Layla Atefi

German-Iranian model


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To Mandy who has now suddenly turned Farhad!

by hassan6666 (not verified) on

To Mandy who has now suddenly turned Farhad!

Let's agree to disagree and leave it at that shall we!


She's got all the curves

by Marjan (not verified) on

Listen dude, you don't know anything I'm a childhood friend of her's, her mothers name is Diana Smith and father's name is Hashem Atefi, for your info (not a drop of German in her). Be quiet if you don't know anything. Secondly she models in Florida and Montreal under Next and Montage agency, look her up, know it all. She's got all the curves and she models for La Senza and many of the Victoria's Secret ads, again look her up! If she was fat she wouldn't be in the modeling industry. And you should also know that Germans being as racist as they are prefer there long tall blond pales chicks, just be quiet please.


Typisch Persisch

by asollah (not verified) on

I think Layla has a problem with weight. In some of her pictures she is fat on others,.. not so much. Her weigth is fluctuating like Opera.

I think she would never be able to be a model in america, england, spain or italy, but in Germany the guys really dig that type of girls. I kid you not, the northern european men have a thing for dark, chunky, hairy middle eastern and mediteranian girls.

I don't believe she has a drop of german blood. I think she is fully Persian. She has a typical short legs, chubby hands, pure iranian woman (not even young, but an iranian woman in her 30's with a couple of kids or persian MILF).. The kind we used to see in the iranian movies of the 70's dancing the the (Kafe) for the lat people in the movies of Naser elekmotiee and other bezan bahadors of the day.

Like Germans say "Typisch Deutsch".. this Layla is "Typisch Persisch"



by Farhad Mosaffa (not verified) on

Hi dear Hassan I feel sorry for you, how empty and sad you are, beauty is God's gift it doesn't matter if your persian, german or any other race. The sad thing is when you don't have respect for others, it's people like you and a bunch of other fanatics who bring the name of persians to shame. God has given it to her and she's enjoying life, if I don't like something at least I try not to bring down a fellow citizen, I don't know how it benefits you!! Brother I pray for you to get well.



TO MANDY: It's always naive

by hassan6666 (not verified) on

TO MANDY: It's always naive and gullible people like you who believe everything they read, isn't it! But don't worry, there are a lot of shallow and superficial people like you who don't know what they are talking about, you are definitely not on your own! How I feel sorry for the likes of you!! You bring the name of Persians to shame!


Whether German Iranian or Iranian German, Layla is Lovely

by LanceRaheem on

Layla is another example of a half-Iranian who is a credit to her people and worthy of being "Iranian of the Day!" 



by Iran parast (not verified) on

there are people how call them selves {Iranian} but do [Nat] like any thing a but Iranian!



by Mahsa1986 (not verified) on

To all the iranian haters I'm sorry but I saw nothing trashy on here I don't know what you guys are whining over!!! I have her on my facebook and she's one of the most down to earth people, if only I had a figure like her.

This is her profile:




by Mandy (not verified) on

I found this on wikipedia, answer to HASAN6666 for calling her a taze be doroon reside, what's wrong with what she does, I've seen her on the cover of La Senza and Victoria's Secret, it's ok when Heidi klum and adriana lima do it but not when a persian, get over it you Mulim FANATIC!!!!


Layla Atefi born on June 10th 1975 is of Persian and German heritage, being german on her mother's side and persian on her father's side, truly gives her a taste of both worlds. Born and raised in Frankfurt, Germany, along side her middle eastern roots much european flair is also seen. Her multi-cultural background has always given her an appetite for travelling and new culture. She is fluent in german, persian, english and hindi. Her venture to Canada opened new doors to her, she currently resides in Montreal, stating "I feel very much at home here, this city drowns you with culture and history". She has always been an entrepreneur, and recently ventured into modeling as a professional career, "I've recently started modeling but it is not something new to me as I've always treated the streets as my runway, an out of control fashionista". Her main goal in life is to write her life story and publish it to become a symbol for other women out there, " I have gone through many hardships and struggles in my life, I am a survivor of a past life, and I freed myself of that, my book is my passion and it will state all my experiences once it's out there, I want women to see that nothing is impossible in life".

In her spare time layla pursues her passions, fashion, design, traditional dance, music and learning new languages. Layla believes that life is a gift and that it shouldn't be taken for granted, " In my heart I have engraved the words IN GOD I TRUST, he carries me and opens new doors in my life each and every single moment". One of her greatest mentors is Rhonda Byrne's, the creator of THE SECRET, "It is the universe's greatest law, I both practice it and preach it, you can make the impossible possible". One of her greatest idols is Oprah Winfrey, "The respect I have for this woman is endless, she too is an independent woman who created an empire for herself and demands world respect". Her latest work representing Asia in the Miss Diaspora International Pageant is truly a dream come true for Layla,


To Farimaa

by Anonymous111 (not verified) on

getting naked in front of camera and showing ur butt does mean that u are successful, anyone can do that at some levels.


