Move over Khordadian!

Man dances his heart out at a wedding in provincial Iran


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Moshkele Maskan

by Cyrus_ (not verified) on

Ageh ishoon in hame energy ro sarfe Gel Laghad kardan kardeh bood moshkele maskane in hame ejareh neshin dar Iran hal shodeh bood.
But aside from this, I went to a dance festival which was held in Toronto for 3 days called Carassauga and saw plenty of nationalities doing their cultural programe all the way from Hawaii to Egypt and so on.
Recommand it to all to check it out if you happen to be in Toronto around May 19-20-21


Now you see why dancing is forbidden by the IRI

by islamicRepublican (not verified) on

Now you see why dancing is forbidden by the IRI


If you

by Iran Dell (not verified) on

if you go to Saudis arab you see the same pitcher and moor tragic Iranian people made table's and cheers but this looked like mask-masjed to me!


Nice 30-bil Party!

by Peykan on

I give him an "A" for the effort! It's hard to entertain in front of such a tough crowd so enthusiastically unless you are high which seems not too likely in this environment!

Historically (based on the paintings and the records) and maybe for a good reason, Persian dance was performed just by the females.



You tell 'em Natalia!!

by John on

Don't you find that some people are completely humourless and far too serious about life (and rude)?

But don't forget that the women are probably in the kitchen preparing food for the drunken fools they married.

Natalia Alvarado-Alvarez

Where are the women?!

by Natalia Alvarado-Alvarez on

Yes, I already know that men and women are not allowed to  co-mingle.

It was meant as sarcasm.