Golshifteh not going back?

Actress hints that she may not return to Iran because of possible reprisals


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The more you step on dog poop, the more it will stink.

by bachenavvab on

He is a distraction.  This is about Ms. Farahani and her personality and talent.  Her departure is bitter sweet as fish won't fall in love for a long time, but she will have the opportunity to spread her wings as her sky will be her limit and not Ershaad.  

American Dream

No. Born in the U.S.A.

by American Dream on

Born in the U.S.A.



by پیام on

Ever heard of the term "self-imposed exile"? If everything was nice and dandy in Iran none of the Iranians you describe here, those who left Iran "voluntarily", would have left Iran. What are your own reasons that keep you from going back and live in the democratic Iran of ali geda and AN?



by yolanda on

 Wow! A very interesting analysis!

Thank you!


Delaram Banafsheh (Yolanda)

"Cactus in the Desert"

ramin parsa

Freedom5, Pahlavan, and Saeed

by ramin parsa on

Saeed, I agree with you 100%, this guy Mola's posts are horrid and worthless -- and what's pathetic is that he actually thinks he's funny!

Freedom5 -- I'm proud of you for always pulling up this Wet Dream's prior posts every time you see one of his comments -- you should be applauded for doing that, so that we all know what kind of a black vermin we're dealing with, and I think...

Pahlevan is correct in his assessment that this vermin is a loser from Ahvaz, who has something against Iranians -- only Arabs from Khuzestan, which has been called Khuzestan since the times of Cyrus the Great, refer to Khuzestan as "Arabistan."

Now I think we finally know who we're dealing with here -- a pathetic, jealous, anti-Iranian loser from Khuzestan. Dream on Arabian Dream, Khuzestan will ALWAYS be called KHUZESTAN!!!!!!!!!! 


Down to earth...

by Emil on

Very good looking / intelligent  and down to earth...she also seems super nice...

snotty / stuck up girls should learn ...lol


What a well-spoken and beautiful lady

by Pahlevan on

I really enjoyed listening to her; she is a beautiful person inside and out. Hopefully she will achieve the success she deserves.

Dear Freedom5; I don't think this "American Dream" character is an IRI agent/supporter. Although his uneducated and anti-Iranian rhetoric is similar to that of an IRI supporter, but his use of the word Arabistan to refer to the Khuzestan province leads me to believe that he is most likely an Arab loser from Khuzestan who is jealous of Iran and Iranians. These losers always attack anything positive about Iran and Iranians. Ironically they often find themselves taking the same position as IRI ... goes to show you how Anti-Iranian IRI and its supporters are.



Just about perfect. This is an Irani woman.

by Hovakhshatare on

For those of you giving make up and other advice, perhaps you can pick up a pointer or two from her. Here she is with Namjoo...


Saeed Kafili

Anyone else?

by Saeed Kafili on

Does anyone else feels like puking, reading this Mola Nasredeen stuff?

I said this, hazrateh shotor said that...come on dude ! No one is laughing.

Give it a rest!

Mola Nasredeen

"She needs a new wardrobe, hairdo, makeup

by Mola Nasredeen on

she is the Persian version of Elizabeth Taylor" said I.

"Astaghr forella" Said Hazrate shotor.

"And she needs a new agent" I said sheepishly. 

"Ahsannat, ahsannat" mumbled he, reading the latest results of the camel races on Iranian dotcom.



by yolanda on

 Hi Reza-Rio de Janeiro,

        Please do not apologize to me.....I like your posts and understand your messages...great job! I don't know how to debate people, I am glad that whole bunch brave people like you are doing the hardwork......

Greeeeeat job!

Thank you!!

Take it easy!

Delaram Banafsheh (Yolanda)

"Cactus in the Desert"


A.D. Shut your trap...

by Harpi-Eagle on

From your vulgar comments, we can all tell you are a paid goon in Qum !!

I just have one question for you, which is a bigger source of income for you, your monthly stipend from Qum for your stupid blogs here? Or renting out your sister on Sigheh contracts ?!!

