"A Death in Tehran"

PBS Frontline documentary about Neda Agha Soltan's death

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Part 4:

Part 5:


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too sad

by sarasepidzadeh on

I can't watch anymore. Its just unreal.


Sara Sepidzadeh - All Things IRAN


Absolutely tragic

by IRANdokht on

Neda was so beautiful and full of life, like many of the young women I know in Iran who went to every demonstration looking for a change, for a better life. They're right, it could have happened to anyone, and it did happen to a number of them, most of whom died alone and unnoticed.

I liked the lady reporter a lot too, she spoke really well. She is also a hero, one who continures to live and speak of her experience and the fight for freedom and peace...



White Angle

by jmyt17 on

Nada , a symbol lovely beautiful bird, who lost her life in hand of barberean BASIJI, for her home-land and our freedom, these animal one day  have to pay for what they done to :MY IRAN.

Khamenei, hide justice is coming after you Dirt.

Passing Through

Let's Not Forget This Face:

by Passing Through on

Her Killer

May He Face Justice To The Fullest .....




Neda died a prisoner in her own country

by Fair on

longing for freedom.  She is a symbol of a lost generation who is abused and jailed in their own country. Thanks to an ideology that gives its followers the right to force themselves and their ways on to those who don't follow them.

Neda was a beautiful bird who dared to look outside of that cage and dream. To dream of what was denied to her and her generation. She died in that cage, longing for freedom. And for that, she was representative of the human spirit, which can never be enslaved. Under any name.

There are millions of other beautiful birds like Neda. They will keep coming and daring to dream. And no torturer or rapist or basiji or Islamic Fuehrer fascist can stop them. Neda will have not died in vain.

Khamenei and the rest of you animals- get ready. We are coming for you. You will be held fully accountable for crimes against humanity, and your declaration of war against the Iranian people.

Game over.



Azarin Sadegh

Very moving...

by Azarin Sadegh on

Thank you for sharing these videos...I couldn't stop crying the whole time, feeling angry.

What really broke my heart was when she said that even if it was only for one day, still she wanted to leave Iran...R.I.P. dear Neda! We will never forget you. How could we?



i watched it last night. It

by azadi5 on

i watched it last night. It had interesting interviews in it and more insight in Neda's life. Good job by PBS to put this documentary together, it was also interesting that they showed a clip of the aftermath , right after Neda got shot, where people are supposedly capturing the killer basiji, it was blurry, but first time I had seen the clip.