Definitely made in Iran! No apparent German trace

by Hassan6666 (not verified) on

She looks like one of these "taze bedoran ressideha" who left Iran a couple of years ago and who is desperate for fame! There was another one of these girls so called "iranian/..." models on the cover of the spanish magazines in nude "fighting for the survival of persian culture and Iranian women's rights!! What a noble cause indeed!!
To be honest persian girls who grew up in Europe are far too busy working hard and having respectable jobs rather than flaunting it in front of the camera.
Only girls who come from Iran are capable of doing this sort of modelling!


For god sake, why Iranians

by Farimaa (not verified) on

For god sake, why Iranians are so jealous of anothers success? Although I don't personally like what she does but good on her for doing what she obviously enjoys doing. In my experience most of Iranians abroad are so jealous of each other's success. Why can't you just be OK, if not happy for someone's achievements. In their eyes it is achievement, even if you are having problem seeing it. Get over your selfish self!


I love obgosht

by Anonymous111 (not verified) on



She is gorgeous, however,

by marjan (not verified) on

She is gorgeous, however, she needs to lose weight.


Hot Hot Hot!

by Anonymous411 (not verified) on

She is very attractive and that body is bangin'!
She is a Hybrid Hottie! I have to also say that girls within Iran are also very gorgeous, its just a shame they can't show off their bodies!


She'll look a lot better

by Seh Shod (not verified) on

Under a chador.


To miss goldoost and all other haters

by Johla (not verified) on

Please cut out all this jealousy, for godsakes she has what it takes and that's why she's here and not you! Layla atefi has done several ads for la senza and other top brands, if she was fat and not model material she wouldn't be in the industry.

I think your beautiful layla, we want to see more success from you and please ignore all the dumb people!


To : Gol-dust

by JD (not verified) on

LOL, raast meegee bekhoda...nonetheless the crowd is supporting a fellow Iranian. But I totally disagree with another person who thinks that most beautiful Iranians are outside of Iran! Baby you haven't traveled in Iran! There is a huge difference between beauty and make-over.


Born in Iran and ugly

by pishi (not verified) on

Those of us who are not Western European Iranian born and were born in Iran should acknowledge how ikbiri va boogandoo hastim. Somehow those who were born in Europe especially in western part, it can’t get beyond Berlin walls, something happened to the genes of Iranian pashmaloo and the kids turned so beautiful, intelligent and noble.
Scientists are trying to figure out what really caused the gene alteration. Can it be foi gras or the red wine or a very good cheese?
In Iran we eat lot of chelokabob and that makes us khengo bad tarkib. Boo pyazam midim.
Ey faghan, man chera inghadr zesht shodam?!


She's pretty no doubt but

by desi on

She's pretty no doubt but she's in dire need of a stylist.  Her wardrobe screams Fredrick's of Hollywood circa 1994.  I guess Hamburg isn't the hub of fashion after all. 


Hasood hargez nayasood!!!

by Farhad Mosaffa (not verified) on

Layla babe your gorgeous do what your doing!!


Not bad!

by MRX1 on

post IRI she should become ambasador to U.N she will make a lot of reps vote for Iran!


Western European Iranian Females

by Mohammad Reza Tehrani IV (not verified) on

Iranian Women born and raised in economically prosperous areas in western Europe are the most attractive Iranians outside Iran.

By far and away the Western European Iranian born women who have money living in Paris, London, Hamburg and Munich are very attractive.

I am born in the United States and I know this as a fact. I travel extensively.

The best looking Iranian women born and living in Western European cities visit Iran at least once a year for 2 weeks during the Spring Equinox Iranian holiday (Now-rooz).

If I wasn't so economically tied down to Manhattan, New York City I would be in Western Europe hanging out with an Iranian woman born and raised in Western Europe.

They have the best of both worlds. They are culturally Iranian and westernized enough to understand today's world. They speak and write several languages.

These western European Iranian women have proper manners, are humble, educated and beautiful.


What's so model about her? just showing mame! big deal!

by gol-dust on

u guys are really feeling proud? how shallow!


She is too fat to be a

by Anonymous25$ (not verified) on

She is too fat to be a model.

I am sure her career is not going to go anywhere.

but she is attractive.. just not a model material.



by Avon (not verified) on

A definite 1 from the Godess Scale of 1 to 10!!