Broadcasters suspended for Haddadi remarks

FOX sports compares Iranian-American basketball player to Borat

Washington DC (NIAC) - Thank you for your speaking out against the insults made against the sole Iranian player in the NBA, Hamed Haddadi, by two Fox anchors, Ralph Lawler and Mike Smith [their apology]. More than 2,000 people responded to our call. We have been in touch with Fox, and they have issued an apology per our request. We are still working to ensure that the apology is read on air as well. Here is the statement National Iranian American Council issued after discussing the matter with Fox >>>


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My Name Is Borat


by My Name Is Borat on

And in any language, people like you are deemed miserable and intolerant and should be ignored.

People like you are like a scab on a wound: Pick at it and it never fades away.


Ur name is really Boart!

by statira on

In Iran we call men like u, beegheirat!

My Name Is Borat


by My Name Is Borat on

You seem to be able to give it but you can't take it.

Do you really think that these two sportscasters or anyone else finds you that important that your opinion of them actually matters to them?

What's offensive is that you take yourself so seriously. You want to be left alone, then return the favor and leave others alone. Live your life and let others live theirs. If what they said has made you so genuinely upset then it makes me wonder how you might react when a real crisis affects you.


Lahaf Korsi

by statira on

Hezbolahi thugs who just love themselves and money and Iranians who are like  Lahaf Korsi are not offended by anything.


Mr. Borat

by capt_ayhab on

Love the neon green suspender thingy[not]  but let me share a redneck JOKE with you:

Two rednecks decided that they weren’t going anywhere in life and thought they should go to college to get ahead.

The first went in to see the counselor, who told him to take math, history, and logic.

“What’s logic?” the first redneck asked.

The professor answered, “Let me give you an example. Do you own a weed eater?”

“I sure do.”

“Then I can assume, using logic, that you have a yard,” replied the professor.

“That’s real good!” said the redneck.

The professor continued, “Logic will also tell me that since you have a yard, you also own a house.”

Impressed, the redneck said, “Amazing!”

“And since you own a house, logic dictates that you have a wife.”

“That’s Betty Mae! This is incredible!”

The redneck was catching on.

“Finally, since you have a wife, logically I can assume that you are heterosexual,” said the professor.

“You’re absolutely right! Why that’s the most fascinatin’ thing I ever heard! I cain’t wait to take that logic class!”

The redneck, proud of the new world opening up to him, walked back into the hallway where his friend was still waiting.

“So what classes are ya takin’?” asked the friend.

“Math, history, and logic!” replied the first redneck.

“What in tarnation is logic?” asked his friend.

“Let me give you an example. Do ya own a weed eater?” asked the first redneck.

“No,” his friend replied.

“You’re queer, ain’t ya?”



No pun intended of course

My Name Is Borat

Such a waste of time

by My Name Is Borat on

There is more racism in this thread than in the words of those two broadcasters.

"Redneck" and "white trash" are words being used by Iranian in here, while all those two guys said is express surprise that an Iranian is in the NBA and said he looks like Borat's older brother.

ex programmer craig


by ex programmer craig on

The racist commentators...

You are referring to Statira and IRANdokht?

Statira and IRANdokht, I'm curious if you signed that petition? Considering the comments you made here in this thread were far more bigoted than the comments those two sportscasters made? Are you down with that level of hypocrisy? Just asking!

By the way, Mola, how exactly did NIAC "win"? The apology and the corrective action were taken before NIAC even got involved in the matter, as a result of somebody who called into the show to complain. I think that's been pointed out to you numerous times. What did NIAC accomplish, other than an embarrassing fraud?

Mola Nasredeen

We Won! Deal With IT

by Mola Nasredeen on

The racist commentators, the bigots and Fox News lost.

We will not let any jerk to insult us just because he holds a microphone and is on air. We are organized now, we have organizations who represent us and their number is growing. We have Iranian Americans who are leading ACLU (American Civil Liberty Union) too and more of us are joining this organization. Go ahead and spew some hatred towards ACLU // too, that's your mission here. Don't forget We also have PAAIA  BAIAD and many more. 

