Shah Egyptian Bride: 1939

Prince Mohammad Reza Pahlavi and Princess Fawzia

Meeting royal Egyptian family of King Farouk and wedding with Princess Fawzia upon Return to Tehran. (circa 1939)

Prince Of Iran arrives in Egypt (09/03/1939):

Prince of Iran Tours Cairo (16/03/1939 ):

Prince of Iran Wedding Celebrations in Tehran (11/05/1939):

Musical Photo Essay Tribute:


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American Dream = Vatanforoush+ lier

by Freedom5 on


 Here is something that may make you laugh or cry. Here is another lunatic comment by American dream. She/he probably will change user name in close future since almost everybody know whos American dream really is. Read and know who is/are our real enemy.

By the way another lie by American dream please check his/her history, memeber only for 18 weeks and 1 day yet is claiming that was a memeber since the start of the IRANIAN.COM web.

Note , she/he may have been/is covering under different user name.

by American Dream on

You don't know anything about the Kurds.

The Kurds want an independant Kurdistan.  They have been fighting the Iranian central government for over 100 years.  One day they shall be free and they will break away from Iran once and for all.

As for the Baluchis, they too will get their independence.  They will break away from the Iranian central government and create greater Buluchistan.

And the great freedom loving Iranians of Khuzistan, The tomb Islands, Kish Island and Abu Musa Island will also break away and create Arabistan.  These people will all be free.

If you don't like the West or America go back to Iran freedom5.  No one is forcing you to stay here.  Stop using the english language to post stuff on this site.

freedom5, you are one sorry bad-bakht bee-char-eh who just happens to post on this site.

Farah Rusta


by Farah Rusta on

Whoever Mohammad Reza Shah was and whatever he did should be assessed objectively. The ravings and rantings of the likes of Joosh Akharin (Mullahs for Majd), American (wet) Dream (wet, wet, wet) , Emil (Qajars and Mullah were my ancesters) and Afghan (Gin Cocktail is gay) are only serving as the background noise in an otherwise routine broadcast.   

Please guys say something new.


American Dream


by American Dream on

I have been fighting for the freedom of Iranians for over 37 years.

Long before you knew which way was up.

The American dream is here to stay.

Now let me say...

You are free to go away.

I have been here since started so it is up to you to get used to my remarks or fade away.


American dream...

by Iraniandudeee on

You're just ranting like a baffon now.

 Majority of the people who participated in the revolution were not islamists, communists or nationalists, they were Americanized liberals... though islamist groups were prepared and had guns so they took over the revolution rather quickly. Also I didn't like the shah just because he was a monarchist or a king, but because he was a nationalist, and most Iranians will allways support a Iranian nationalist who's trying to benefit Iran and it's people, whether it's the pahlavi dynasty or another group.

 Further more, I can't believe a non-Iranian is trying to tell me how Iranians think or what they want, WHO THE HELL ARE YOU TO TELL US? Seriously, go fix your own countries problem before you come here and try to give other's advice. Beat it kid, shoo.


American Dream


by American Dream on

It is easy to write:

Everything else was because of foriegn governments funding
anti-shah groups backed up by France, The Soviet union, England and
eventually the U.s.

The foreign anti-Shah groups did not become the leaders of the Iranian revolution.

The Mullahs, Akhonds, Ayat'Allahs, Rowhanis, talabehs, hujat ul-islams, mojtaheds were all Iranian.  This is something you overlook.  

Stop blaming others for the Shah's mistakes.  The Shah was an idiot and his father Reza Khan was a bigger idiot.  The dynasty before that, the Qajars were total idiots.  And we can go on for more than 2500 years of idiocy.  When a teenager named Alexander the Great can over run Iran you know there is a problem.



American Dream

by Iraniandudeee on

You have absolutely no idea what you're talking about.... It's like you only read the American side of the story.

