Bahai appeal to UN

Statement from Bahai International Community at the United Nations

Reference to the seven detained Bahai leaders and the intense pressure on Bahais in Semnan:


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Let's Be United For All Human Rights

by faryarm on

Let's Be United For All Human Rights...


Please, fight for all Iranians, despite their religion.

by پیام on

All Iranians suffer under the pressure of these foreigners in charge of Iran. Bahai's must unite with the rest of Iranians and not regard themselves as apart from the rest of us. We are all Iranians, despite our different beliefs.

Bahram G

Baha'is are scapegoats

by Bahram G on

Ever Since its inception, the Baha'i faith has served as a handy scapegoat for the stone-age mullahs. These fanatics -- I hate to call them religious fanatics because ascribing these beasts to any religion would be insulting that religion -- have always needed a "straw-man" to knock down. They always needed an enemy to rally the flock around themselves and keep their position of power.

It is indeed a great shame, in this day and age, for any people to do these horrific things to other people simply because the victims have a different belief system. What is even more shameful is that the Baha'is are ardent lovers of Iran and are committed to living harmoniously with all people and according to the highest standards of human conduct.

Yes, our powerful recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize must earn his prize by telling the mullahs that they must immediately release these innocent people. While he is at it, he should tell the mullahs that they must also release all those innocent Iranians who are detained for demanding their votes to be counted. The mullahs should be stopped from issuing execution verdicts in their shameless kangaroo courts.

That's enough torment and shame that these dark-hearted disgraceful stone-age savages are visiting on the people of Iran.



by Shepesh on



The 7 detained Baha'i's must be released immediately.

by Babak_SD on

My strickly personal opinion is that those who are "in charge" of the Islamic Republic will not execute these 7 innocent detained Baha'i's.  These 7 hostages are being detained so that those "in charge" can force the Baha'i' community to keep their activities to an absolute minimum or else.

I ardently hope and pray for the well being and quick release of these 7 innocent people and hope that the Iranian people living in Iran continue their quest for obtaining full human rights for ALL Iranians with the same zeal and energy in the future.



Charges dropped against Christian women

by sag koochooloo on

I saw this blog today in

2 Christian women of death penalty trials in Iran - according to Middle East Concern, a judge at the Revolutionary Court has now dropped the charge of "carrying out activities against the state".

I wonder if it is encouraging news for detained Bahais. Are they charged with the same rediculous thing?

I will be praying for them. It is deplorable tht in this day and age Iran is allowed to get away with such inhumane behaviour. We need action, not just words of condemnation. Obama, Nobel Peace Prize Winner, DO something for the peaceful Bahais.



American awareness of the Bahais

by Les on

Mr. Fateh,

For Americans to care about the Bahais, they must first be aware of them.  Americans would be sympathetic to the Bahais' plight in Iran if they were aware.  Generally, we do support freedom of religion.

If the film "Mona's Dream" ( is produced, it will assist immensely to make Americans aware of the persecution of the Bahais in Iran.


Neither the U.N. nor the U.S. care

by Faramarz_Fateh on

Neither the U.N. nor the U.S. care anything about the life of Bahais nor any Iranians for that matter.

This situation needs to be fixed by people of Iran.  Next time they hear about an attack on a Bahai or bunch of Bahais in Semnan, they need to go to that city in masses and protest.

I have mentioned previously in numerous blogs and responses that until and unless the issue of oppression of Iranian women AND Iranian Bahais is resolved, nothing else can and will be resolved.

I hope and pray that these 7 people are freed soon. 


Thanks for posting

by Souri on

Good timing. A much needed claim to be made at UN. The world is worry about the October 18 trial and its outcome.

However, I got distracted by the back row's image of the guy who came and asked something from the lady sitting on the back sit? She seems to be a Bahai supporter (?)

Any how, I hope this message will get its due attention.