Stoning in Iran

Early 1990s

If not mistaken, this video first appeared in the early 1990s and widely distributed by the Mojahedin Khalgh. It has since been used by other groups for various political purposes. What's certain is that what you see is real; a tragic piece of contemporary history -- like so many more.


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Do you wanna know what Islam is?

by Kambiz_Se on



this is the true seven century arab culture

by aaa on



Well, what can I say.

by پیام on

I am speechless. Anyone wanting to defend these bastards and their actions?


God has turned his back on this nation

by onlyinamrica on

And he retains that position for centuries to come. We are nothing but bunch of savages. Who with an once of dignity and conscience can watch such a thing?

javad agha esfahani

So much savagery !!!!!!!

by javad agha esfahani on

  Words can not express the degree of savagry , the extent of barbarism , nor the level of inhumanity seen in this video . Shame on them for commiting , shame on us for our complacency .


This is Islam at its best!

by shahabshahab on

They are simply following the rules of their religion. With every stone they will be one step closer to the center of Heaven. Anyone who says other religions have awful things too, have not praticced other religions, or simply want to blame reigions as a whole.

Islam is the religion of rape, killing and murder for anyone and everyone. They often kill their own if they disobey their religion. 

Good luck to Eurpoeans and Americans,(Barrak Hossein Obama) who think  they can coexist or negotiate with these savages.

 No. I am not a Jew or zionist. I simply understand Islam because I lived as a Moslem.



by yolanda on

Stoning should be abolished! It was hard to watch, but I! so many participated.....I hope their hearts have been softened by now... 

Delaram Banafsheh (Yolanda)

"Cactus in the Desert"


Ey baba! O!

by Fatollah on

so what! what you see is REAL! do you wish to have the vid. disappear? khob jaroosh kon zeer farsh hajiee ! baba to di-ge kie hastee!


This video will be around

by O. on

This video will be around for ever.

As long as the West wants to find
some sort of reason to show  the 'savagery' of people who need to be
'civilized' by Western powers and their oil 'liberated' from under
their feet, this video will be shown. 

Don't worry, all Iranians forever will be attached to this video.  

could be an educated professional living in West with your wonderful
life and you will be reminded by your colleagues or friends about what
a 'savage' place you are from, you will be put in your place and told
about your inferior place and the fact that you are a visitor to
Civilization from the land of savage people.  

So do not worry
Iranians, you and everything positive you do along with your
achievements and diplomas, will always be attached to this
video, make sure you behave like good little visitors to our countries
and behave as you are told. 

Otherwise, this video and similar
to it will be brought out and displayed as a reminder of how grateful
you should be to have escaped your savage country and accept the
second-class statues you will be given in your host country. 

It is far too good for a 'savage' from the land of above stoning, anyway.


Don't you worry

by MRX1 on

Moderate moslems will blame this on Jews, zionists, neo cons, and/or  bush administration, becuase there is no way that the problem is islam, no none what so ever! and god forbid to admit that we are a backward savage and khorafati nation.

Sheila K

where are the moderate islamists?

by Sheila K on

As cruel as these events seem, it's worst not having a voice of reason against them. I mean we pride ourselves to be moderate and non-violent and want to disguish ourselves from these barbaric acts, but I don't see any of those moderate leaders speak against these cruel acts as anti-modern Islam.Yeah...some have but not LOUD enough. No muslim will risk their lives to save the rest.

The more terrorist acts, the more brutality, in the name of Islam the worst for us (so called moderates). I fear the day that no distinctions will be made between 1.5 billion muslims and the jihadists. May be we need to reach the bottom to wake up.