Students night protests

Tehran Azad University, Oct 6, 2009

Students protested against the coup government by chanting God is great, Ya Hossein, Mir Hossein, Death to dictator and other Green slogans. The continuation of students protests is despite all threats and the pressure from security forces. We are countless! The videos are in raw image format for safety of the students so that they won't be identified:



Thank you , Mehdi2009

by yolanda on

Thank you , Mehdi2009, for the great post and encouraging words about the situation inside Iran!!

It is great news!




The Day of Reckoning is Very Near

by mehdi2009 on

Thank you for the Videos.

My Dear fellow Iranians, The Day of Reckoning is very near.

It just proves once again that the Young Men and Women with Fire in their eyes, and Hope and enthusiasm in their hearts will throw this tyrant, murderous regime to the dust bin of history.

In June when I went back to Iran after many years to visit my ailing parents, I had a great deal of skepticism regarding the future of our country. However, after meeting and talking with a number of young men and women, and seeing how angry and furious they were especially after seeing their votes were stolen and their voices being ignored, I realized that once and for all these Lions and lionesses are not going to make the same mistakes as their parents once did, and will not be fooled by empty and false slogans.

It became very clear that these young men and women who are from every corner of the country and come from all kinds of socio-economic background, are way too sophisticated for the Hooligan Mullah Regime to keep silent for long. The time for the Murderous Mullah Regime is running out, and they know it all too well.

 Salutations to all the True Sons and Daughters of Iran.



Thanks Jahanshah

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I got that in an email.

Jahanshah Javid

Hadi Khorsandi

by Jahanshah Javid on

Abarmard, the poem is by Hadi Khorsandi

Here's Behbahani's note:


Thank you

by yolanda on

Thank you for the cool video. It feels like the video was taped thru night vision goggles. The captions help a lot! Hopefully the victory is near!

   Thank you for the beautiful descriptions of the video! Great job!




Simin Behbahani

by Abarmard on

چرخید و فرمان را گرفتند

ورق برگشت و ایران را گرفتند

به تیتر >>شاه رفت ِ<< اطلاعات

توجه کرده کیهان را گرفتند

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