Legal action against Alavi Foundation

US pursues 'Iran-linked' charity

BBC: US prosecutors have begun legal action to seize four mosques and a New York city skyscraper that are owned by a non-profit Muslim organisation. Lawyers say the Alavi Foundation has been helping to illegally funnel money to Bank Melli, which is owned by the Iranian government. The bank is accused of funding Iran's nuclear weapons programme. US citizens are banned from dealing with it. The mosques and the office tower will remain open while the case continues. The government's forfeiture action was filed in a federal court in New York. Any seizure has to be authorised by the court, and it may take a long time for the case to come to fruition, says the BBC's Adam Brookes in Washington.


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So our people are under attack from Arab thugs again!
Jun 17, 2009
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American Dream = Islamic Republic Agent

by Freedom5 on

See American Dream comment about the people up-rising in .


These protests are just plain bogus

by American Dream on

These protests are just plain bogus.  The protests won't change anything.  All the protests will do is damage people's cars

My Name Is Borat

Mr Dream

by My Name Is Borat on

You are an example of inbreeding. Eighteen weeks or years of posting changes nothing.

Your hate for Iran and Iranians is thick and dense, like you.

And before you criticize someone's ability to speak or write in English, remember that "adultry" is spelled adultery, and "ethincly" is spelled ethnically.

Famidi chi migam, martike divouneh? Hala boro to freeway baazi kon.

American Dream


by American Dream on

You are not in touch with people in IRAN so don't try to pretend that you know what IRANIAN want.

Yes, I am in touch with people in Iran.  You are wrong once again.

"What is your purpose...... attention or are you just lonely."

It seems like you are the lonely one.  You keep on trying to get my attention with bogus statements.

You hate IRANIAN how can you be one or as you claim your ancestors are from IRAN. I DO NOT BELIEVE A WORD YOU ARE SAYING.

You are wrong here too.  Yes my ancestors are from Iran.  I don't need you to believe me.  Who are you anyway?

You lied about being a member on this site ever since it started and you are also claiming that you posted anonymously.

It is absolutely true.  There was a time when one could post anonymously on  You should read the earlier posts on this site.  It appears that you are not very intelligent.

I do not believe that can't post comments on this site anonymously. You must have a user name.... why don't say it.... Are you scared?

There was a time on that user names were not needed to post something.  What is this about being scared?  You are the one that is scared.

You are not Iranian, in fact I have a feeling that either you are from Afghanistan or IRAQ.

Iraq or Afghanistan?  Why would an Afghani or an Iraqi post on this site?  It doesn't make sense.  Iraqis speak arabic and Afghan's speak the dari form of Persian.  It seems that you are confused.


American Dream = Vatanforoush+ liar

by Freedom5 on

You are not in touch with people in IRAN so don't try to pretend that you know what IRANIAN want. You speak on behalf of every body in IRAN yet you are stating that your ancestor are from IRAN. What is your purpose...... attention or are you just lonely. You hate IRANIAN how can you be one or as you claim your ancestors are from IRAN. I DO NOT BELIEVE A WORD YOU ARE SAYING. You lied about being a member on this site ever since it started and you are also claiming that you posted anonymously. Hardly ... I do not believe that can't post comments on this site anonymously. You must have a user name.... why don't say it.... Are you scared?

You are not Iranian, in fact I have a feeling that either you are from Afghanistan or IRAQ.


American Dream


by American Dream on

Everything I wrote was true.

"Which part of IRAN did you born?"

Please re-phrase your question.  It is not english.

If i remember vividly you had said that your ancestors came from IRAN, which I highly doubt.

My ancestors were from Iran.  That is a fact.

Everything I wrote was true.

Is there opium use in Iran?


Is there alcohol use by Shia Muslim Iranians in Iran?


Does adultry exist in Iran?

Yes.  They have even stoned people for adultry in Iran.

"yet you have been only a member for 18 weeks and a few days"

Before that time I posted my writings anonymously.  You are just plain silly.



American Dream = Vatanforoush+ liar

by Freedom5 on

How long did you take to come up with this comment so you can hide your true face. On one hand you are supporting independency of all tribes and ilk and on the other hand yourself Persian. Which part of IRAN did you born??

