Tehran metro suicide

Girl jumps in front of train

Film captured by security camera.


Kaveh Nouraee

Doesn't make sense

by Kaveh Nouraee on

Usually, when someone posts a YouTube clip, the small boxes at the bottom are links to other videos that are supposedly "related" to the main one.

None of these videos have anything to do with Iran, which leads me to the conclusion that this is not what it is purported to be.

Nonetheless, assuming that this is either a real suicide or homicide, regardless of where it took place, it's genuinely awful to see such a violent death.


What is even more appalling

by Ali1234 (not verified) on

What is even more appalling than publishing this video, is the opportunism of some people here who are using the death of this young girl as tool of their own political agendas.

Do you people have any other purpose in life, any other emotions, feelings, thoughts, other than a blind hatred for the "I.R"?

It seems like you don't even pause and think about anything anymore. Not even for a second. No matter what video clip you see or what article you read, the first thing that comes on you mind is cliche about the I.R, regardless of the content of that material. You have become one-track-minded robots with the same of record playing over and over again.

PS: I am quite sure someone will now accuse me of being an "I.R supporter" trying to divert people's attention for the I.R to actual human emotions about the death of a young girl!!


Hesamsh, This is NOT Tehran Metro ...


As well as everything I said in my previous post, this girl is wearing a mini skirt waiting for a train.  IS THIS TEHRAN????!!!

You have posted this video, where did you get it?  How do you come to the conclusion that it is Tehran Metro? This is a cynical deceitful sick video and as you can see from comments from some stupid people they just accept it unquestionably saying this is usual Iranian behaviour!!!  If anything, this is sick behaviour of those who have lost any dignity and honour and are so full of blind hatred that they ascribe anything evil to Iran, without examining the facts.

Not only is this NOT Tehran Metro, the scene could be fabricated, in that, that scene is superimposed on an ordinary metro scene.  Or, if it ever happened in some part of the world, it was with previous  knowledge of the cameramen on the opposite platform ready to film, in which case it must be the subject of police investigations.  


Natalia Alvarado-Alvarez

The poor girl was pushed

by Natalia Alvarado-Alvarez on

It was not a suicide! Look at the clip carefully before :07 and you can see someone pushing her.

The video is kind of muggy but it can still be seen. Someone murdered the girl.

Are the ones filming the video laughing? How sick!

I think IRANdokht may be right.


It happened in Palestein!

by Anonymous-@#% (not verified) on

If you listen to IRI supporters they would say this tragedy has happened in Palestein. We should mourn and protest agianst Israel for this barbarian act! It is imposible something like that to happen in Iran. In Iran everyone is happy and we have a suicide rate of zero!!!!!!

Mort Gilani

I do not understand the fuss about this clip.

by Mort Gilani on

Why are you surprised that Iranian girls are taking their lives when they are living through hell?  I guess the clip would have been more bidden if it had the shots of a misted flower in the backyard of a granny’s house.



by Anonymous-sasan (not verified) on

How could one see in the video clip with such a bad quality that the girl is not wearing hejab!!!!? I saw in Tehran trains(metro cars) with different colors, not just dark painted ones!


It is in Tehran

by Anonymous-tehrany (not verified) on

They are chinese trains which were sold to Iran some years ago, in the following clip you see the same sort of train in Tehran. They are special design for Iran and you won't see them somewhere else. Face the reality, it is in Iran. IRI is killing our people in many ways!



doesn't add up

by IRANdokht on

I have to agree with Mehrnaz and Kurush. It doesn't look like Tehran, when girls could wear short dresses/shorts, we didn't have a metro and it doesn't make sense to have someone wait for the accident with the camera running.

The only frightening possibility is that someone they knew pushed the girl and they knew it was going to happen? then why would they post it on youtube and prove their involvement.

I hope it's a fake video. That's all I can say...



Is it real?

by Kurush (not verified) on

for one thing the girl is not wearing hejab, another... the Tehran metro cars have dark paint not colorful, This is not Tehran Metro. It is sad nonetheless.


"Nothing is sacred" is an

by Ali1234 (not verified) on

"Nothing is sacred" is an expression of nihilism


Who says "nothing is

by Anonymous12345 (not verified) on

Who says "nothing is sacred"? That's such a nihilistic approach to life. If nothing were sacred, then why bother living at all. For money? sex? fun?


Life is sacred. Love is sacred. Humanity is sacred, you might not like it bu God is sacred...And this offensive video violates them all.

Please remove this sad scene. This girl is somebody's loved one.

Don't let "nothing is sacred" - that you supposedly came up with to break the chains of all forms of restrictions - become an ideology itself.


That's great if nothing is

by saddened (not verified) on

That's great if nothing is sacred, but when many people are offended by something and nothing good comes out of it, then you know what, it should be taken down. We know nothing about this girl or her situation or why she did this, nor do we care to know because we just watch the clip and then think wow, that's so sad and then we watch the clip of some skanky Iranian girls in a cheap music video and forget about her. Take it down. It serves no purpose. If you want to bring light to the problems that people are facing in Iran, then post a clip/documentary about that, not reduce their dignity in the last minutes of their lives.


Does anyone senses something unusual?!!!!


There is a girl on the platform waiting for the train to come so that she can jump in front of it.  There are camera men standing on the opposite platform waiting to shoot that exact scene!!!!  God works in mysterious ways!  

 When the supposedly awful event happens, the camera men (?) and the people close-by are not the slightest bit perturbed, in fact they  are laughing and joking making comments on the woman!!!!!

What a cruel cruel cruel stupid stupid stupid people!



people in Iran are more desensitized than you could ever be!

by don't worry (not verified) on

These sorts of events happen in Iran everyday. I know close relatives who've been hit by these tragic events and there's no system to support or prevent these tragedies. Securing women's hejab has priority over everything else. People don't care!

Have you ever walked in Tehran streets where little children beg for money? Do you see anyone care about them? NO. I even hear people say don't give them money "poro mishan." As a parent, I can't image another parent be so cold-hearted.

So your heart bleeds cause you are not used to seeing these images, but in Iran no one cares except the close family and friends.



by capt_ayhab on

This is absolutely horrible. Clips like these can desensitize people toward death.





by What have we come to? (not verified) on

I have not watched this video and I am not going to watch it. What could possibly seeing someone getting/being killed do for me, except making me indifferent and immune to feeling pain when I see these sort of things happening. I do not want that, I want to be hurt and shocked at things like this.

Seeing people get killed/blown up/...is not OK, it should not become a form of entertainment.

I, like Arash, am shocked and dismayed at the way JJ put this clip on the main page. I have two kids (11 and 13 year olds) and I would be very pissed off if they get to see such horrors through Iranian.com, which I have, up to now, regarded as a mainly informative site.

I wish you remove this and in future use sounder judgment.

Best regards


Jahanshah, what is the

by BabakK. (not verified) on

Jahanshah, what is the purpose of posting this video? You have in the past rejected posting some very benign comments because you have "disagreed" with its contents...but you post a disturbing suicide video? The standards of this website are crumbling by the minute.
Now watch you discard this message too.


Dear Arash, I think when

by Ani (not verified) on

Dear Arash,
I think when Jahanshah wrote "nothing is sacred" under the website's logo, he really meant it.


Is this ethical to publish such video clips??!!!

by Arash78 (not verified) on

Jahanshah, do you really believe it ethical to publish scene of suicide on your website?!!! Does this website have a moderator anymore?!!


is this for real?

by Mosleh (not verified) on

I've seen this clip before and I think or rather I HOPE it's a hoax.