Ahmadinejad "holding gun against Jews"

Senior U.S. Republican lawmaker Eric Cantor

Tells 2009 General Assembly of the Jewish Federations of North America in Washington that Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is "the man holding the gun with which he vows to kill Israel and the Jews."


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Not as mutual as it looks

by rustgoo on

The national interests of the state of Israel are the same as those of the USA and not necessarily vice versa.


It's almost like listening to Fred.




Filth liks this are not worth commenting about

by Bavafa on



I wish he would have mentioned that AN was holding the gun

by پیام on

towards his "own" people first. He and ali geda want to wipe Iran from the map first.


What a crap.

by jkondori on

Minutes and seconds = *

* 0:33 As a family…

Do not include all the Jews as a family, since Hasidic Jews and many others do not consider themselves as part of AIPAC.

*0:40 As Israel and America…

Stop leaching on American tax payers and brain washing people through the media that is controlled by the APAC.

*1:17 For both Israel an the US…

Again stop leaching on Americans.

*1:29 Holding the gun..

Israel is holding the gun on Palestinian for more that 60 years and killing them mercilessly.

*1:39 The ultimate weapon…

Iran is not in possession of a nuclear bomb, Israel is!!!

*2:17 Why are we silent…

Why Israel and the US are silent about all the atrocities that Israel has done to the Palestinian???

*2:18 The case I am…

Why does it have to be a challenge to America??? Only because APAC is leaching on Americans???

*3:14 In Israel tough neighborhood only strength is admired and weakness is despised…

That is why Israel is admiring itself through leaching on Americans and despising the unprivileged Palestinians.

*3:20 In it’s 60 years…

Yes the nurturing hands of America did nurtured Israel and starved Palestinians. You should be proud!!!

*3:43 So called United Nations…

Israel can take the land and existence of a nation but if they contest, they are not in line with international community.

The so called United nation’s resolution 242 has yet to be complied by Israel.

*4:17 Federation…

It is only right for Israel to fight for it’s right, any others are labeled as “Anti Israelis”, “Anti Semite” and so on.

Imagine that APAC has also a label for me “Self Hating Jew”. LOL