"I feel relieved"

Says Ehsan Nasrollahi's mother who let juvenile's execution be carried out

Reuters: Iran hanged a man on Sunday who was under 18 when he stabbed a boy to death, Iranian media said, with one report saying the victim's parents helped to carry out the execution. Behnoud Shojaie was put to death in Tehran's Evin prison a month after the European Union urged the Islamic Republic to halt his execution, which had been postponed at least once last year and again in August Senior judiciary official Fakhroddin Jaffarzadeh said Shojaie was executed after efforts to persuade the family of the victim, Ehsan Nasrollahi, to pardon him had failed. Under Iran's Islamic law, the victim's family can spare the life of a convicted killer in exchange for financial compensation, so-called blood money.


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I wonder ....

by Shadi on

... if Eshan's mother will ever wonder how she would have felt if it had been Behnoud who had been killed, and Behnoud's father who had pulled the stool from under her son's feet ...


Dear Red Wine

by jkondori on

I do share your opinion.

All leaders, prophets, etc… are power hungry savages. Even though there are sharia’s laws (ghesas), it is funny that Ali who is supposed to be the fulfillment of Mohammad says in “Nahjol Balaghe”

Dar Aaf lezateast ke dar entegham nist. (The joy in forgiveness does not exist in revenge)

So it shows that from the start Islam was barbaric and a tool of asserting power.

My compassion and condolences goes to this mother for loosing her san but she is angry at the family not at the boy who killed his son.

That is sad for not forgiving a boy who was only 17 at the time of crime.


Our Culture

by iroooni on

Forgiveness is not part of culture. Once bitten, we thrive on hatred.

Red Wine


by Red Wine on

آقای نصرالله .

مطلب شما را خواندم.شاید بنده اندکی‌ زیاده روی کرده باشم ولی‌ در کل آن چیزی را گفتم که تقریبا هر ایرانی‌ واقعی‌ بدان معتقد است.

عجیب است که تنها شما از صحبت من مینالید،نکند که از مذهبیون هستید ؟

ایران از بی‌ سوادی رنج میبرد. به ایرانی‌ سالهاست که دروغ گفته اند و به وسیله مذهب،فرهنگ اصلیش را از بین برده اند. از من نخواهید مثل خیلی‌‌های دیگر زیر کرسی لم دهم و هندوانه زیر بغل کسی‌ بگذارم !

این خانوم بی‌ سواد است و مثل ایشان،یک چند ملیونی در ایران هستند که به هیچ وجهی از دنیا واقعی‌ و از آن چیزی که در خارج از ایران می‌گذرد،خبر ندارند.دولت ایران عملکرد استالین و کاسترو را در پیش گرفته است و مردم را به سینه زنی‌ مشغول وا میدارد تا از امر خود را به مقصد رساند.

هر چه ما میکشیم،از همین بی‌ سوادن است و بس.مذهب بی‌ سوادی به بار میاورد.

این خانوم که اینطور کرد،آب خوش از گلویش پائین نخواهد رفت .

دوره این کلاغان و روباهان به پایان رسیده است . ایرانی‌ بیدار شده است و چشمانش باز !

مرگ بر جمهوری اسلامی

خوش باشید.



by rtayebi1 on

I so wish she was in a  better place. I wish she did not feel so much pain and hate.

hamsade ghadimi

the real culprit

by hamsade ghadimi on

the real culprit is the backward system that lets individuals who are emotionally attached to the victim (the parents) make life and death decisions, not to mention a system that allows execution of minors (or at least those who committed crimes when they were minors).  given the system in which they operate, i'm also dumbfounded on how the accused's family handled the situation and did not try to appease the victim's family. 

this case is a combination of vengeance, arrogance and a backward system that allows such emotions be the deciding factors of one's life.  nonetheless, my heart goes out to both families.  in hopes of a day that capital punishment is abolished everywhere, and the "ignorant" butchers of iran are rotting in iran's jails.


The victim's mother is a miserable idiot!

by farrad02 on

The victim's mother is a bitter, self-centered and illiterate woman!

It's all about her!

They "disrespected me" she says! What a shame! How sad!

She doesn't get it at all. She is clueless. She missed the whole point of forgiveness! The position she was in to send such an effective message of love and healing for an entire nation!

And believe me, this is what our country has come to. Everyone for himself!  What a miserable culture! It makes me sick!


Reza-Rio de Janeiro

"An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind"!

by Reza-Rio de Janeiro on

It is an undeniable fact and also impossible to judge personally unless we face the same tragic experience and feel the same pain for many years as this mother did!

However, I agree with few here who mentioned that "The Mother" let her "Hatred and Ego" make The Ultimate Sad decision! Decision between Life and Death, The Right and Wrong!

