Dismantling the Axis of Evil

"Seeking sounder public policy after 9/11 in the Age of Obama"

Very interesting presentation from the Iranian American Bar Association (IABA) and Levantine Cultural Center (LCC).

Part 1:

Part 2:


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Passing Through

My Friend R2-D2

by Passing Through on

Thank You For Your Observation

I Did Check The Link To Laleh Gillani's Blog Page, And Compared Her Material And Writing To Those By Nousha Arzu

I Have To Say That You Do Have A Point :)

Tks Again,





Nousha Arzu

Dear R2-D2

by Nousha Arzu on

No, I'm not Laleh, but I appreciate the compliment, and I agree, Laleh was/is a gifted writer.

Take care!



Ankas ke nadanad va nadanad ke nadanad....

by bachenavvab on

This is a good opportunity to address the "I can name that tune" guessing game we play and try to figure out where people are coming from vis-à-vis their views and motives, without considering the subject matter of their message.  Given our turbulent history, it is understandable where it came from; however, if this methodology did work, we wouldn't fall for deception of mullahs, "reformists" and traitors over and over.  Let me also bring to light the practice of gauging ones worth through his grasp of the English language and belittling those who fall short of expectations.  Last time I looked, this was not a forum for English exhibitionism, but a platform for exchange of opinions. So if we could get beyond our hang ups and consider the message, maybe we will have a valuable contribution.



Hi Nousha

by R2-D2 on

Are you by any chance our old friend Laleh Gillani blogging under a new username. I used to read Laleh's blogs and articles all the time. I thought that she was a very gifted writer.

The reason that I am asking is that I haven't seen anything from her in quite sometime. Your writing, and the content of your stuff, is strikingly similar to hers.


Passing Through

Dear Nousha Arzu

by Passing Through on

Thank you for your comment!

If you so desire to think highly of GWB, then please do so

Regarding the outcome of the situation in Iraq in 50 years, well, I sincerely hope that you are right :) - ! 

However, based on the past history of Iraq, its ethnic make up, and the gruelling animosities that exist within the different sects, then I personally tend to believe more in the existence of a Tooth Fairy than the scenario that you have outlined :) 

I Hope That You Don't Mind My Frankness! - However, Since You Brought Up The Subject, I Felt That A Candid Reply Is Called For :)

I Would Like To Wish You Good Luck .....



Nousha Arzu

Pedro and Passing through

by Nousha Arzu on

Pedro --

Are you insane? You want GW to apologize for correctly calling the IRI "evil" (not the same as the Iranian people, mind you), but you make no mention of Obama apologizing to the oppressed people of Iran for cutting off funding ($3 million) to a human rights organization a month ago, whose sole purpose was to shine the light of justice on human rights violations in Iran.

After what happened in June and is happening to this day, to cut off the human rights funding at this time is border-line evil in itself and cruel, duplicitous and a sickening sign of appeasement to the mullahs.

Obama should apologize to all Iranians for this monumental act of cowardice and indifference! Bush was absolutely correct to call the IRI evil. He never labeled the Iranian people as evil. The government of Iran is not the same thing as its people, or have you not seen the brutal crackdown that's been going on in Iran since the June elections?

And Passing through... please let history judge George Bush, who are you to judge the man? I bet you in 50 years, if Iraq is a stable democracy in a sesspool of Islamist republics, history will judge GWB rather well.




Islamic SCHOLOR??

by Nur-i-Azal on

starting 0:26 on the first video.

Bad espelleeng!


Let's find context

by bachenavvab on

Is there a Middle Eastern stereotype issue in the states? Yes.  Is George W's bonehead remark the main cause? I think not.  Koreans don't seem to be affected nor bothered by this statement.  I think the driving force is Islamism vs. Islam phobia and Iranians abroad catch the brunt of reactions as collateral casualties. But let’s not forget the fact that the protest of our brave people in the streets highlighted and demonstrated who is good and who is evil, while the world was and is watching.  Did the panel forget this fact?On the political arena, in a post Soviet world, the void for a global threat is now filled with Islamism so that "they" continue to capitalize on nations' fears.  The "godless commie" of yesterday is the "Jihadist" of today.  Hence, the "Ahmadinejad" and the "nuclear Iran" card continue to be played to sell arms to the Arab nations and, as such, the western petro dollars are reclaimed.  It is business as usual and nothing personal against Iranians or Arabs.On a personal level, if some employer, landlord, teacher or policeman does something stupid towards us, there is little we can or should do.  The fact is most of us look different and the bigots will always find something to use to mask their fear of the  unknown.  There was prejudice against Iranians during the pre revolution days.  The term "camel jokey" is nothing new.  My advice, if I may, is to consider the source and always take the high road.  The best way to fight bigotry is by outclassing the bigot.            

