16 Azar: Coming attractions

Green movement's next big day of protest

16 Azar is Student Day (Persian: روز دانشجو) in Iran -- the anniversary of murdering of three students of University of Tehran on December 6, 1953. In recent years students in campuses across Iran have staged major demonstrations on this day to demand freedom for their imprisoned colleagues and political reform. This year, given the circumstances, 16 Azar will see the biggest student protests ever.


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American Dream = Vatanforoush+ liar

by Freedom5 on

You are pure Jebrooni. Since when you start caring about Iranian and Iran. You make me laugh. You must be one of these American punks who are definitely on Islamic Republic pay roll


lol, great!


great stuff!


--- mahmoudg says: "the price to pay is clear...."

how about you go to Iran now and pay it?  I for one support you!


Walk toward Rahbar's house!

by statira on

Next time, people should walk toward Ahmaghinejad office,Rahbar's house and Shorahyeh Negahban's den and arrest all of them and prosecute them in public. The fronline should have gargoyles and something like a Zereh to offset the basiji thugs.


American Dream

by Paykar on

Glad to see that your statements only reflect your personal disappointment regarding previous attempts at changing the IR from and within the top.

What is happening today is different. Although some of the playres are the same, the movement is rather organic and is actually ahead of its "leaders". It's long road and it did not start with Khatami, Iranians have been struggling for freedom and democracy for over a hundred years...


nice artistic work, indeed

by mahmoudg on

but it takes much more than this to annihilate the IRI.  in the process some will perish, but it would most likely be the basij and the pasdars, sworn to protect the rahbar and Ahmadinejad at all costs.  the price to pay is clear....

American Dream


by American Dream on

On the contrary,  I am the greatest supporter of Real Change.

Unfortunately, what we have been seeing is just what is referred to as a "Reform movement".

What does that mean?

Was there "reform" during the Khatami years?

The green movement, the reform movement just gives another life line to the theocracy.  Don't be fooled by silly slogans and nutty protests.



American Nightmare

by Paykar on

I've seen a few comments of yours that advertise the end of the movement. What gives? You never have any convincing argument for your
gloom and doom forecasts.

If you are an agent of the Mullatariat, you
are barking at the wrong tree. Iranians inside and outside of Iran know
the truth about the murderess rgime of the Islamic Republic, and are
voicing their opposition - it may take a long while and the movement may
go through various phases and turns; but this time the sound of Sirens
are clear, and that's your nightmare!

Neda ye Iran e Azad


by Neda ye Iran e Azad on

That was a great work!! 

سبز سبز تا بهار

American Dream

16 Azar is December 7, 2009

by American Dream on

It will be cold and time has passed.  The protests in Iran have all died down and nothing is really going on.  I don't see any use of advertising more protests. Protests just lead to more jail time for people who can be doing something else.



by yolanda on

 Oh My Gosh, This video made my blood boil! I have saved this video. I feel like I am in a movie theater, it is absolutely dramatic, thanks for the English dubbing, great job!!!!.....I am looking forward to the next episode! I hope that the last episode talks about the victory of brave Iranian people!!

A very savvy trailer! Hopefully Dec 7 turns out to be a great day!

Thank you soooo much! Great job!!!!


Delaram Banafsheh (Yolanda)

"Cactus in the Desert"