Miranda May Kerr

Victoria's Secret "Angel"

Wikipedia: Miranda May Kerr (born 20 April 1983) is an Australian model, best known as one of the Victoria's Secret Angels. Her parents are Therese and John Kerr, and she has a younger brother named Matthew. She is of Persian, Serbian, Turkish and Filipino decent. During her childhood, Kerr stated she "raced motorbikes and rode horses on [her] grandmother's farm" and describes her early life in the Australian countryside as "very grounding ... there wasn't any pretentiousness and no one really cared what you were wearing. You could just be you."


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Just for fun....

by Bache Tehroon Forever (not verified) on

Check out this one to the end!

They are making fun of our beautiful Miranda... :-)



Lance and Miranda...

by Bache Tehroon Forever (not verified) on

Lance Jaan ,

Nokaretam Coochooloo, Mamaaneto vel kon O behesh geer nadeh... Beekhial shoo Amoo...

You are an Iranian/Persian by blood and also by choice outside Iran if you really want to be...

Most Iranians outside (especially in L.A.) try to fake being Italians instead anyway... So don't get offended by those who are on offensive due to their own insecurities...

So the fact you come out and announce it (Being Iranian), Merci azziz, maa chakereteem.... :-)

As for this Miranda!!!!

Mirandaye Jeegar,

If you read this, first of all, Elahi dard o balaat bokhoreh vasat farghe sareh harchi hezbolahi O Eslamieh O I.R. eh...

Secondly, If you yourself ever announce that you are Iranian in any way publicly , You make any reasonable & true Iranian or half Iranian or 1/4, 1/8, and.... very proud with your looks....

I just hope your mind and soul as an Iranian, part Iranian or simply a human is as beautiful as well....

PS. Amma, Ageh ham nabood, Sag to zarar, ziad aybi nadareh, Jeegaretoo Anyway khoshgele, Elahi ghorbonet bereh in azize baradar... :0)

Miranda May Kerr for Next Iranian Foreign Minister/ Secretary Of State....

With her, "The world belongs to you" Antonio Montana.



by Majid on

You said.....

 "I seriously doubt if is she has Iranian in her unless I read it in her own website or at least an authentic source"

What do we know? maybe she had some Iranian "IN" her already!

And if she did or does she's not gonna reveal it in her website!

That's top secret (pillow talk)....LOL


all problems Iran ..human

by Anonymous hajiagha (not verified) on

all problems Iran ..human rights Canada no vcitory secre 10 year how old... selling drugs gay sex ...iranian is like a box a shoklat.. yesterday salvashen amy in BC keek me out as racist is as be. what you talk..


Homeopathically Iranian?

by ramintork on

I guess if a Homeopath can dilute something to the point where its molecules are no longer present and still claim that the effect has become stronger then you could claim she is Iranian.

Perhaps she has walked on a Persian carpet or drank tea with a sugar cube on the side of her cheek so I guess she deserves the Iranian of the day title.


What an amazing looking Homo sapien? 

I'm sure all other bipedal primates are proud of sharing her genes recessive or otherwise!

Thinking that she shares our capability for abstract reasoning, language gives me a tingling feeling!

In any case, any excuse to see VS girls is nice.

Thanks PG. I'm your fan for ever more!


To Lance Raheem

by Anonymous98945 (not verified) on

Hi there, I just read your comment. I totally agree with you, Iranians can be very light-skinned and even blonde but as much as I am no expert in racial features, etc. from my own experience, I believe that those Iranians with very light features are usually from Turkish or Kurdish descent in Iran. My own family is Turkish from my mother's side, I have cousins that have red hair or even blonde hair with very light eyes, I myself have jet black hair but my skin color is even whiter than most whites here in the US . However, what is different from us very light or even blonde Iranians from Europeans is that we have very distinct Mediterranean nose!!! or at least, slightly different facial features than Europeans. Since your grandmother was from Tabriz, I believe she was Turkish and most Turkish women are very light and blonde Turkish Iranian women or Persian mixed with Turkish are not rare in Iran. Now, my own daughter whose father is from South of Iran, might not come out as White as I am. However, now, it is too early to tell because she is little but my feelings is that she is going to be naturally a little tanned compared to her mother. Maybe I am just dreaming but I personally like tan very much. I used to have a very beautiful classmate in Iran, she was my classmate and actually, she was not Turkish but was naturally blonde and she desperately wanted to be tanned like most other Persian girls so she used this tanning cream, so I hope my daughter comes out a little tanned :))) , by the way, I am so proud that your mother put a lot of effort into raising you as Iranian, bravo to her and you, we are proud and very honored of you as being Iranian :))) , on the side note, the reason why I said Iranians usually have dark hair, dark eyes, and olive skin color is because I was generalizing and I believe at least 70 percent of Iranians can fit into that description. Bleached is not natural, I can even bleach my own skin but that's not who I am .



by Benyamin on

Looks like you and I think the same, i am sorry I didn`t read your comment before commenting, But I am also glad that without reading yours or copy and even influenced by, we think the same way. That is proof enough for LanceRaheem.....lol


To LanceRaheem

by Benyamin on

I couldn`t help myself but laugh as I was reading your comment about how you feel about being Iranian or not.

