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Messed up Logic to "Iranian in west Paris"

by farzad1 (not verified) on

So just because he jokes about middle easterns you lable him as a Islam hater. What kind of conclusion is that? You are lost and a messed up retard.


He used to be funny


but he is become very predictable saying the same lines for many years now.  He must freshen up, there is so much you can squeeze out of one lemon.


This is very funny

by Abarmard on

I loved it. The guy actually looks just like my friend. I have forwarded the clip to his wife :)

Darius Kadivar

capt_ayhab Actually I Wanted to say the same thing ;0))

by Darius Kadivar on


For ONCE I have to agree with you capt_ayhab ...

Except for the Moustache, I have to say the hair, the tan and the sideburns are EXACTLY RP's Style LOL

I thought the same thing but censored myself.

So Now You've caught me Red Handed ! LOL




by capt_ayhab on

He looks like Reza Pahlavi, doesn't he?



> not funny

by Another Lost Iranian in west Paris (not verified) on

This guy is not funny. seriously, the only thing that makes him "unique" is his LOUD voice. All he does is to scream and shout like a lunatic.

He clearly plays on major western stereotypes about Iranians and middle easterns, and that is embarrasing. I'm not sure but I feel some sort of hate towards muslim his his plays, knowing that he's Bahai ... (I hope the Bahai lobby on will not simply delete my comment because of this)

Maz Jobrani is really funny on the other hand.

Enghad havaar nazan Omid tor o khoda, saram raft.


If you watch the whole show,

by Anonymous33 (not verified) on

If you watch the whole show, you will see that his sketches stretch beyond his 'Middle Eastern schtick.'

Nader Vanaki

Somebody Find This Guy a Writer

by Nader Vanaki on

His Middle Eastern schtick will tank out very soon.  There is so much you can poke fun at your own culture and then you have to move on to another job like Yakov Smirnov 20 years ago.  His schtick was making fun at Russians and his reign lasted for only a couple of years.

He better find himself a couple of writers since this material is already damped and he is surviving with the help of a laughing track.  I don't see this lasting more than 1/2 a season.