Iran at this time and this video

by Mola Nasredeen on

clip is 2 years old. 

1. President Obama will not order an attack on Iran he's more intelligent than that. 

2. Israel will not attack either because if she does US will not back her up. And if US does not back the racist occupation regime of Israel it would be the end of Israel as we know it. If Israel bomb Iran we'll see the real Iranian patriots, the same ones who stood alone in front of the occupation army of Saddam Hosseins and his backers and defeated it. That's why Ms Ann the Vampire is so afraid of Iran and Iranians. 


surgical attacks on nuclear, IRGC military sites

by mahmoudg on

These lunatics and Islam need to be gone to hell, Surgical attacks are the only way to ensure the removal of IRI. va salam nameh tamam (yucch i used an Arabic word).

Mola Nasredeen

She can take her

by Mola Nasredeen on

"nice sexy legs" and shove it into Glenn Beck's behind while her fans watching and fantacising! 



by Benyamin on

Ann Coutler has got nice sexy legs but no brains which makes her a

Mola Nasredeen


Mola Nasredeen

Akhonds are not moles on Ann Coulter's ass to be removed surgically.


Bomb Akhonds va Akhondzadeh...

by Emil on

If there is a way to surgically bomb just these Arab Islamo Fascist akhonds, akhondzadeh in any forms & shapes and the filthy city of Qom, I would say go for it.

Free Iran and Iranians from the hands of these rootless lunatics...

Mola Nasredeen

Ms Ann seems to be on several different uppers and downers

by Mola Nasredeen on

And look at how the Zionist Jew boy from Chicago tears himself apart over bombing Iran, the two bit ex stock broker boy. They and their followers can kiss Hajagha's ass now. The Ediot from Texas has retired to touring grade schools and President Barack Hossein Obama is in the House now.


They look so stupid now

by cyclicforward on

Bunch of Yuppies trying to solve the world problem using their XBOX. Thanks god Bush era is gone for now.

American Dream

Ann Coulter: Bomb Iran, what I remember of Coulter at Cornell

by American Dream on

Back in Cornell University I remember I asked Ann Coulter what she thought about Iranians.  She said, they smell and they look like they don't bathe.


The whole channel is stuck in the cold war!

by Q on

poor conservative warmongers. They don't even have the power to bomb a third world country anymore. How can they go on living?


by on

I found this wikipedia style bio of Anne coulter, its funny:


That said, it is true, why the US government has allowed to Ayatollahs to mess up the world for so long? I also agree the ayatollahs in Iran are a way bigger problem than Afghanestestan or even Iraq. But go after the actual mullahs individually not the country.