We are having Iranian Americans elected to different political offices. We are creating coalitions with others to stand up for our rights and that's why hatemongers are burning so hot. "White Power" is coming to an end. Who says so? The election of President Barack Hossein Obama says so, deal with it. 

And remember The more you hate us Iranians the more united we'll become.  


No Offense...

by Emil on

I did not find anything offending about his remarks and I think  he took it with a bit of humor, when he noticed an Iranian playing in an NBA team...An Iranian player whose government Islamic Republic is cursing USA 24 /7.... Come on you Eyranian do not be so touchy, have a bit of sense of humor it brings people closer than keep them apart.. Do not be so nazok narengy  (thin and orangey...?)...

ex programmer craig

Ali P

by ex programmer craig on

Thank you for your comment attempting to explain to some people on this blog that "redneck" is an ethnic slur :)

ID should know better. I've confronted her about that before, when she has used "redneck" derogatorily towards me in the past.

Note to everyone who made racist comments about whites in this thread: I flagged you for bigotry. Making racist commenst is never appropriate, but it seems particularly out of place in a blog post that complains about racism.

EDIT: JJ or whoever is clearing these ethnic slurs that I am flagging, what's going on? Statira made two comments that were extremely racist against whites in this thread. What's the deal?

EDIT 2: JJ, are you a racist?


NIAC Taking False Credit???

by pestehjoon45 on

From NIAC: “We have been in touch with Fox, and they have
issued an apology per our request.”


Correct me if I am wrong but didn’t Fox news suspend the announcers and issue an apology on Friday, November 20th, the day before NIAC issued there action alert
urging people to contact Fox and demand an apology.  If that is the case, NIAC is being disingenuous
in claiming credit for the apology.

According to AP article, Fox Sports issued the following apology before
Clippers game last Friday: "We regret the remarks made by Clippers
announcers Michael Smith and Ralph Lawler during Wednesday's telecast,"
Fox said in a statement about 2 1/2 hours before the game. "While we
believe that Michael and Ralph did not intend their exchange to be offensive,
the comments were inappropriate. We extend our apologies to Hamed Haddadi of
the Memphis Grizzlies and to anyone who was offended. We have addressed the
situation with Michael and Ralph and have taken appropriate action."


Also, according to the NBA.COM, a viewer, who other sources have identified
as Clipper’s season ticket holder, complained about the exchange, which
triggered Fox’s apology.    





Proud Iranains

by statira on

Iranians are very proud of their history and culture. They easily offended by those unfair comments, espcially when made by a bunch of low educated white trashes like smith and lawler. We are not Lahaf korsi.

Ali P.

I am with irannostolgia

by Ali P. on

We don't want to be hypersensitive, crybabies!

"Save it for stonings, illegal imprisonments and murders of innocents going on in IRAN", or when real discrimination happens.


by on

I don't believe such a big fuss is necessary or correct.

First of all this is a good lesson for some iranians, that forget that in the eye of the westeners we fall in the same unknown bag of middle eastern people.  In other words they are not going to differentiate you from Iraq, Afghanistan, Turkamanistan or Khazakistan.

Iranians are famous in Iran!!

Second thing, these presenters have to have a sense of humor and they have to make remarks on the run.  I sincerely didn't find what they said bad.  Maybe the guy looks a bit like him.  Is that wierd?  

Plus americans get their culture from Movies and if the only entertaining movie about middle east that is fun that theyve seen is BORAT, then WHAT DO YOU EXPECT ???

I cant believe these Organizations (RIAA PIAA or whatever they are called ) sending my email chain emails of outrage over this.  Save it for stonings, illegal impresonments and murders of inocents going on in EYE-RAN






MPD hers's the transcript

by Khar on


When Haddadi entered the game and Smith said, "Look who's in." Lawler responded, "Hamed Haddadi. Where's he from?"

Smith answered, "He's the first 'Eyeranian' to play in the NBA."

