"Bunker Buster" bomb

"Hopefully headed for Iran"


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Ahmed from Bahrain


by Ahmed from Bahrain on

This is what you wrote:

" Having said that - at this point in time, top priority for USA and
allies must be to help the people who have raised against the
government. "

If you think that is a priority for the US or Europeans, then you need to do a little more research on the subject! Their concern for the people of Iran/Iraq/Pakistan/Afghanistan/Bahrain/Norain/Zoorkhooneh is ZILCH.

Still, good luck. Keep dreaming.

Btw: proper English is "people who rose" or "have risen". Don't mean to be mean but?

Ahmed from Bahrain

میرزا چغندر

To quote or, not to quote...

by میرزا چغندر on

What does make you think, my friend, that a viewer should go somewhere else for further clarification. If the source of the quote remains invisible and subject  to unguided research then, it appears as the user's intellectual property or, in this particular case, liability.

Thanks and goodbye



Ghormeh Sabzi

میرزا چغندر

Ghormeh Sabzi

Please see this clip directly on YouTube:


The person who posted this clip on YouTube put the following title on it:  "10/12/09 new bunker buster hopefully headed for Iran." JJ has used that "title" in quotes.  The poster has also written the following in his clip description:

"Maybe Obama will pull through after all and take out Iran's nuke processing facilities. It says it will be available by the end of a year. Is that a coincidence on the required timing? Liberals that think that not taking out Iran's nuke processing facilities will save lives is just another example of their warped logic. Like I keep saying, they cause everything they pretend to prevent. It goes back to sins of omission and sins of commission but they'll never get it. It's way over their head. Sorry if I'm stooping to some of the dumb arguments if get. It goes back to arguing with idiots again. I doubt if they made it through high school yet they're Einstein on security as proven by their child like mentality. ........"

There are more of his opinions on that clip description.  You can read them there.

I do not condone his way of thinking at all but I think we should all know about it. 

میرزا چغندر

Rhetoric Vs. Action; Jahanshah Javid

by میرزا چغندر on

I don't hear "hopefully headed for Iran" from either the host or the guest in this clip. It must be a brand-new style of journalism which allows to quote something here from something, somewhere else without mentioning the source.

Therefore it remains as Ghormeh Sabzi's innuendo, approved by you.


Well, the Faux news

by Bavafa on

Well, the Faux news reporter said some thing that I agree with and that was that "rouge nation hide their bombs deep under the ground" and we know how many bombs US and Israel has under ground, don't we.



My apology to GS as I did not noticed the quotes

by Bavafa on

He/She has always brought good posts to i.com and I was very surprised by the title of it, thinking it was a quote from him/her.

Anyway, again sorry for jumping guns.


Jahanshah Javid


by Jahanshah Javid on

Mirza Choghondar, the title and subtitle are in quotes. That means those are words being used by the reporters and the so-called expert. If right-wing, blood-thirsty animals use those terms and threaten my country with a devastating military attack, everyone should know about them. And I will post clips that expose their diabolical minds. Just as I would post videos that expose the tyrants in Tehran -- in their own words.

میرزا چغندر

We are talking about our fellow citizens, in general, here

by میرزا چغندر on

Posting a video for informative purposes is one thing; adding an ominous title to that is another.

JJ is, in my opinion, showing poor judgement by allowing the title.

As far as I am concerned Ghormeh Sabzi has demoted himself to Ubgousht.


GS Don't pay attention

by masoudA on

To the professional posters.   If IRI gets the Nuke - the biggest loser would be the people of Iran - hence, I too support any action targeted at IRI nuclear bomb making, and high level Uranium enrichment facilities.   IRI appologists conveniantely make attacks on IRI as attack on the people of Iran - and that is just not true.   Having said that - at this point in time, top priority for USA and allies must be to help the people who have raised against the government. 

Jahanshah Javid

For your information

by Jahanshah Javid on

This video was posted to show the threats against Iran -- NOT to condone it. It is simply intended to keep viewers informed.


Waste of space/time

by Javadagha on

I agree with aaminian, do somethoing useful.  The majority of your video's are waste of time and speace on this site.


Seriously disappointed in GS by his comment.

by Bavafa on

Truly shameful to wanting another nation to be bombed. I don't wish this even for Israel, a country that is the last racist regime in the world and have been murdering its neighbors for over 60 years. Shame shame shame



Headed for Iran

by OmidKarimi on

Haha you wish you moron.


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by aaminian on

Incidentally, GS, how much time do you spend (I mean that literally!) on a daily basis to search for/post this sort of nonsense on this site. The fact that this (non-information) comes from the very corporate-sponsored and neocon-backed "news" site makes it all the more unreliable and unworthy of attention.  In reality, watching FOX is no different than watching IRNA or FARS News Agency: It IS all propaganda.

I seriously suggest that you spend more time on your future by going to college and learning a trade.  You've been doing this video-posting thing for a while and quite honestly we are NOT getting any smarter by viewing them.

long live Iran

What happened to us

by long live Iran on

Really what happened to us that putting such a title to such an scary news!

Why we are hopeful that they are going to bomb us?

The people who lives there are our countrymen regardless who rulling them. Even if not countrymen, they are human being! What happened to us!

I hope we come to our sence and try to help humanity insteat of wishing death for innocent children and women in Iran! Shame on us! Shame.