Farah Rusta

How can you change the stereotype when:

by Farah Rusta on

  •  theTyrants of Teheran remain unapologetic for violating the most internationally respected symbol of a nations covenant of friendship on a foreign land and taking its staff hostage for more than 14 months?
  • the axial slogan of the regime of Tehran is Death to America?
  • the organizations representing Iranian Americans have supicious links with the regime of Tehran
  • the regime of Tehran is seeking annhilation of another sovereign state with long established links with the USA?

The solution is the change of regime by the people of Iran.




IRI is evil, pure and simple

by Fatollah on

IRI is evil, it's that pure and simple! We knew it long before 9/11, the evilness of IRI is nothing new for most Iranians, except the ones benefiting from their beings. The reason why "be in aghayoun vae khanouma bar khord-e" is that someone else is pointing out the fact for them and they take that as personal issue! Look look I am civilized factor and my livelyhood here is in danger, well bad for you, "mikhasteen angholab nakoneen" ... live with it!

p/s I am no fan of GWB whatsoever! Their country was attacked and they wanted ofcourse 1. to revenge 2. to use it as a pretext for whatever worth their agenda and interest!

They failed miserably! 


Passing Through

Dear yolanda

by Passing Through on

Thank you for your kind words

You Are A Sweetheart :)

Take Care





by yolanda on

Dear PT,

     Thank you for your post!

Great job! well said!



Passing Through

The Term ...

by Passing Through on

Axis Of Evil Was An Unfortunate Choice Of Words Which Had More Of A Negative Repercussion Than The Intended Purpose

George W. Bush Will Go Down In History As One Of The Most Incompetent Presidents That The U.S. Has Ever Had

It's Quite Clear That Ahmadinejad's Government Is Indeed A Totally And Completely Illegitimate One

Barack Obama, And His Administration, Have Been Dealing With Them At Arm's Length - They Are Fully Cognizant Of The Fact That The Election Back In June Was Stolen By This Bunch; Furthermore, They Are Also Fully Aware Of The Aspirations Of A Great Majority Of The Iranian People, And Their True and Complete Desire In Having A Secular Democracy  

My Iranian Brothers And Sisters: Islamic Republic Was An Experiment That Brought About Much Devastation To Our Beloved Iran - The Most Unfortunate Thing Back In 1979 Was That Those Who Feverishly Were Looking Forward To Removing The Shah, Never Gave Themselves Sufficient Time To Fully Analyze What Would Come After Him

I Truly Believe In Iran's Potential Greatness - In The Days Of The Old, We Had Great Men Such As Cyrus (Kouroush) And Dariush Who Facilitated The Coming About Of That Greatness; However, Times Have Changed - A Secular Democracy Would Be The Most Suitable Vessel To Channel The Gifts And Wisdom Of All Iranians To Bring About That Greatness That We All Desire

My Sincerest Hopes Are That We Don't Squander It This Time,

Tks For The Clips,







by yolanda on

A great video. One of the best videos on IC! Thank you so much! It is very important to differentiate between IRI and Iranian people.

IRI is evil!

Iranian people are great and the bravest!

I hope Iranians' reputation can be rehabilitated! They are great people!



Qadesii regime was, is & will be the

by SamSamIIII on


full fledged member of axis of Evil and no amount of subtle lobbying will wash it away . That trade mark was bestowed on the regime and not on Iranians as claimed by the passive & not so passive enablers .


Path of Kiaan Resurrection of True Iran Hoisting Drafshe Kaviaan //iranianidentity.blogspot.com //www.youtube.com/user/samsamsia


George Bush.

by pedro on

Gorgi Porgi, as we call him here among our friend and family. he needs to come out of hiding and apologize to all the Iranian People. He needs to be men enough to come clean and show the world that he made a mistake  calling Iran " An Axis of Evil ". Wheather he does or not, would not change the fact that he beats chimps IQ by a few points. He is the most hated president in US.