But I have to tell you something that maybe news to you and a bit of advise if I may so.

I am a full blooded Iranian but because of my RELIGION have no right to post secondry education! no right of ownership, and the list goes on.

My point is Iran is a strange country, YOU as a HALF persian if Muslim have more right than I do, so congratulations!

As it comes to names and looks, you are right. In Iran there alot of people that they don`t look like majority and look rather european white. My own grand mother had red hair and blue eyes, my brother and sister do have natural dirty blond hair and if they walk with no BLEACHING in westwood no one would think of them as Iranian. As it comes to names you are right again, since there alot of Iranians that do have non Iranian last names and the most popular ones are of course Arabic.

The last thing I wanted to add is that, you are whoever you believe you are and no one can take that away from you, that is a decision you make and that is it. I would say emotionally you are more Iranian than many FULL blooded ones, and you better congratulate your mother for a good job she has done to preserve HER heritage which is important to all of us Iranians. So, in my eyes you are just another Iranian with or without the looks or name, it is not up to me to declare you and Iranian or any of us for that matter, it is all up to you. and being Iranian shouldnot and must not take anything away from your other half either.

We love you and celebrate you just the way you or any other half, full and mixed iranians as long as you believe you belong.I Remember that Andre Agasee said once I AMNOT IRANIAN and stop calling me that. so he chose to be whatever he wanted to be. And as you see no one`s dissing him.


To: Anonymous98945

by LanceRaheem on

Thanks for your nice comment.  I had to laugh when I read your last line.  What you said about most Iranians having dark hair may hold true for the dudes, but Westwood probably has the highest concentration of bleached-blond Iranian women in the world.  There is probably something in the water they drink.  

Speaking of blond haired Iranian women, my mother told me that her grandmother who was from Ahar between Tabriz and Ardabil had light blond hair and twinkling bright blue eyes.  I wonder if any one ever regarded her as not-Iranian-enough since she didn't look like the majority that you mentioned?  If so, I guess great-grandma would understand how tetchy I get when some among us that have two Iranian parents think that they are superior to those of us who have one.  Still, I can't understand why some people object to Meranda May Kerr expressing her pride in being part Persian.  She isn't hurting anyone after all.  I wonder if those who belittle her publicly think that she is unable to read.  If they wanted to spare her from getting her feeling hurt, the least they could do would be to write in Farsi, so that she would be unable to understand just how petty they were being.   


Iranian.com staff are so

by Nima K (not verified) on

Iranian.com staff are so naive, or at least short of 'Iranian of the day' to post. just because it says in her Wikipedia that she is of a Persian decent doesn't mean it's true. I seriously doubt if is she has Iranian in her unless I read it in her own website or at least an authentic source


to Lance Raheem

by Anonymous98945 (not verified) on

Sweetie, every country, every culture, and every individual has their own criteria on who is Iranian, who is White, who is Persian, etc. I would have to inform you that in Persian culture, you are Iranian if your father is Iranian or Persian. Iranians believe that you are what your father is. For instance, if your father is Iranian and your mother is Pakistani, you are Iranian . If your mother is Iranian and your father is Pakistani, you are Pakistani. In recent times, they have changed the laws and become more flexible about the definition of who is or who is not Iranian. To me, you are as much Iranian as myself who was born in Iran from completely Iranian parents. However, you have to understand where some Iranian people on this site are coming from, this girl as beautiful as she is and may God bless her, does not have any Iranian name on both sides of her family, for instance , your mother's maiden name which is also an integral part of your identity is Iranian, but this girl does not have any Iranian sounding name on either side of her family by my knowledge, and does not look even a bit Iranian by any strech of an imagination. As much as Iranians want to pass for White blonde europeans, we have to admit that a typical Iranian is usually dark-haired with dark eyes and olive skin color.


