Loulou Ghelichkhani

Vocalist with Washington DC band Thievery Corporation

Ghelichkhani believes musicians have a unique opportunity to raise awareness about hunger. She says Thieverys partnership with World Food Program is one of the reasons she's in the band. Thievery Corporation's MySpace page; and Loulou Ghelichkhani's MySpace page which includes her biography ("LouLou Ooldouz Ghelichkhani was born in San Jose, California. She was raised in Paris, France, till her teenage years then moved to Bethesda, Maryland..."): 

Here's the band's song "Sweet Tides:"

"The Time We Lost Our Way:"


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Zane Irani


by Zane Irani on

I like Loulou's songs


Yes, I too am a big fan.

by desi on

Yes, I too am a big fan.  Loulou has an amazing voice and her list of influences are great.  Great pick for Iranian of the Day.



by yolanda on

The video in the middle is my favorite. I like the view from the music video: Saguaro cacti and ocotillo plants, it is very cool!



ex programmer craig


by ex programmer craig on

They have a nice sound! very distinctive! I like :)



by Princess on

I love Thievery Corporation! I've been a fan for many years. 

Thank you, GS!