Obama's Nowruz message

Addressed to the people and government of Iran

White House -- This year, the President wanted to send a special message to the people and government of Iran, acknowledging the strain in our relations over the last few decades. After committing his administration to a future of honest and respectful diplomacy, he addresses Iran's leaders directly.



obama is a snake.. with a

by mehdi irani (not verified) on

obama is a snake.. with a smiley face he will destroy iran!

programmer craig


by programmer craig on

I predict a "Borat" response: It's good for me! :P

programmer craig


by programmer craig on

In a form better understood to you, "good thoughts, good words, and good deeds," is engraved in Iranian pshyche.

Ah, that explains the all the hostage taking, the Death to America parades, so on and so forth.

...but that's all it is, toothless barking.

Are those good words? Good thoughts? Good deeds? Looks like some unbecoming and provocative gloating directed at your enemies, to me.

Maybe Zion isn't the one who doesn't get it? Seems like you don't get it, either. Despite the fact those words were writtenin stone over your elementary school.Or maybe it's just because I don't have the "Iranian pysche", so I can't understand how taunting people and trying to provoke a fight is considered "good thoughts, good words, good deeds". maybe the word "good" means something entirely different, to Iranians? Why don't you explaing it to me? Consider it your "good deed" for the day, Jaleho.



anonymous fish


by anonymous fish on

first of all... going back to your previous comment.  i wasn't ridiculing anyone and if taken that way, mea culpa.  i can tell you're extremely up to date.  i admit... more so than i on these particular issues.  so i'm trying to catch up on several of your points.  my original comment that you responded to was merely a reminder that he's been in office for 2 months.  give him a chance.  if you're not interested in doing that, nothing i say is going to make a difference.  i'm pro-obama... you're not.  i'm going to be optimistic.  you're already pointing out his lies or policy changes.  i couldn't and won't deny some backtracking and i know it's a shitty excuse but it's what every politican does.  i could go online and find a dozen links to issues that he HAS confronted and changed for the better. wouldn't you agree?  which is not to say your concerns aren't legitimate... i'm just saying there are always 2 sides to every story.  did you research what his response to these criticisms are?   probably not...:-)  in other words... i'm just too tired to fight about it.  i'm just going to remain optimistic.  call me blind... call me ignorant... whatever.  all i know is that the last 8 years have sucked the life out of me and my financial future and i wanted a change.

you win... i give up.  :-)


out of context????

by nikoo (not verified) on

I have just given you 6 points as to why this regime is crooked and you are still convinced this civilian program is for the good of the people? US spends ridiculous numbers on police, military, and security...after having CIA, FBI, NSA, department of homeland security, FEMA...we still need a people to volunteer to help incase of an emergency??? The US spends about a trillion a year on this, if that is not enough, then nothing is going to save the country. Does this not sound at all weird to you?? does this not sound like soviet russia, in Iran you have to do military unless you pay.

I know american news sounds scary and if you hear it enough, youll start to believe it...but you need to get some perspective here. If the money is being spent in the right places, the country can divert any disaster. Because of the Iraq war, money that was suppose to be spent on infrastructure, education etc is gone. The govt is selling public utilities companies to pay for debts they cant keep up with. Why are toll roads showing up all over the US??? because foreign companies are buying them up and charging you to travel?
What is volunteering going to do?? furthermore, what does my personal opinions have to do with my volunteer service. Dont you notice the restrictions on free speech in the country?? Notice the media talking about "FREE SPEECH ZONES?" Doesnt that aggravate anyone else? we might as well move back to iran if we ignore these moves by the administration and legitimize them and push them under the rug. Here is a link


anonymous fish

aren't you taking this a little out of context?

by anonymous fish on

This only has to do with participants in the Americorps and other volunteer corps programs.

In exchange for service in these programs, people will get either financial award or grants for education.

Amendment 10 basically makes sure that participants in the program won't use their position in a politically motivated way, that certain sorts of organizations (for example, any organization that provides abortion services or abortion referrals) cannot benefit from the programs, and that the volunteers will not perform jobs that would otherwise be done by paid employees.

