U2 Message to Tehran

Concert at Rose Bowl in Pasadena, California

U2, patriots to America and humanitarians of the world, sends Tehran, Iran a personal message in the performance of this song at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena, California in the USA. Imagery of protests in Iran and Afghanistan emphasize the point made by U2 in this video. Bono gives a dramatic performance in this video as seen when an American flag is thrown to him on the stage. This is some of the most powerful musical footage I have ever seen! I only hope that WMG doesn't disable this video!


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American Dream

thanks U2

by American Dream on

The green movement is gone.

And reform leader Karoubi has declared that he is following the true path of Ayat'Allah Ruh'Allah Moosavi Khomayni.



Thank you U2

by Fair on

For reminding the world of our movement, and honoring our people and their sufferring alongside other nonviolent agents for change like Gandhi, Dr King, Nelson Mandela, Bishop Tutu, and An Sang Su Chi.

The animals in power in Tehran will not listen or care, but they are irrelevant and bankrupt by all measures. The people of Iran will be encouraged however, and they are the ones who hold the future. We will take our place in the world, and will not forget those like you who stood with us.

Irani Meemerad, Zellat Nemipazirad.

Esteghlal Azadi, Jomhouri Irani.

Erin Go Bragh.




The Whole Concert

by faryarm on

The Whole Concert



by yolanda on

It was indeed a very touching moment that Bono called on Iran....I hope Iran has heard it....Thank you, U2, for standing in solidarity with the brave Iranian people. Hopefully one day that U2 can perform in the Azadi Stadium.

Thank you for posting this video!


i stayed up till 2am last

by azadi5 on

i stayed up till 2am last night just to see this live concert on youtube. i think millions of people were tuned into this live event, and for U2 to mention Iran before one of their most famous songs is beyond amazing. They also mentioned the post election Iranian prisoners after this song.

The video is somewhat altered though, those slides of the protest that show up during the song were not actually shown during the concert, whoever put this video together added them in. but it's cool.


The boys from Dublin have

by desi on

The boys from Dublin have made me proud.  Thank you U2!

bacheh irany

U2 concert in AZADI square

by bacheh irany on

looking forward to the day that these guys play a live concert in AZADI square in tehran. i don't care how old i will be....i'll be there!


good boys...

by Shah.Heir on

such good boys, not raging maddd drunks like them blokes oasis ...or that bloke Shah.Heir is

Passing Through

Absolutely Beautiful ...

by Passing Through on

Thank You




Thank you U2!

by IRANdokht on

For such this powerful message, for standing with our people and for not forgetting the plight of Iranians...

Beautifully done

Thank you