Protest at Gilan University

Students present "gift" to pro-regime editor

When faced with regime jargon from Nezameddin Mousavi, Editor of pro-regime Javan Newspaper, students presented him with a "gift," the Constitution of Islamic Republic of Iran, allowing freedom of expression among other things.


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by Shepesh on



By the looks of it

by OmidKarimi on

1/3 Sit quiet because of fear of the secret police, 2/3 sit still because they support the IRI policy and 3/3 cant sit still and want change.

Javan newspaper.. you might as well invite Khayan as well and have a party.

I dont understand the logic the regime follows? When China beats down on revolt, they do maximum damage control later, the government of today seems like they enjoy agitating the opposition.


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bacheh irany

Irans future

by bacheh irany on

it will be up to these awsome young students to free iran, but i hope this time around they don't let their religion get in their way....way to go guys. proud of you.

lets get'r done!!


Thank You Ghorme Sabzi

by bachenavvab on

You post great stuff! 

Dorood Bar Daneshjooyane Ba Gheirat!

Marg Bar Hokoomate Sepah va akhoond.