As for the bit about an organized civilian corps with training in emergency preparedness, what's wrong with that? Since the government has shown on more than one occasion that it's not up to the job of dealing with natural crises alone, why not have a bunch of civilians who aren't going to lose their head in a disaster?


to anonymous fish

by nikoo (not verified) on

i understand your point of view...because most if not all(americans and people around the world) feel the same way as you. However your optimism is based on what?? the fact that he said we need change?? duh, what an epiphany? because he said we need to close down guantanamo bay etc etc.? Its interesting that my negativism is disappointing to you however did you look into those major issues I mentioned earlier??? of course you didnt!!! These arent small issues, these were the platforms obama won the election on yet im a disappointment because I dont follow along with the rest of the sheep. He mentioned time and time again that NAFTA(north american free trade aggreement doesnt work and intends to change it. Canada has lost thousands of corporations, jobs and natural resources as a result of this and gained nothing. Days later, memos show up indicating that was all rhetoric, READ


Obama was very critical of israel at the start, but because of the israeli lobby groups, he again sided with israel and IGNORED the war last winter. This is not change. WATCH


legislation, obama promised to be transparent about all legislation by giving congressmen time to read the bills and ALSO TO LET THE PEOPLE READ. Which he has broken those promises being in office how long did you say? less than 2 MONTHS!!!!


most if not all of his appointees are members of cfr, bildeberg, wall street or advisors NOT to mention is own mentor ZBIGNEW BRZENZSKI, who is all for abandoning the constitution and bring forth a one world government. For those of you have not heard of CFR(council on foreign relations), its a club for the richest of the rich americans. Most politicians and presidents(except jfk) are members of this club and so are the ceos of the biggest corporations. These are not ppl from "main street." These are ppl who want corporations running our lives. Oh ya, side note, Dick Cheney was the HEAD of CFR for a period...now the whitehouse is FULL of ppl who think like Dick Cheney.


And most recently, the give act. The genius piece of legislation that will now require ppl to do community service. An amendment has been added

12th amendment to the act: "Amendment to prohibit organizations from attempting to influence legislation; organize or engage in protests, petitions, boycotts, or strikes; and assist, promote, or deter union organizing."

WOW GO OBAMA!!!! way to kill the FIRST AMENDMENT OF THE UNITED STATES, you are no longer allowed to voice your opinions people.

AND FINALLY IRAN...you say he has other things to do, thats what hillary is for, she went to the middle east in the past 2 months. The Iranians are waiting, he has many people under him that can personally attend to this so the excuse that he has other things to do is not working because he gets his crooked appointees to look into the matter of these imaginary nuclear weapons programs. HELLO?? we were here just 7 years ago with saddam...but everyone forgets the past and tv helps.

SO tell me why would I be optimistic about obama when he has changed the very platforms he was elected on??? Blind optimism will not save the US, and ridiculing people who are trying to expose the crooks that are running your country into the ground WITHOUT RESEARCHING FOR YOURSELF is just plain foolish. But what the hell do I know? I know what I read, not what Dan Rather(cfr member) or Barbara Walters(cfr) or Al gore(he is cfr too) tell me.


Angry and frustrated?

by Subway (not verified) on

You are angry and frustrated. You typed a whole bunch of baseless accusations and nonsense. I am soooooooooo DONE with you, ananymous american fish.
Take some anger management classes and Overcome the anger PROBLEM.

anonymous fish


by anonymous fish on

you see what you look for my friend.  and you're looking for a fight.  i'm simply not interested in wasting my time listening to your ranting and rambling.  you're acting like a child.  if you don't like what i say, don't read!!!  and if you think you're going to intimidate me with your cowardly name-calling... don't bother.  this IS america dude...i can say anything i want...:-).  you and others insist on telling me how i should say this or do that on iranian.com.  you attack me because i'm not iranian and give ME lectures all the time.  if you act like a child, you're going to get treated like a child. 

now.  i'm done with this.  come up with another fake name and attack me somewhere else.  it's what you do best.


Barack, God Bless...

by Concerned- Iranian (not verified) on

President Obama,

Despite my own personal disapproval and disgust of Islamic Republic (like millions of other Iranians inside and out side IRAN)still I would like to Thank you from bottom of my heart for your PEACEFUL message...

For the first time after a long long time, A Strong (perhaps strongest) leader in this world is showing Peacefulness, Sincerity and Humanity!

You remind me of Cyrus The Great teachings Sir, 100 Aafareen bar shoma...

A leader that is both Book smart and Street smart, but above all Mr. Obama is showing and proving CONSCIOUSNESS through his exemplary Good Thoughts, Words and Actions inside his own country and extending that outside his own borders and around the globe.

You know, Ancient Persians (through teaching of Zartoosht and Cyrus) once believed in same mentality and bahavior :

"Penadere Neek (Good Thoughts), Goftaare Neek (Good Words) and Kerdare Neek (Good Actions)"

Now we have to RE-LEARN that from you Mr. Obama! To teach us back our own Lost belief once again !!!

God Bless, Happy Nourooz to you and all other conscious people around the world as well...