Perhaps sentencing Behnood to 20 years to life in prison would have
been more fair at the end! Perhaps it would have served justice, humanity and consciousness much

Behnood's family, (as insensetive and indifferent to Ehsan's mother and the pain she suffered according to this mother...) have NOTHING to do with the tragic LOSS of her son and loss of another life NOW!

Of course, Yes, On behalf of Behnood,they Should have apologized to Ehsan's mother, family and loved ones left behind (and who really knows? Maybe they did!) and try to ease their pains for the rest of their lives through therapy and ... , but for the mother to worry about her personal reputation in public, making ignorant/sad remarks about human rights/amnesty and above all seeking the ultimate revenge in such fashion indeed does not serve universal justice and more importantly for her, wouldn't bring her son back...

Now, This Black Poison of hatred and Viscious Circle of revenge will remain until There will be a "FINAL FORGIVNESS and CLOSURE" by all parties involved and let's pray for that... May both Ehsan and Behnood Rest in Peace. May both families NOW find forgiveness in their hearts, May all find Love and Peace back in their hearts...

Love and Peace


Be careful

by masoudA on

The mullahs deliberately overadvertise this execution - since there was grounds for it.   They make this execution LOUD in order to keep all other executions silent.   Executions of youngsters for their belief. 

However - VOA did a great job of exposing a Hezbollahi mother mentality.   From the very first words Mrs. Nassrollahi makes this about heself - not the two boys.    "Ba man khosh raftari nakardan" !!!  the killer's garndma sis not talk nice to me !!!

She described her child as "Salem" (Healthy) very typical of Hezi mentality talking in terms of physique and not soul. 

The was also a very intersecting comment about Honarpisheh (actors) as people who do not know god!!!   while also made it very clear what she though of of "Human Rights".......and how evil are those who appeal to human rights to save a life. 

Of-course she praised the mullah's judicial system - as any good Hezbollahi must do. 

But all that aside - where should we put her mental state - if Mrs. Nassrolahi realy did get satisfaction from pulling the chair?   Let's not forget - what happened involved an accident involving a minor.  Accident meaning it was not a pre-planned muder. 


Redwine you are right!

by MRX1 on

After listening to her interview I agree with you, but then again the extnet backwardness in our society is quite high, if it wasn't we wouldn't be having this regime now and it's consequences. 



A clouded heart

by Princess on

This has nothing to do with one's level of education and everything to do with one's ignorance.  

I am very sorry to hear the pain this mother has had to endure, but from what I heard in this interview, she has let her hatred for Behnoud and his family taint her love for her child.

To me she seemed more concerned and hurt for having been slighted by the family of Behnoud, or at least that is what she chose to emphasize in this interview. Shame, such a shame, when we allow our egos free reign and shame to a justice system which places the sword in the hand of victims and their relatives!

... and she kept talking about human rights organizations as if their existence is an evil thing. 

I hope she finds peace for her grieving heart someday... 

Mona 19


by Mona 19 on

VOA ; Interview with Behnood Shojaei's lawyer (in Persian)

One more juvenile( Safar Angooti) is scheduled to to be executed on Oct 21,09 and 2 more ( Mohammadreza Haddadi- Amir Amrollahi) on death row. //hra-news.org/news/6988.aspx





This comment is for Mr/Ms. "Red Wine"

by Nosratallah on

salaam Mr./Mrs. Red wine,I was wondering if you personally check the credential, knowledge, IQ, or understanding of this lady or just accused her of being illiterate (besavad). Typical people like who shoot from the hip and are fast to draw their gun and knock people down. You think you have the right to say anything that comes to your mouth before thinking it over. Thinking is a good thing to do.

I personally am against revenge and killing, however this brave mother had all the right to forgive or not to forgive, and she choose not to forgive. As for the young man who killed and got killed would be an example for the rest of the people -- think it twice before committing a horrible crime of murder of another human, simply you would be dead.



Red Wine


by Red Wine on

این زن نشانه هزاران بیسواد است که هنوز در ایران به فراوانی زندگی‌ میکنند، ایشان از همان قماشی هستند که شب جمعه‌ها پول به چاهی می‌‌اندازند و اینجور دلخوشند .

وای بر ما که هنوز در ابتدای کار هستیم و تا کی باید از بی‌ سوادی و بی‌ فرهنگی‌ چوب خوریم !؟

قوانین عرب و شرع اسلام مال ما ایرانی‌‌ها نیست ! لعنت به شما تازی پرستان خود فروش.




by Iraniandudeee on

 Sad as hell.


"You should not be afraid of the ideology but of the determination and will of the men behind it"


"A drowning man is not troubled by rain" Persian Proverb


Well, you got your revenge.

by پیام on

But did it bring your dead son back to you?