Paris debate with regime rep

Ahmadinejad government official faces tough questions

An Iranian Ministry of Science and Technology official traveled to Paris to meet with Iranian students. Some students who hadn't been invited showed up and engaged in a most interesting debate about Iran and give him a message to take back to Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. Very interesting:

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:


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Here Are The Rules :

by HHH on

  • You don't argue right and wrong with a criminal.
  • You don't question the criminal's logic & reasons for his actions.
  • You don't try to teach or enlighten a criminal
  • You don't fight criminals with words and demonstrations

Ofcourse they have no answer for the student's questions, that's because they've sided with the criminals and they're making a living from crime against Iranian nation.

So treat them the way they treat Iranians in the streets. Beat them, stab them and hang them as they've done to others. Then maybe they see the light.

Until then this arrogant bastard will say "People will go their way(and get shot) or take our side, they know better".


Great Job on both sides!

by shahabshahab on

The young men and women were very effective and very clear as to what the sudents and young people of Iran want, and what their complaints are.

The so-called minsiter also did a very good  job by simply ignoring these comments and not even once acknowldged or  sympathized with the young people. Of course, had he done otherwise (assuming he was capableof being sympathetic) , he would have lost his job (and probably his head) when he returns to Iran.

This is a mirror image of what is happening in Iran: The people in Iran complain. the government in Iran ignores them (with the only difference that the Governent can then turn around and beat or kill the young people who are complaining.

I bet the Minsiter was thinking: If only this was in Iran, I would take care of you and your family).