 The only way the shah messed up in anyways with the mullahs was when he became liberal with them (Out of fear maybe).... And in return they took advantage of this weakness. Everything else was because of foriegn governments funding anti-shah groups backed up by France, The Soviet union, England and eventually the U.s.

Further more, How do you expect me to debate with you when you're so clueless on this issue?

American Dream


by American Dream on

The U.S. did not have to stab the Shah in the back.  The Shah shot himself in the foot and would repeatedly put his foot in his mouth.  It is easy to blame others for the shortcomings of the Shah.  The Shah was the problem.  And in 1979 the Shah handed over the country to Ayat'Allah Ruh'Allah Moosavi Khomayni.


American Dream

by Iraniandudeee on

first of all, when was I ever wrong the first time? aren't you the one going around trolling, making irrelevant comments and making a fool out of yourself? 

 Second, the shah might have been not perfect, but at the end he did more for iran than any other person since the islamic invasion. Btw, it wasn't the shah who gave power to the mullahs or religous clerics, it was the greedy bazaris and foreign governments  who backed up these anti-shah groups.... even your America back stabbed the pahlavi dynasty (Not surprising)

American Dream

Iraniandudeee, you are mistaken once again.

by American Dream on

Iraniandudee, you are mistaken once again.

The Shah Mohammad Reza Pahlavi strengthened the power of the Iranian Shia Muslim priests called "Akhond", "mollah", "rohani", "hojat ul-islam", "marja'taqlid", "Ayat'Allah", etc...

watch the following clip...




A Iranian nationalist secular government

by Iraniandudeee on

Is what Iranians want, whether it's the shah or another government.

 I personally liked the shah because he was a nationalist not cause he was a king, and I, just like most Iranians would support any nationalistic government that came to power, again, whether he's a monarch or not.



Shah was a good man!

by Iraniandudeee on

What does it take to appreciate someone?

 Anyways, Shah might have passed away but his ideology will live on forever..... Any Iranian nationalist/secular/democratic government is wanted by most sane Iranians.


Snap out of it...

by Emil on

Monarchy died 30 years ago, and Iranian people buried it with its Last dictator Mohammad Reza Pahlavi.

Hopefully you are not a small insect like ants and bees to need queens or kings. It is 21 century, wake up , snap out of it, Iranian people do not identify with Shah / Monarchy or Akhond  / Islam .

Shah / Monarchy and Akhond / Islam  are two side of the same coin, just dressed differently.

Darius Kadivar

Cheer Up Arab Parasts, You'll Have Your HALLAL Movie Soon ;0)

by Darius Kadivar on

Bacheh Akhoundha Your Palestinian Passport is Available at the Nearest Hamas Embassy. I've Got News for You: Epic Muhammad movie in pipeline (bbc)

An epic movie about Islam's Prophet Muhammad is in the pipeline, backed by a producer of the Lord of the Rings.

American Dream

The Shah was absurd to say the least

by American Dream on

The Shah is dead and gone.


Furthermore, no one here is about posting stuff about the theocracy...

most people on this site just want the Pahlavi dynasty dead and buried forever once and for all in the hearts and minds of all Iranians bar none.

People in America and Europe don't even know who the Shah is.

Even in Farah Pahlavi's book she writes at a party someone came up to her and asked, "Aren't you the Shah's wife... the Shah of which country was it by the way?"

No one cares about the Shah of Iran.  He was, is and will be insignificant for life.




by MRX1 on

Enjoyed the video's. It's probably not as interesting for some people on this site as they prefer to see ahmadinejad, akhoonds of various kinds, mosavi, pictures of bazzar's and stores and the usuall stuff, but for rest of us it's a mirrior to history.


watch the blood pressure boys!

by Fatollah on

as someone stated here, he's been dead for 30 years, no need to show your "Oghd-e"! Go worship your beloved Emam the 13th!


Natalia Alvarado-Alvarez

Noosh Afarin

by Natalia Alvarado-Alvarez on

You forgot to mention that regardless of her noble blood when Egypt became a republic, she was forced to live as an everyday person. Her noble blood as you call it, became meaningless.