If i remember vividly you had said that your ancestors came from IRAN, which I highly doubt. You hate Iran and Iranian and you are the master of deception and your propaganda machine is a phenomena. You are claiming that you have been a member on this site since created and I encourage everyone to check on your history. YOU ARE A LIAR, and i have no respect for liars. If that does not proof that you are liar and a deceiver that I ask everyone to take a look at the other comment by you. You are despicable. Quote, I believe as an American, the best form of government in Iran is a democratic republic like the United States.  What types of social freedoms should a democratic republic of Iran have?  The same freedoms we see in Amsterdam. I know a lot of Iranians who are predominantly Shia Muslims and they drink like fish.  They drink so much alcohol.  And a lot of them smoke that opium stuff.  Many of the men are womanizers and their wives also carry on adulterous relationships.  unquote and here is American dreams final touch and his mighty opinion in regards to Mullah's rule in IRAN. You will be the judge. quote from American Dream Do I see the theocracy going away in Iran? No.  It will evolve with time.  The more pressure by Iranians the more the theocracy will change so they can stay in power.  The Iranian theocracy is willing to make pork and alcohol "Halal" if they can stay in power.  God knows the Revolutionary Guards help introduce satellite dishes into Iran and take in money for it. That being said, things will take time to change.   Unquote, rest my case.



by Freedom5 on



You are not Persian ! You are either from Iraq or Afghanistan. You are the biggest liar ever existed on this site that has repeatedly lies. You tell every one that you have been a member from the time that created yet you have been only a member for 18 weeks and a few days.... I have no respect for liars    




American Dream

Freedom5, vildemose, ahmad_

by American Dream on

Your silly comments will get you nothing.

The fact that I am ethnicly Persian is a well known fact.

Freedom5, your silly posts just amount to prejudice against people who are not ethnicly Persian or of Iranian nationality.  This goes against the hospitality that is given to guests in Iranian culture. 

And as a person who is ethnicly Persian I find your statements offensive.  You don't speak or write Persian and you repeatedly make idiotic statements on this site.

You sure don't know how to make an argument.  You attack the person instead of the statement.

You seem to believe that Kurds, Baluchis and Iranian Arabs must by force remain part of Iran.  I, on the other hand give them the option or the freedom to chose.  If the central government helps these ethnic minorities why would they want to seperate from Iran?  The argument that they could seperate from the country should bring alarm to the central government so that they would help alleviate any problems in those locations in Iran.  That is the main goal in liberating these ethnic minority groups in Iran.

If you don't get that then you are lost.

And vildermose and ahmad_ are also lost with you.  All they could write are insults with no argument what so ever.

American Dream

ex programmer craig

by American Dream on

On the contrary the Bush Administration did the same error with the Revolutionary Guards by designating them on some list.  Later on the Bush Administration concluded that only a segment of the Revolutionary Guards named the Qods force which was opposed to America's middle east policy should be on that list of banned organizations.

Bank Melli is the Citibank of Iran.  A lot of Iranians have bank accounts there.  That does not mean that all the account holders are involved in the Iranian nuclear program.

That being said either the Alavi foundation may be just another bank account holder with Bank Melli.

Can you imagine what would happen if all Bank Melli account holders were rounded up?  Even a lot of green movement individuals would be put in jail.

This is just a plain silly policy.



I'm baffled about.......

by Kooshan on

what some Iranians living in the West are still only interested in....undeserved MONEY and how they want to divide up this opportunistic money......Some really know how to exploit or misuse American system. This is no different than taking advantage of welfare system. The very same mindset allows people to fill their pockets from nation's wealth when they get in power.

The real patriot is the one who does not get corrupted when he/she gets on the saddle of POWER (government). Shah did it, Mullahs do it. God help Iran with future rulers if they will be out of the very same people who have their eyes on easy money (moftkhory)!!!!! The same very moftkhors become the deeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep pocketers when they become rulers!!!!!!!!

My point is that Iran's rulers come out of this very nation. Unless we change our culture of being irresponsiblity and unaccountablity, we won't get anywhere with political changes. AND, this has nothing to do with religion. You can find good and bad in every nation.

I think the economic pressure is actually working. The problem is that the rulers are ruthless and won't blink until the people pay dearly for a while.


ex programmer craig

American Dream

by ex programmer craig on

Since there is a 1st Amendment issue here, freedom of religion, with regards to houses of worship being involved, specifically Shia Mosques, the government will settle or drop the case.

I don't think there's a freedom of religion issue here. A house of worship loses it's protection under the law when it is involved in illegal activities. If it can be shown that these mosques were being used as a front for a criminal enterprise, there's no 1st Amendemnt issue.



by pedro on

Ok, I really like the Idia of shipping the IRI free loadres to Venezuela, Russia, but I raelly think these jerks should be sent to where they came from, The Arabian peninsula. I undrestand that they live a lavish life here in NY.

Ali9 Akbar

Dont ship secret IRI supporters back to Teheran

by Ali9 Akbar on

Unless there has been a regime change there and they can face charges of TREASON AGAINST IRAN!!! 


Or ship them either to Russia or Venezuela because there is a silent revolution going in Iran and things will get better for the Iranian people...



by ahmad_ on

Thank you for the post. Now me and thousand others know for sure that this low life American Dream is definitly Anti Iranian.

American Dream; GO TO HELL JERK!


American dream is definitely

by vildemose on

American dream is definitely not Iranian. He hates Iran and Iranians especially the muslims??



by Freedom5 on

Be aware,  American Dream in not IRANIAN , write and may be speaking farsi but he is not IRANIAN in fact he hates Iranian and IRAN , see below.


by American Dream on

You don't know anything about the Kurds.