Lance, you are iranian if you like to be one! your choice only!

by gol-dust on

Who are we to tell you how you should feel and be? We are not like jews who consider someone a jew if their mom is a jew! Even a non-iranian who likes the culture and learns the language would be a persian/iranian culturally. That simple! it really is more about the culture than blood. Some have both some don't. That wouldn't make more or less persian! Some have both, but you wish they would never call themselves persian/iranian, since their actions are so disgraceful and degrading to our culture. 

Don't get pissed at these comments here. If you have never visited iran, pack up and go. Then, you would see that what your mother taught is true! you'll be surprised and you would stop listening to some people here! You are much more iranian than a lot of iranians I know! I am taking my son to iran for the first time this year after he graduates from college. That's my graduation gift!


To: Nanaz, Again

by LanceRaheem on

Just one more thing before I forget.  Perhaps, you should not change your test of Iranian-ness from the "last name" test to the "genepool" test.  If you do, the owner of Iranian.com,  Mr. Jahanshah Javid, will no longer be able to enjoy celebrating his Iranian-ness since one of his grandmothers was...God forbid....an American woman.  Mr. Javid will be forced to join me and Miranda May Kerr in the Iranian wanna-be-club if you change your definition of who can rightly be included as an Iranian. 

I thought you might want to know this because if Mr. Javid has to shut down Iranian.com because he would no longer be Iranian then what forum would you have left to publicly put-down those who are not Iranian enough to suit you? 

Now, let me go find my mom and give her a piece of my mind for making me think that being Iranian was a very inclusive club instead of the very exclusive club and you've shown me it was. 


party girl mersee

by habib look alike (not verified) on

woooooow, my goodness, what a Persian beauty. I just bit my fingers........havens beam me up...:)


To: Nanaz

by LanceRaheem on

So having an Iranian last name is the quintessential "be all and end all" test of Iranian-ness.  Thanks for sharing that with me in your comment.  Dasta shoma dard nakone!  I don't have an Iranian last name....never have and never will!  I have been decieved into thinking I could count myself among Iranians, but you've opened my eyes.  My mother who does have an Iranian last name misled me into believing that the simple fact that I once occupied her womb was enough to insure my inclusion.  Why did she waste all of her time and mine teaching me how to speak, read and write Farsi and to celebrate our...opps....I mean your culture everyday of my life when I, like Miranda, am not an Iranian.  I need to close my account on Iranian.com and move to the Half-American.com site.  Khali mamnoon!

I have always found my....opps, I did it again....your Iranian countrymen to be funny in one regard.  When someone is of Iranian ancestry or descent and refuses to proudly and loudly shout it to the world...like Andre Agassi for years refused to do....Iranians are insulted and feel as they've been betrayed, but when a person like this young woman proudly informs the world that she is part Persian, Iranians want to knock her because she is not Iranian enough. 

I bet that no one asked her before she was born just how much Persian DNA she wanted in her genepool.  Instead of knocking this girl, how about trying to be a bit proud that she proudly claims that part of her ancestry that she shares with mean-spirited people like you.

Sorry, I can't write more.  I need to go give my maman some hell for making me think that I had just as much right as you and her to be proud of the culture where my ancestors, like yours, have been buried for thousands of years...Iran.  I won't make the mistake again of thinking that I have a right to claim that which belongs to my cousins, aunts and uncles still living there today, and of course to you. 

Thank you for opening my eyes.  Now, I agree with you; Miranda May Kerr has no place being Iranian of the Day!  Part Persians have no right to be proud of Iran! 



by Anonymous5 (not verified) on

she makes me so proud to be a Filipino


Iranian of day?...

by nanaz (not verified) on

Are you kidding me, this is really getting funny, this girl, doesnot even have iranian last name, neither her parents,oh please, why you showing desperation, we donot need this.


The Tempting of Temptation

by Anonymous4 (not verified) on

...had messiah seen her he would have given her a marriage proposal on his knees offering the wedding ring to raise a family together with happiness ever after...



Persian, Serbian, Turkish and Filipino decent......

by Anonymousa (not verified) on

Isn't this friking stretching it? why do we want to connect everything to iran???? you might as well add Black, Jewish, and spanish to the list and you have covered the world... Get a life budd.


reaching farrrrrrr...

by Saman on

The only thing missing in her background intro was fish. I'm sure at some point someone in her family crawled out of sea and took that first step in to land ...


I am lost

by Benyamin on

what`s the point?


Inquiring mind wants to know...

by delldaar on

what part of this Khanoum is Iranian, another word , what part of her gene pool comes from Iran, please enlighten us.thanks


I will...

by Abol Danesh (not verified) on

If she invite me for her wedding I definitely come and dance ...

Dress code for men??


I bet you she does not talk of Shah

by Alborzi (not verified) on

She looks great, but is she as attractive in a chador.