Peace & Love


I don't have time for FANATICS Like you.

by Subway is still better than chelokababb (not verified) on

I do not want to start an argument here with you, But since you as usual have twisted my points...i can't just let you have your way.

You can beg to differ 'till the cows come home. I did not say ONE word for the love of whatever god you worsship to give you any indication, that i was taking the position that i am concerned about this issue or that i want him to put this way on top of his to-do list. Stop manufacturing Bogus Lies and exaggerations. That was why i said that You were here long enough to know that Such talks were a norm on this site from months in advance of last year's election. What in that assertion, might have tipped you off that somehow i did not know how busy he is ,is beyond logic.

Zero respect for my opinions? Good. That is what brings us here in the first place! so hey feel right at home. But guess what, I am just about sick and tired of your smart and snarky remarks and lessons every once in a while, tucked deep in your comments, on how it is to be american and how we should behave. YES. YOU DO A LOTTA THAT. DO not dare to deny it.

You think this is Disrespectful? well. Given the tradition of you making up lies and misread all the comments onn this site, I do not mind you saying that at all. Say what you want. Did i say I was superior to you? DID I? SHow me, Word for word. WORD FOR WORD, where and when i said that. DO this first and then preach to me about being disrespectful and defending your country. Your understanding of defending your country is a JOKE, like Jumping and grabbing anyone who dares to say something you may not like. KInda like your nemesis GW.

YOu need to Learn and Respect the fact that iranian-americans, don't need to always be told and constantly be nagged on this subject. You took this topic on a few months ago, remeber?and you left with tearful eyes and then came back and YOU ARE AT IT AGAIN.

Do not worry about my real name and other issues. "Growing balls" deserves a really nasty reply, which the respecful person that i am, refrain From walking and sharing that Low-road with you.

anonymous fish


by anonymous fish on

i beg to differ.  apparently you do NOT know how busy he is.  your attitude was and continues to be concern about iran first and foremost.  my comment was completely in order.  i'm not the least bit interested in your opinion about whether or not i anaylize you on how to be american.  not anymore.  your (collectively) own attitude towards me and how i should conduct myself towards iranians leaves me with zero respect or concern for your opinion.  your attitude is "do as i say, not as i do".  your (collectively) own attitude towards america is disgraceful and you criticize me for defending america.  well, tough!!  you want to have your cake and eat it too.  you think because you hold dual citizenship makes you superior to ME?  i don't think so. 

why don't you come out of your hiding place and show me who you are.  you log off and log back on under unregistered fishie and shoot your mouth off.  you obviously know me... grow some balls why don't you and show us who YOU are.


Thanks a bunch for the reminder

by Subway beats chelokabab (not verified) on

American fish... ananymous wife.. or any whichever order yo u like to go by.

Not a nice remark at all at the end. Please spare us from reminding us and analyzing for us what being an american means or is or should be or ought to be and various other interpretations. We better than anyone else how busy he is and we DO NOT expect anything, You should know better being on this site, as a chief correspondent or senior analyst that this sort ofdiscussion has been going on for many months.

anonymous fish

humanity and compassion are not "conditional"

by anonymous fish on

"I`m not racist as i love all human beings whom respect my culture as well."

that's the easy way out.  it's a indication OF racism when you can't say you love all human beings even WHEN disrespected.  and who says "educated black people" can't be racist? 

niko.  i have to say your negativism is very disappointing.  obama has been in office for less than 2 months.  you think he's sitting there twiddling his thumbs all day with nothing to do?  he's got a full plate full of crisis' left over from bush's crime spree and he's trying to keep this country together.  i hate to say this but some of you seem to think that the president has nothing better to do than worry about iran.  i know it's upper most in your minds but please bear in mind that there are a huge number of things that take priority over iran and i think we should be focused on what's best for the US.  this is in no way racist or anti-iran so don't bother with the labeling.  it's just a gentle reminder that those of you who live in the US and expect to be considered "american" need to remember exactly what that means!

i hope everyone had a happy noruz... it's a new year.  let's start out with a little more optimism!!  :-)

Marjan Zahed Kindersley

Eide shoma ham mobarak, Barrack.

by Marjan Zahed Kindersley on

Just what about these people's Norooz?