Lawler: "There aren't any Iranian players in the NBA?" repeating Smith's pronunciation of the word "Iranian."

Smith: "He's the only one."

Lawler: "He's from Iran?"

Smith: "I guess so."

Lawler: "That Iran?"

Smith: "Yes."

Lawler: "The real Iran?"

Smith: "Yes."

Lawler: "Wow. Haddadi -- that's H-A-D-D-A-D-I."

Smith: "You're sure it's not Borat's older brother?"

Lawler laughed and Smith continued, "If they ever make a movie about Haddadi, I'm going to get Sacha Baron Cohen to play the part."


One can not expect any thing else from Faux news

by Bavafa on


Multiple Personality Disorder

What did they say?

by Multiple Personality Disorder on

Can someone transcribe it?

Red Wine


by Red Wine on

این بیچاره‌ها سواد ندارند،تنها با یک مشاهده به کانال‌های امریکایی میشود فهمید که اینها چقدر بی‌ سواد، بی‌ فرهنگ و بی‌ اطلاع هستند !

تقصیر خودمان است که اینها را بزرگ کرده یم ! وگرنه کابوی را چه به این کارها !!!


Ali P.


by Ali P. on

"Redneck is a disparaging  term that refers to a person who is stereotypically Caucasian and of lower social-economic status in the United States and Canada, particularly referring to those living in rural  areas" (Wikipidia).


Like any other disparaging terms, it could be funny to some, if it was used by the members of that community as a way of refering to each other, but not funny- and yes, insulting- if used by others.

Would you stoop low enough- that easily- to call a black person "Nigger", or a gay man "faggot", the moment you think they made a politically incorrect joke about you, being Iranian?

Bebaree maaleh mosalmaan o cho maalat bebarand...

Baang o faryaad bar aaree keh mosalmaanee neest...


Fox is a Racist Organization

by Parsagarda on

There are so many examples and anecdotes of racist attitude in Fox coverage that it is very hard to miss. Fox is a racially insensitive outfit tapping into the "White Outrage" against the inferior, non-European races "coming over here and acting like they own the place!". From the grotesque Ann Colter to hypocrite Oreilly or demagogue Hannity, there is overt organizational support at Fox for a hostile attitude toward minorities. BTW: This is the same organization that is known as the "official organ of the Republican party!" What does that say about America and the 30% on the right of political spectrum?….I guess every society has its Mullahs and Basijies; so does America!!


While he is probably

by anonymous111.2 on

better looking than me, he does look a little like Sacha Baron Cohen...




by KouroshS on

Oh please. Get real.

I don't think using the term "redneck" would be very appropriate when obviously the meaning of the term is totally lost on some people.

My Name Is Borat

This was insulting?

by My Name Is Borat on

What they said wasn't offensive at all.

Fox Sports should apologize for broadcasting Clippers games.


sense of humor is a relative thing

by IRANdokht on

some jokes can be funny to rednecks while everyone else sees them as insulting.



Me too Ali P

by masoudA on

I don't get it - where is the insult?   NIAC is also trying to catch fish from the muddy waters.   Unlike Trita Parsi and other Islamists, us Iranians do have a sence of humor and can take a joke. 

Ali P.

I am confused

by Ali P. on


What is it exactly  that they said, that was offensive?



by yolanda on

When you are a new kid on the block, they don't respect you....the same thing happened to Yao Ming several years ago......Haddadi just needs to work very hard and prove to NBA that he is a viable player!  Haddadi is a trailblazer and pioneer! I hope he is not the last player from Iran......I heard Asalan is pretty good, too, maybe the guy is playing NCAA basketball now!

Delaram Banafsheh (Yolanda)

"Cactus in the Desert"


Real Punishment!

by aaminian on

These guys were suspended for 1-2 nights.  I am not sure if the punishment fits the crime.

But at least Fox has learned a lesson here (Not!) ...



by statira on

These 2 guys are examples of ignorant rednecks. Motaredefe hezbolahee Irani.