Public flogging in Iran

WARNING: Very disturbing


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by timothyfloyd on



I guess

by Abarmard on

Not so salty not so sweet, for harsh crimes at least.

I advocate training and counseling. I guess my point was not as clear as I wished it to be. That's fine, I take my comment back since I don't feel like defending it.


robbery at gun point

by Fatollah on

ohhh, I see, he will be hanged after getting his first sentence which is flogging! I wish for the Sharia laws to be applied to all those bastards whom have filled their pockets with "money" from the Iranian treasury past 30 years! namely cutting their limbs clean off.


p/s I read somewhere that Iran is to reinstitute cutting limbs as a measure to get the crime rates down! 

Maybe, that is what we need in USA Abarmard!? 




by Abarmard on

Your friend (also my sisters were punished similarly, cut in a party) fall in the last part of my comment. 

Azarin Sadegh

to Abarmard

by Azarin Sadegh on

What about my friend who was only the bride in her own wedding and was given the same exact punishment as your robber here...was she also a criminal and rapist? 

On the other hand, some robbers (who happened to be the basijis) robbed all the houses in the neighborhood at gun point...and never got any punishment.

BTW, you are contradicting yourself in your first and last statement; you can't be against flogging, yet you wonder that maybe the US also should consider this same type of punishment!!!

I'd say it is shameful for anyone to support such a barbaric act, and even to promote it for the western countries...specially after everything happening in Iran in the last few months, and all the murders and rapes committed by basijis and IRI.

Very disappointing. 


he has used gun to rob a store

by Abarmard on

Perhaps doing the same punishment for criminals as such in the US might slow down the gun robberies. In the area that I work, we have many good for nothing people who I believe need to be a bit more scared about punishments. We had over 20 cases of rape, gun robberies and murders in a one square mile area last year. They go to jail, come back and rape or rob more.

If you were one of the people who were hurt by this individual, or had your kid with you while he was pointing his gun at the store might think different and believe that he deserves the punishment. 

I don't agree with these kind of punishments, however, I am less sympathetic with criminals and murderers than those innocent individuals who get punished for dressing up or behaving free.



by Daadaash on

People like that deserve the mullah government!

Azarin Sadegh


by Azarin Sadegh on

Such a terrible sight...:-(

A few weeks ago, I met a lovely tiny lady who revealed she had been flogged in Iran, 10-12 years ago, and it had happened during her own wedding (Yes, the bride was flogged 80 times). I think she was lucky to be alive I know about a 16 years old girl who didn't survive the ordeal. 


Arab rule at its best

by IranFirst on

While these savages do this to Iranians and kill our young on the streets, all they worry and talk about is Arab and Palestinian rights! a real Iranian government will work for its people first, not the Muslim garbages and terrorists around the world



by yolanda on

I don't know what he did to deserve this....this guy's dignity has been stripped. It is sad!


show this

by MRX1 on

to your liberal peace loving friends and ask them to have dialogue with these people!


Ah, it's normal !!!

by ThePope on

In islamic countries...

In the mullah's judiciary courts, it's the most popular sentence (torture) handed out EVERYDAY; ejraa-ye ahkaam (2pm/closing time) is where you can enjoy eslaam-e naab-e mohammadi...
(as they say themselves)

And there's always a good loud salavaat at the end   ;-)



Maryam Hojjat

Shame on IRI/IRR !

by Maryam Hojjat on

These bastards are so brutal.  How sad all people standing & watching instead of attacking those bastards.