Iranian art revival

CNN's Reza Sayah reports


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Great report

by Abarmard on

The fact: Similar to anywhere in the world that enjoys diversity, in Iran you can find your corner of heaven so to speak and live the way you like. Most people do that.

Great report. This is what the western media should try to do, show these angles rather than the negatives only. Iran is a diverse country that many young buds of modernity is flowering and hopefully mature in the next decade or so.

Thanks for the post.


rantinglunatic ... boro khejaalat bekesh

by Mehrnaz (not verified) on

Thank you Party girl. It is good to see people, if not everyone but some, are enjoying the art scene in Iran and there are many individuals who can be creative and have an audience. Of course the art in Iran is not limited to Tehran's art scene, we have an artistic tradition that is not dependent on art galleries.

'rantinglunatic' what do you have against any indication of prosperity or creativity in Iran and any indication of joy????

Your problem is viewing things in black and white which then leads you to distort and lie. In order to prove your point that the IR has been destructive to Iranian people's prosperity and progress, you attack any attempt on the part of the population to overcome obstacles, internal and external, to be successful, joyous and creative, despite all the problems.

Of course that type of art scene in Iran is exclusive. I don't know where you live, but this class privilege is certainly not specific to Iran, and that is not to say, the disparity is the same in Iran as it is in, say, Holland!!! But, tell me of any country in the world that, as you say, "99%" of people go to these art galleries!!! It is not surprising that after rubbishing anything good, you move on to the ridiculous claim that Iran has the "atom bomb" and "intercontinental ballistic missiles"....... !!! Presumably, your great knowledge and empathy with the lives of people in Iran, is matched by your great nuclear and military expertise! Boro baba, boro Khejat bekesh


Honar Nazde Iranian Asto Bas

by Iruni (not verified) on

Persia has been epicentre of the Art, Literature, Science and Philosophy for thousands of the years!

Western Media should stop labelising Persians as terrorists and being narrow minded towards one of the greatest country in the world, Iran.

Payendeh Iran...


Happy times are hear again ...

by rantingLunatic (not verified) on

Yes. This is so typical of 99% of Iranians to go to art galleries on Friday evenings; and the women in Iran they all dress just like the women in the art gallery of this video; and the boom in the Tehran art scene does not just mean that the art aficionados have gone from 500 to 5000 people of out 70 million. IRI has turned our Iran into an open, modern, and advanced country. Finally we are in 21st Century, with atom bomb and intercontinental ballistic missiles and all. Long live …


Go my beautiful Iran...

by Sialashgar on

 The best country in the world and it's getting better evry day.



Arts in Iran

by IranWrites on

Thank you, thank you, and again thank you Party Girl!



by Anonymous..... (not verified) on

I hope hawks watch clips like this until they are blue in the face.