How do you like them apples? 



by yolanda on

Hi! Reza-Rio de Janeiro and flyingkite,

Thank you for your posts! I wish I could write posts like yours with a girl's language 'cause I am a woman. I understand your points and thank you!

Take care!


Delaram Banafsheh (Yolanda)

"Cactus in the Desert"

American Dream

Reza-Rio de Janeiro and flyingkite

by American Dream on

Reza-Rio de Janeiro,

It is interesting that you refer to Iran as:

 "that shit hole!!!"

Let us let the readers decide.


"You can keep your own stars like the actress who played in the Stoning movie and played parts in the "24" series.  You can keep her because she belongs with you.  She got her stardom and rise outside of IRAN."

I will conclude you are writing about Ms. Aghdashloo.  Ms. Aghdashloo was born in Tehran.  Ms. Aghdashloo started her career as a thespian in Iran. 

Let us let the readers decide.

Big Boy

A gem!

by Big Boy on

What an amazing young Iranian woman.  Talented, smart, beautiful, and humble.  You deserve all your success and there is more to come. 


Golshiefteh Belongs to Iranian-Iranians not Iranian Americans

by flyingkite on

That's right.  WE love Golshiefteh.  She belongs in our hearts because we watched and supported her movies in iran, while the iranian americans were putting down Iranian Cinema as "Tokhmi."


 I am sorry to say but you cannot hijack OUR Golshiefteh.

You can keep your own stars like the actress who played in the Stoning movie and played parts in the "24" series.  You can keep her because she belongs with you.  She got her stardom and rise outside of IRAN.

So once again, Golshefteh bolongs in OUR IRANIAN hearts that still believes in GOD and says at times YA ALI MADAD!

Reza-Rio de Janeiro

Daftar.org = Spie's nest in USA. Beware!!!!

by Reza-Rio de Janeiro on

To those Iranians with actual activities against Islamic Regime in Iran,

The Islamic spies/agents (such as American Dream) located at Daftar.org in Washington,DC and elsewhere promise new passports and exit stamps (in some cases in ONE WEEK!!!!) for those Iranians who want to go back to Iran and visit, and it is true, you will get what you were promised here in the FREE WORLD with so much fake and hypocritical respects... (pure EVIL) , BUT when you actually set foot in Iran and at Tehran's International Airport, you will be taken away by Islamic agents and after that only GOD knows what will happen to you .... !!!

It has happened to so many innocent Iranians and the whole world has seen it and knows about it by now... In my own personal case,  I can prove it  with one of my own friends who ended up 55 days in prison with his American Passport confiscated by I.R. even after his release that costed him his entire savings and what he had to borrow in order to leave that shit hole!!!

They totally ruined his life and after 3 months kicked him out like a piece of garbage after all those promises of Daftar agents in America...

Ham-Mehanaane azziz,

What I wrote here is an honest truth....

PLEASE for the sake of your own lives and safety,


I hope one day these traitor's and their true identity will be released to Iranian people in FREE IRAN and later the pay back for their crimes against humanity and innocent Iranian people. Every single one of them.

Perooz va Payande Baad Iran va Irani.


Mr Payam, here is the definition of "Exile"

by farokh2000 on


Here it is:

Exile means to be away from one's home (i.e. city, state or
country), while either being explicitly refused permission to return
and/or being threatened by prison or death upon return. It can be a
form of punishment.

Are you in "Exile" Mr. Payam, or do you think all Iranians living outside Iran are in "Exile"?

Can you not go back home to Iran, for some reason?

I don't think most Iranians living abroad are in your situation. So, please donot generalize.

American Dream

The definition of "Exile"

by American Dream on

The Merriam Webster online dictionary defines Exile as:

The state or period of forced absence from one's country or home.

Most Iranian immigrants in the United States and Europe have immigrated on their own volition.  No one forced them to go anywhere.