lets not talk about politics on norouz

by nikoo (not verified) on

ugh, i have to say i hated hearing that message. We iranians for the most part are very vocal about politics, but on norouz i wanted to forget about the mullahs, neocons, zionists and the bankers that make our lives difficult. I think obamas message was good up until he brought politics into the message. This is why I waited until today to write.
I know americans think obama is the next big thing since jesus and sliced bread but does anyone read anything about him that isnt in the daily newspaper? I know its hard to believe because he is so charismatic but your friend obama truly is one of the greatest liars I have ever seen. Obama has gone back on many of the issues he planned to reform, most notably is NAFTA, Israel, his appointees, iraq, bail outs, legislation...and most importantly iran!! HELLO, he was very vocal about talking wiht iran directly, well whats taking so long??? you have time to go on tv and want to talk to them but you havent picked up the damn phone and do what you said you were going to do.
Before you praise obama for saying happy norouz, think about why. He doesnt care about our culture, he is an opportunist and wanted a way to capture our(iranians) attention so he go on about his rhetoric. Oh fyi, they said they seeked to negotiate with saddam hussein before they went in the second time, there is an unaired interview with dan rather where he stated he was willing to have a debate and talk, just another example of how US says one thing and does another. Its all just a show, they are going to do what they planned and that is hit these make believe plants where nuclear bombs are being built.

if anyone chooses to respond, please note I have not said anything about iran, i know they are crooked too, im criticizing obamas motives, im not comparing to irans at all. For more information, watch the obama deception on google video or just read about him and not from the newspaper or the major tv networks.


Zion, I knew you wouldn't understand!

by Jaleho on

and that's why I warned you in advance :-)

In a form better understood to you, "good thoughts, good words, and good deeds," is engraved in Iranian pshyche. Although Judaism and the other Abrahimic religion have copied montheism and ideas of "good" and "evil" from Zoroastrian faith, but clearly you just don't get the essence of the message, rather you try to remember where you've looked up another form for the word "andisheh or pendar." But, someone like myself who from childhood has seen those three important ideals of humanity engraved in stone on top of the entrance to my elementary school, would know the real meaning of it ;-)

And I guess you have been sleep the entire Bush era if you did not understand his "regime change" mantra both in "pendar" and "goftar."

He did not have the power to extend it to "kerdar," just like Israelis who have been barking about an "Iran attack" for 8 years, but that's all it is, toothless barking.



Dear Tsion (Zion)

by A Friendly Observation (not verified) on

My hopes and prayers are that in this coming year, you would be able to find some level of peace within yourself.

I do not leave many comments on Iranian.com. However, whenever I come across comments by you, I find them highly charged with cynicism, and enmity.

I hope that you understand what I am saying. You need to know one thing: such negative feelings, and their display, hurts you first and foremost; more than anyone else.

Pure and simple - Take care :)


Thanks Jaleho

by tsion on

There was never a policy of regime change by force with regards to Iran in the White House, but it can be argues that the US did favor a policy of regime change by the hands of the Iranian people for some time. With this little "detail" in mind, you made the point I was trying to make quite explicit:

'By congratualting Iranian people AND Islamic Republic of Iran, the official name for thirty years after Iranian people collectively overthrew Shah's regime, Obama clearly rejected Bush's asinine regime change by force mantra. That part is "Goftar nik"'

So thank you.

[No wonder you guys had nothing to say about a young man's death in this very same Islamic Republic of yours that you don't want to see changed at all, for writing a blog.]


[PS. If you are referring to the three tenets of the Zoroastrian faith...the first one should actually not be rendered as 'pendar' in its original form but rather something around 'endishak' (if I recall correctly.) It seems 'pendar' is used to denote a delusion! :-) In your case however this seems to be the exact right choice of words. So there... . ]


Arya manesh, I have a feeling...

by Ostaad on

that you write posts like "He will not deal with this theocratic terrorist govt in Iran unless
they stop terrorism and as you know they will not stop terrrism for
they thrive on terrorism and misery of others.", or "negotiations, I doubt it" on a whim without any credible or rational attributes. I am cool with anyone expressing their opinion anyway they want. But I don't get it, and I'd like to ask you if these posts are your "prayers" rather than things you really know. The kinds of revelations you are making about what the US will do and what it won't do lead me to believe you read the same intel report that Obama gets every morning! In that case, maa chakerim.



by shaun of Iran (not verified) on

norouz be hamegi mobarak

as for IR vs the US, nothing is gonna change...the "reson d'etre" of the present regime has been confrontation with the west in particular the US. No matter what the US says or does, IR regime is gonna ask for more concession etc. Who are they going to blame for all their ills but america or israel if the relations between them and the US is somewhat normalized. If that happens, then I bet my money, the IR days are numbered!


Faale nick

by Iruni (not verified) on

Thanks for your Nowrouz message and I take your words as a "faale nick"!

You will be judged by your actions although good words or Pendaare Nick are always welcomed...

There are so much to be learnt from Persian culture as its based on true and right foundation in order to bring peace and love to this world...