"Their divorce finalized on Oct, 16, 1948. One year later, Fouziye married an Egyptian officer. After Egypt became a republic, her belongings were confiscated and she started living a simple life in Cairo. Born on Nov, 6, 1921, the once beautiful queen of Iran is now in her late 80's. To honor her, a square in Tehran was named after her but it was renamed after the revolution in 1979. "


American Dream

onlyinamrica, I agree with you.

by American Dream on

onlyinamrica,  I agree with you.  There is too much Shah stuff posted on this site.  Mohammad Reza Pahlavi has been dead for over 29 years.  In a couple of months it will be 30 years since the Shah died in Egypt.  In America, a person convicted of murder is given a life sentence which is 25 years to life in prison.  If 25 years is considered a life sentence then a lifetime has passed since the death of the Shah.  The people who keep on posting stuff about the Shah are just plain stupid.  And everything is sacred.


With all due respect

by onlyinamrica on

I am getting nauseated with all these shah stuffs that you spam this site with at every opportunity you find. Every thing you post is about shah. Please try to look forward. I feel I am getting suffocated with all these old commemorations of shah. Would you please at least minimize them?

Noosh Afarin

Mr. capt_ayhab

by Noosh Afarin on


Mohammad Reza Pahlavi married princess Fouziye, Because the Pahlavi family did not have a noble origin. This marriage was mostly aimed to bring some royal blood to the family. Somehow the marriage did not go as planned and secret love affairs and scandals surfaced, which was unacceptable for the princess. After Fouziye gave birth to a girl named Shahnaz, things got more complicated because a boy was expected as the heir of the throne.

The relations of the two became worse each day and Madar e Foulaad zareh ( nim Taaj) made every effort to gain control of the real princess, and it didn't work. Fouziye ( tou in khouneh-vadeh boor khordeh bood), she could not put up with such low-class family and left for Egypt in 1947 and never came back again.


One "down to earth" lady; Vildem.

by فغان on

In Europe, I suppose, in her Royal seclusion!

The Pahlavis and all mullas must disclose the source and the amount of their wealth.


Dear Capt.

by فغان on

Right on my friend; right on

And these (fake) so-called monarchists really wish to have a weak entity, like Reza Pahlavi and his bloodthirsty gang back to power in order to do the whole thing all over again.

The Pahlavis and all mullas must disclose the source and the amount of their wealth.


Where is Shahnaz now?

by vildemose on

Where is Shahnaz now?


Mr. Faghan

by capt_ayhab on

Did we expect for shah to make ANY good decision?





by فغان on

Mind you, when Shah in a totally symbolic gesture named Farah as the guardian of monarchy until Reza would be 18 years old; people who knew Shahnaz, Shah's eldest child from Foezieh, well enough were disappointed for not choosing her own daughter who had real Royal blood, so to speak. As far as I know(wink wink nudge nudge) she is a real lady, totally void of Farah's superficiality and falsehood.

But looking at the bigger picture; why should I care?


The Pahlavis and all mullas must disclose the source and the amount of their wealth.



by capt_ayhab on

Our ex-shah jun zane be in zibaie ro vel kard o look what he ended up with, Farah?

This is among the reasons people find Ex-Shah to be not very bright. Imagine his offspring now !  I mean the last pahlavi.



rare finds, thanks DK

by Fatollah on

scene 1:28 was just great!


Rules are only for me ?!

by میرزاقشمشم on

بنده چون فرانسه بیلمیرم ،عرضی چوخ یاخچی

یا دست از این لوس بازی فرانسه نویسیتون ور میدارین یا پاشنه دهنمو میکشم. کجاس این "جی جی" اینم كه هر وقت کارش داریم، رفته  شاش کنه. 


The third video ends with

by benross on

The third video ends with the picture of Shahboanoo Farah!

Red Wine


by Red Wine on

Merçi Dariush jan .