If you wish to return to Iran and you live in the United States of America and don't have a valid Iranian passport go to the following site:


There are travel agencies in the United States that will cater to your needs, for example:


There is no need to live in America if your heart is somewhere else.  No one is forcing you to stay.

Freedom of press and expression is a time honored right in America.  If you don't like it then maybe Ayat'Allah Khamenei and Iranian President Ahmadinejad's Iran is a place for you.

One day, you have to wake up, look in the mirror, and go back to where you came from. 

There are no Hizb'Allahis in America, just Americans, and people who desire to be Americans. 

This here site was made in America.

And Everything is sacred.



AMERICAN DREAM, this one's for you....

by PERS66 on


American dream,

by پیام on

Rubbish comment as ususal.



by پیام on

Please enlighten us on the term "exile".

Reza-Rio de Janeiro


by Reza-Rio de Janeiro on

You pretend to be an American on so many other serious blogs with your writings and comments on American history , Iranian history, world Politics and so many other garbages you write here.... But as a proof , you see here that everyone by now knows you are full of sh...

You are simply a shame of Iran and all Iranians ...

Now You have an opinion on Art and Artists too???



قربون دستت


(فعلا محمود رو بیخیال)

برادر رفتگر

این "آمریکن دریم" رو ور دار ببر

ramin parsa

American Wet Dream from Qom

by ramin parsa on

From the tone and substance of your first post, I bet the house money you live in Iran, most likely in Qom, or downtown Tehran, and are severly brainwashed.

You are so polluted with toxic hezbollahi claptrap it's a waste of my time to respond, but listen good hezbo, Leonardo Dicaprio was also extremely popular in America after Titanic, specially with the youger girls. And Arnold decided to be the governor of California, not because he was sick of Hollywood, but because, as he and Stalone have admitted, they have exhausted the "action" genre, which is why Stalone tried his hand at a reality boxing show with Ray Leanard, which failed.

And this young Iranian actress is very young -- so what she hasn't had a hit since Body of Lies? Some Hollywood actors make 10 bombs and then produce a hit and come back for more -- it's the nature of the business. Eddie Murphy had 4 or 5 bombs in a row, but he still commands attention at the box office when and if he ever makes a decent movie. So why, if you knew better, would you try to dismiss this young Iranian woman for simply being a rising, yet not established, star, specially if you're Iranian?

That's because you and your Hezbo ilk are against the nation of Iran and its people. That's why you and your ilk can kill and torture innocent young Iranians like this promising actress as easily and as heartlessly as stepping on a cockroach, because you despise the true Iranian culture and those who practice it.

And just so you know, Hezbo, the Oscars is a very political award show. Dicaprio may not have received the Oscar for Titanic, not because it was not a worthy performance, but because it could have been for many reasons, most likely because he was so young. It was probably someone else's turn. That's the Oscars for you. Al Pacino has only won ONE Oscar when he probably should've won 5 (same is true for Paul Newman and Scorsese). DiCaprio's turn will come, don't you worry your little polluted Hezbo cranium.

You, American nightmare, are the reason people despise the IRI. You're the reason the people of Iran will remove this beastly regime in the very near future. Simply, you're a disgusting anti-Iranian hezbollahi misinformation cop and nothing more.

American Dream

Most talented Iranian female performer

by American Dream on

The most talented female Iranian performer was featured here on Iranian.com





by yolanda on

She is so beautiful, gentle, sweet, and polite! I hope she becomes successful! One Iranian actress became the best supporting (TV) actress already, Ms. Farahani can accomplish even more! She just needs to work hard and believe herself!

Delaram Banafsheh (Yolanda)

"Cactus in the Desert"


Smart, gorgeous, multi-talented And down to earth

by Monda on

Rare combination really. Can't wait to see her new movies.

American Dream


by American Dream on

Yes, he was in 300.


Whether Xerxes was a transexual is a subject that historians of ancient Persia must research with due diligence.

Another fellow Persian who led an alternative lifestyle and was larger than life, even larger than Xerxes is:




Rodrigo Santoro!!

by statira on

Is he the one who played a transexual Xerxes?