The Kurds want an independant Kurdistan.  They have been fighting the Iranian central government for over 100 years.  One day they shall be free and they will break away from Iran once and for all.

As for the Baluchis, they too will get their independence.  They will break away from the Iranian central government and create greater Buluchistan.

And the great freedom loving Iranians of Khuzistan, The tomb Islands, Kish Island and Abu Musa Island will also break away and create Arabistan.  These people will all be free.

If you don't like the West or America go back to Iran freedom5.  No one is forcing you to stay here.  Stop using the english language to post stuff on this site.

freedom5, you are one sorry bad-bakht bee-char-eh who just happens to post on this site.

American Dream

Giving the money to Iranian Americans? Be serious.

by American Dream on

No court in the United States will give the money that comes from a judgement in this case to Iranian Americans.

The money that comes from this judgement will be given to victims of terror that happened probably in the state of Israel.

Most of those victims were either killed by Palestinians or Lebanese. The money will go to Americans who visited the State of Israel and died by the actions of Lebanese or Palestinian attacks.  Were any Iranians directly involved in these acts?  No.

Those guys attending the Iranian masjid might reak of shepesh (lice) but, at least they are Iranians.  

With Enron, insider trading, a deficit larger than life, it seems this society is trying to get money from anywhere in order to prop up their crappy economy.



Is it all rhetoric.

by pedro on

Is this all rhetoric? why now? Do we realy know the motive behind this sudden move against IRI foundation? If America wants to do somthing constructive to deal with Islamic Republic, Feds should round up all the Islamist working for the IRI living in US. and ship them back to join the rest of them in Islamic Republic. Just immagine a buch of die hard Americans owning a multistory building and several churhes in downtown Tehran, making loads of money, and having a good time while supportin US government with the income earned. Can you even immagine that for a minute? not a chance. IRI Militia capture each one or them placing them in Evin prison claming they are American spies. Alocate the founds from Alavi foundation and musks to the Iranians around the world supprting humen rights, freedom and democracy for Iran, many of whom came out leaving behind everything they owned, and began building new life overseas. America, wake up, do not alienate iran and Iranians stop playing games. Iranians are the only nation in the region that truly appricate American values, they like America. Do not lose the opportunty to build a strong friendship with people of Iran. you owe it to us, hello, overthrow of Mosadegh. Must i say more?


A good move nonetheless

by میرزاقشمشم on

It's a good showmanship; all format with not much of a substance. I suspect it has something to do with American administration's trying to attract Saudis cooperation in the region.


why not Iranians?????

by ahmad_ on

Why didn't Iranians living in USA think of that long ago?

They surely did suffer at the hands of the regime in Iran, so they could have

and should benefit from this.

Better be fast next time. Learn from your mistakes.


Eye-ranians are moftkhor.

by Javadagha on

Eye-ranians who live in the Western countries are moftkhor.

There are worse things which happen in American churches and Synagogues.  In tough economics times, the U.S. has no shame to grab people’s properties.  These building and investments belong to Iranian people. Discrimination is discrimination, you are happy that IRI is involved? Wait for your turn.  The U.S. is no heaven and was no heaven that is why I left it long time ago.

American Dream

Alavi Foundation

by American Dream on

The Alavi Foundation was the Pahlavi Foundation before the Iranian Revolution.  It appears that that this endeavor was also a waste of time and money for the Iranian population.

It will take many many years for this case to get to court.  And when it does get to court and there is a judgement that judgement will be appealed. 

It will end up in the U.S. Supreme Court.  Since there is a 1st Amendment issue here, freedom of religion, with regards to houses of worship being involved, specifically Shia Mosques, the government will settle or drop the case.

In the end it will all be just be one big waste of time and money.


Excellent, hope they are

by vildemose on

Excellent, hope they are also watching other agents of IRI in the cyber space.


About Time Feds

by masoudA on

They confiscated computers from several mosques...... It appears to me that at this point they are looking for people with links to Terror - ala what happened in Fort Hood Texas last week.    But eventualy they will certainly get to the IRI ring - it will take time - but they will.  


About time!

by MRX1 on

I was just about giving up on Feds doing since this community organizer became president. Good move, I hope they don't stop now. I would love to see them freeze some accounts , hand cuff and deporting some of these islamo freaks out of U.S

verytass hahhaha

by verytass on

Jews are all lining up and are drooling to get their hands on this money just like the Iranian artifacts. All they have to say is that they were in Israel and their great aunt died in a bus bombing and cash in on it. 

 This is why Iranians who left the country or whose families were punished or jailed by the the mullahs should start making claims against Iran government and try to get the in the queue for the money in the pool before some scum-bag greedy jewish group starts claiming it all to themselves. 


Good job Feds!

by mahmoudg on

Next on the list should be the many hundreds of Iranian-Americans who support this regime inside America.  In the least we should ship them back to Iran.