My advice as a Persian to you is: Do not to try to manipulate and be manipulated by others, use your own judgments and independence of mind and if you have a good nature you will succeed, otherwise any fake intention will be noticed soon...

Nowroozetan Pirooz va har Roozetan Nowrooz

Payendeh Iran


Hunter, Iran is now an

by Arya manesh (not verified) on


Iran is now an Islamic nation. They actually embraced Khomeini and the Islamic republic in 1979. sad but true. So get used to it

Anonymous Observer


by Anonymous Observer on

is DA MAN!!!!



Face the Truth

by Hunter (not verified) on

The trouble with Middle East, United States and rest of world is Religious. Why not speak the truth? All three religions of the Book are carrying the mark of Cain. Cain was jelious of Abel because he thought Creator loved him more. When Jews, Christians and Muslims say they are Chosen by God they mock Creator of all men and women in love. Iranians were not Islam in nation. Zarthusthra gave good thoughts, good words and good deeds as what Creator wants from creature. All added things were not needed. Why are Iranians not brave enough to make Islamic leaders give toleration to nation as CyrusII wanted? Let Christians, Jews and Islam leave peaceful Iranians to tolerant peace!


Empty and insincere praises with hollier than thou attitude

by Anonymous55 (not verified) on

Same as Bush.

An imperialist president full of himself complimenting and insulting us in one speech. An bunch of Iranians with an inferiority head over heals about his majesty's "speech."

Grow a pair will ya?

What's so significant about a smooth talking weasel who wants pull fast one us by such an absurd innuendos? He tried that on Russians last month and failed miserably. Khamenei, gladly, called on his bullshit too.

Mr President, show us real changes. You just signed another year of full sanctions against Iranians.

Americans have killed more than 1.5 million Iraqis since 2003 and you have the audacity to call us terrorists!? your ally, the apartheid genocidal regime of Israel is hell-bent on destroying Palestinian civilization and you call us terrorists?

What new beginning? this is the same old bullshit your country has been imposing on us since Dr Mossadegh time.

Thanks but no thanks.


Jaleho, I think Zion is

by Arya manesh (not verified) on


I think Zion is right regardless. I mean, To chejalat nemikeshi keh after thousands of years of being called Persia and or Iran, they call our country "Republic of Islam"? You may say no but the thing is that this name i,e the Islamic republic has become synonymous with terrorism . I rather say I am from Iran or I am persian rather than saying I am from republic of Islam. Wouldn't you?


Zion, you won't understand this one,

by Jaleho on

but all Iranians are grown up with the following philosophy, and whence lies their attitude of appreciation towards Obama's message, and indifference towards Shimon Peres message :

Gofatr nik, Pendar nik, Kerdar nik


By congratualting Iranian people AND Islamic Republic of Iran, the official name for thirty years after Iranian people collectively overthrew Shah's regime, Obama clearly rejected Bush's asinine regime change by force mantra. That part is "Goftar nik"

Obama is also a learned compassionate person himself, and that on his part is  "pendar nik."

However, he is still very short on "Kerdar nik," which Khamenei clearly and correctly alluded to. Kerdar nik would follow only after gofatar nik and Pendar nik have been well established. In that respect, every Iranian welcomes Obama's beautiful message as a start of a new "bahar," the beginning of a melt down of a 30 years old ice.


Shimon Peres on the other hand, is an irrelevant magalomaniac criminal ass trying to make himself on par with US president sending a message to the great nation of Iran. He is known by Iranians for his Goftar arrogant, Pendar evil, and kerdar criminal! His message and a passing dog's barking are quite equal for Iranians.


Obama is very well aware of

by Arya manesh (not verified) on

Obama is very well aware of the difference between the Iranian people and the terrorist theocracy governing Iran. Obama will exhaust all measures of ways to settle this peacefully even if it takes years and if that works, the international community will be justified to take action to eliminate the regime of Islamic terror in Iran.

Having said that, Obama is probably naive in that he's not just going to be Mr Cool guy breaking up a neighborhood fight and establishing brotherhood. The Iranian govt is not going to give up their proxy terrorist armies and Islamic influences in the region. They want the power and they thrive on the misery of Iranian people. If anything , the international community needs to use the Islamic Republic's weaknesses to rid of this terrorist regime so it will be too difficult and expensive to continue the path they've been on... But negotiating? I doubt it.

The islamic Republic with the current leadership in place will NEVER be a trusted partner for any civilized nation unless there will be a regime change and true Iranians take over


Thank you Mr Pesident

by HEVAK on

I think that it was not an easy speach but you made us happy..

Eide shooma ham mobarak Mr Pesident