Mehmooni Irani

Iranian gathering with family and friends. What is it like?

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mehmooni irani

by ziba on

salam  man feker mikonam  ke behtare  in video ro vardari ta bishtar az inaberoye irani haro ye  hich khoney hatta faghir tarin injori raftar nemikonan khejalat hamkhob chizi hast ..yani baon ham e dako pos hanoz tarbitay nashodeh bodan ke chtori bayad raftar konan  ey baba.!!!!!!!!!!!!


You want to tell me that

by a23 (not verified) on

You want to tell me that (masalan)people with these kind of homes still eat on a sofreh on the floor?
See how difficult it was for some?
Naah! Even 35-40 years ago this wasn't done... not in my neighbourhood!
So what was the nahar-khori for? and those Big nahar-khori tables??

I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek

I did not like this one..... as much

by I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek on

Ardeshir has good stuff but this one just makes Iranians look like animals. Maybe we are. LOL. But I haven't encountered these kinds of people before. Maybe I am too classy. Check out the one rezapci has in his blog. Wish it had been featured too!


how true

by shirazie (not verified) on

I think I saw all of these guys in a Glendale Bakery last week.

well done but true


Nice, But

by Iroonian (not verified) on

You are funnier with an Isfahani accent :)



by abc123!!!! (not verified) on

This was a great video...SO FUNNY!!!! :)


loved it!

by michelle (not verified) on

a few need to eat much less, but it was an enjoyable watch--- :)))