Good Bye Tehran?

Is Tehran coming to the end of its days as a capital city?

BBC: Iran's rulers are considering plans to relocate the country's capital. They say Tehran is in danger of being struck by a major earthquake. So how easy is it to move a capital out of a city, and where might Iran's go? Penny Spiller reports. Tehran is a sprawling metropolis at the foot of the Alborz mountain range. It is home to some 12 million people, and is the largest city in the Middle East. Not only is it the political and economic heart of the country, the city has a cosmopolitan air with its museums, art galleries, parks and universities. It has been Iran's capital since 1795. But now a powerful state body, the expediency council, has approved plans by Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei to end Tehran's days as a capital. These plans are not new. They are part of a long-term strategy to see the capital moved by 2025, and will need approval from many more government bodies before any relocation begins >>>


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Mariam Amiri

Hamedan seems to be close to fault lines aswell...

by Mariam Amiri on

it was atleast hit by an earthquake 8 years ago.

Also I hope they don't move to ancient and old citiy, because they will probably turn it into ugly city like Tehran. 

An area in central Iran between Kashan, Yazd and Esfahan is relatively safe and suitable for a new capital:








by IRANdokht on

As someone who's related to a few Hamedanis, I smiled when I read your suggestion. The only problem is who's gonna be able to deal with their extra inflated ego then! (just kidding)



It should be Hamedan,

by Q on

a return to a great, ancient and underrated city in heart of the nation. Besides the relatively small size would allow for a lot of public planning and new facilities.

Mariam Amiri

Its about time! Tehran sits on 100 fault lines!!

by Mariam Amiri on

Its interesting how many major projects undertaken or considered in the IRI have their origin in the Pahlavi era.

Many Iranian experts have been warning about this problem for 30 years, but the officials only gave them serious consideration after the 2003 earthquake that devastated the historic city of Bam and killed 25 thousand people!!

Had they thought of this problem earlier before Tehran started growing into a monstrous mega city, perhaps the problem would not have been as grave.

I hope they rebuild Tehran into a more earthquake resistant city, move the capital elsewhere and make plans to decrease the pouplation in Tehran... otherwise God forbid, if an earthquake happens we will see millions of dead and injured. 



by yolanda on

I have saved the video! Very nice! The music is great also!


so what? what does it mean

by azadi5 on

so what? what does it mean anyway if they moved the title of "capital city" to another place? Just like Toronto is the real captial of Canada, Tehran will remain as such. Tehran does have huge issues with air pollution and over crowdedness, so if they think moving the title to another city helps Tehran, then so be it. A natural disaster like an earthquake with high magnitude will certainly leave a lot of those people dead, and it will take years to rebuild afterwards. let's just hope they don't think of moving it to Qoam.


The only reason this regime

by desi on

The only reason this regime wants to move the capital is to save their own asses.  I can hardly think for one second it's for any humanitarian cause.  They want to move the capital so the majlis, their residences and official buildings are in a seismic free zone.  There won't be a mass exodus of populous to where THEY are.  They'll move and never bother retrofitting any existing schools, hospitals, businesses or homes.  They didn't do it after the devastating earthquakes in Rasht and they didn't do it in Bam.  I would like to know where they're getting all this money to accomplish this galagtic fete.  The organization and compitency needed to pull this off is way beyond their orzeh.



by Iraniandudeee on

Make Mazandaran the new Iranian/Persian capital :) It's one of the most unique provinces of Iran.


Oh Teharan, the Mlagica Tehran

by pedro on

Oh Tehran the magical Tehran. It sadens me to know the earth quake is around the corner. I remember Tehran when I was 10 years old, It was magical, the lights, the exitement of people shoping, working, picnicing on weekens, and the night life was to die for. The KABAREH ha were out of these world.I remember my mother and aunts use to go to hair stylist and wore beautiful dresses before going to kabareh with my father and uncle. I hope someday the magic returns.

PS. I forgot to mention KALEH PACHEH + NOON SANGAK


Abadan or Mashhad are good choices

by SamSamIIII on


MRX, why Karbala?, That be too obvious. I suggest Abadan . 1st off it,s next door to Basra so they can run both Iraq & Iran under one roof, 2ndly most folks there are fluent in Arabic including the Persian speakers & it,s a plus for inter-ommah diplomatic relations .It,s earthquake proof & btw, it,s jj , this site's many great bloggers & the admin's home town so it should get their instant approval. & yes they will be literaly sitting on oil for Ommatie expences . if not, then Majnoon islands in the marshes or may be even London since it,s already a defacto capital of IRI. & as for Mashhad , it makes perfect sense since it can compete with Abadan with it,s Imam Reza revenues & metaphorical symbol. Mind you they might have to move Ferdowsi tomb somewhere else as not to crap their style .Cheers!!!

How about that J, start the petition


Path of Kiaan Resurrection of True Iran Hoisting Drafshe Kaviaan // //


Those are devastating numbers

by IRANdokht on

So more than 25% of the population died when there were no high rises, no cement and steel in the buildings and Tehran wasn't ridiculously over crowded...

I hope they do make good plans and move the Capitol, no matter who's in charge.  Those numbers "shookhi nadareh"! I hear some of the newly built sky scrapers are not really built to the code.

Thanks for the post Haleh and Ari thanks for the additional data.


Ari Siletz

Thanks for the post

by Ari Siletz on

Following up, I found this informative 2004 article on the Tehran earthquake issue.

Among the statements:

1. The probability of an earthquake above 7 on the Richter scale hitting Tehran in the next 10 years currently stands at around 65 percent.

2., [Professor Akasheh says] "If a similar earthquake [to the one in Bam] happens in the Tehran region, the city itself will probably top the death toll list [of earthquakes] in the world."

3. Tehran experienced its last major earthquake in 1830, when an estimated 45,000 people were killed. [Ari's note, the population of Tehran in 1891 was 160 thousand].


This is not really News

by farokh2000 on

Studies have shown that in a powerful Earthquake, there could be more than 6 Million casualties in Tehran.

The City was built on soft Sand.

As we all know Tehran has been overcrowded for many years.

No matter who is in charge of the Country, they need to do something about this issue.

Hopefully, it will not be the criminal Mullahs doing it and stealing Billions more in the process.



Give them more choices

by MRX1 on



1) Gaza

2) West bank

3) Karbela or Najaf (Or both for that matter - sister cities)

4) medina or Jeddah

5) Jeruslem (After all jews are purged out)

Actualy I had no idea regime has long term plans! (go figure).  needless to say by 2025 with this regime around, there will not be any Iran left as we know it and even if it's still around it won't feel,look , smell like Iran it will be more like Vran, so I guess it's good idea for VRAN to have new capital. After that they can start focusing on changing the language too Arbaic, Turkish or Swahili's are my choices.


Sheila K

how about moving to Karbala

by Sheila K on

and leaving Tehranies alone?


Hameen moondeh bood.  I

by desi on

Hameen moondeh bood.  I don't care where they move it as long as they don't move it to my beloved Rasht.

American Dream

By 2025 IRI will be in power for 46 years

by American Dream on

By 2025 the Islamic Republic of Iran will have been in power for 46 years.  Another 9 years after that the IRI will have been in power as long as the Pahlavi dynasty's two kings. 

It may be a good idea to move the capital.  There is too much smog in Tehran.

All things come to an end.  And it was the Qajars that made Tehran the capital.