Namjoo: Don't steal

Purchase new songs or give to the needy

Mohsen Namjoo asks his fans outside Iran to stop illegal downloads of his music and purchase directly from sites such as He asks his fans inside Iran to make donations to Mahak Children's Foundation in lieu of CD purchase.


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American Dream

by PERS66 on

American Dream

Here you are again making an ass out of yourself ;)

Me and millions of other Iranians would gladly pay and purchase Namjoo’s music,

Perhaps his music is too intellectual for the likes of you.

When you insult a talented and one of a kind artist like Namjoo you are insulting his fans and your own culture.

So, on behalf of me and millions of his fans:

If you have nothing positive to say, keep your cheap opinion to yourself,

Otherwise, you can eat shet and bark at the moon and try to live up to what’s left of your American dream ;)

We Love you and support you Mohsen.


Heart of an Iranian

by Abarmard on

Culture of gold. Hope we all follow his request.

American Dream

Mohsen Namjoo

by American Dream on

When I first saw this clip I was like...who is this homeless looking guy.  Then I google searched the guys name...


I wonder who in his right mind would download pirated copies of this guys music.

I would rather watch that Perser guy make fun of Kamran and Hooman.


What did Kamran and Hooman say?...




by Haleh on

Finally a Honaarmand, who is not only very talented, but also has a heart of gold.

Ari Siletz

Honarmand e javanmard

by Ari Siletz on

Way to go Namjoo!