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Part 1: Iran-140 aircraft based on Ukranian Antonov

Part 2: Jet engine industries



Should I say something here...?

by Fair on


Sorry for my absence, I have been out of action for a while.

But I cannot keep my mouth shut as some of you know...

First of all, this is great, I am very happy that Iranian engineers and scientists are building this aircraft, and I will be even happier whenever the An-140 project succeeds in Iran. It hasn't yet, despite having been started over 7 years ago.

Actually I think it is a good idea to start with something like the An-140 for a country like Iran, because it provides a low cost, simple transportation solution for short to medium range flights, which is perfect for Iran. It can also be successfully exported to many countries when it succeeds if it is managed and marketed properly. So I wholeheartedly support this effort, it is great.

But I would also like to clarify for the record anybody out there who has the impression that "this is indigenous" and under the Shah everthing we did was "not indigenous". This program is no more indigenous than the Bell Helicopter plant in Isfahan was, since both were assembled versions of foreign aircraft that fit Iran's needs at the time. I don't say any of these is bad, on the contrary, I think both were good efforts that in time will benefit Iran.

So I am happy about this and all previous such efforts, and I hope they continue.




Boroumand Family

by Patriot Be Damned (not verified) on

Only one branch of the Boroumand family, the late Dr. Abdolrahman Boroumand and his children, were and remain politically active and members of the opposition in exile. Other family members were non-political farmers and developers, some ardent supporters of the Revolution at its outset, who were and remain victimized by the lawlessness and injustice of a corrupt and arbitrary judge and court.


Looks Promising

by Anonymous..... (not verified) on

What did shah have to do with anyone of this. Come on you guys.

Their mold and machining facilities looks exactly like what silicon valley is relying on to produce parts for major OEM's or defense contracters. None of that existed back during shah's rule.

I think the differentiating factor will be the vision and design capabilities of the Iranian engineers, matched by their testing facilities. It'll be a good challenge for them to design and produce competitive products. Hopefully a test our young dynamic engineers will embrace.


Thanks for the links baji

by Fatollah (not verified) on

Thanks for the links baji



Hajminator Azeez

by Anonym7 (not verified) on

Hajminator Azeez, I was just pulling your legs, I know you are not a monarchist. I do agree with you that we should give credit to some of the good that Shah did, ... I however doubt very much that the desire for independence was as strong during the former regime, strong enough to actually implement all those ideas and plans that you mentioned.
Mullahs may ultimately capitulate, but Iran of Shah would have definitively capitulated under the pressure of west on programs such as enrichment.


Dear Anonym 7

by Hajminator on

I am not a monarchist and think that due to the context of that time the late shah did some misjudgments and mistakes (Errare humanum est), but I am now convinced that Mohamad-Reza Shah was a patriot and a real Iran lover. If you look at all the technology achievements that Iranians did these last 30 years, they were all thought and plannified by the Shah.

His projects for Iran are alive and History will never forget these facts. So in some sense the slogan Javid Shah that some friends say here is the real truth

‫وگرنه این ۳ بیت از آن من نیست و جزو غزلی از مولانا هست که متأسفانه همه اش را بیاد ندارم و هر چه ‫دنبالش گشتم, پیدایش نکردم. وقتی کار بچه ها را به این قشنگی دیدم این سه بیت آمد به ذهنم.

‫عید شما هم مبارک دوست عزیز, ‫ما هم مخلصیم.


Bah, bah (to Hajminator)

by Anonym7 (not verified) on

Hajminator, all of the progress in Iran (satellite launch, enrichment, fighter plane, ...) including this one is because of Shahanshah!

thanks for the poetry,
eidet mobarak,


Iran aerospace industry Research and production of and .......

by Faribors Maleknasri M.D. (not verified) on

Are they - the honorable Iranian Nation, those heroes living in their Islamic Republic - successfull in their efforts so I want to be happy for them and with them. Are they not successfull, so I dont see any reason to cheer up. unless i would hate them and their successfull and happy life which they live since 1978/79. or for example the deserteurs who suffer from their frustrations and depressions not being able to participate on the success of that nation, also these individuals should better help themselves with appropriate and more suitable methods than to show how intensively they hate Iran, Iranians and their Islamic Republic. In the times of taghoot were all techno-sciences, and not only these, under controll of strangers. one could have understanding for their hate against Iran now. since those stinky creatures have no part in the economy of Iran since 1978/79. So I dont see any difference. Greeting


Fatollahs: This is their

by Anonymous baji (not verified) on

Fatollahs: This is their story:


This is one of her sites:


Patriot Be Damned

by Fatollah (not verified) on

who were the Boroumands and when did this happen and why?


The 4 million square meter

by Patriot Be Damned (not verified) on

The 4 million square meter HESA facility in Shahinshahr Iran, where most of the aircrafts are manufactured, was gifted free of charge to the Iranian government by the Boroumand family in an attempt to spur industrial development. In return, the government set a compromised molla on the family, confiscated and sold everything they owned, and proceeded to assassinate a member of the family.


Bah bah, dameh hamashoon joosh

by Hajminator on


‫ای نیست کرده هست را، بشنو سلام مست را

‫مستی که هر دو دست را، پابند دامت میکند

ای آسمان عاشقان، ای جان جان عاشقان                          

حسنت میان عاشقان، نک دوستکامت می کند

پس تن نباشم جان شوم، جوهر نباشم کان شوم

ای دل مترس از نام بد، کو نیک نامت می کند


Some realism

by OmidKarimi on

Antanov-140 is used for cargo lifting in the west. The aircraft has been slaughtered even by the most conservative unrealistic commanders back home and it should not carry human beings at all, its crash record is simply humiliating. Ukraine has been exporting junk since the fall of the Soviet Union. (This aircraft is from Ukraine, and is made by license in Iran).

The only action this bird should do is military AWAC service and cargo lifting. 

Now, Iran has agreed to get the license to make Tupolev Russian jets to form its main air fleet bulk in the future to replace its Boing aircraft. But this contract has not gone forward so far. I personally believe that its becauseof the Obama election and the slightest possibility that the sanctions will be lifted, and Iran can import air bus technology from the West. But who knows.


For movies/clips about Iran, check out my website at:


Nader Vanaki

Dameh Hameshoon Garm-Sabzeh Khoshk!

by Nader Vanaki on

Instead of being proud that our fellow countrymen are developing aerospace technology and embarking on a new industry just like they did with auto industry 15 years ago, some are already raising the bar and ridicule it by comparing it BOEING or AIRBUS.

sabzeh koshk, Iran does not need Firouz Naderi yet.  They have plenty of talented engineers to build this industry from ground up.  Iran is also not seeking likes of you who think that their mere presence in the US is another case of brain drain and Iran suffered such a big loss as a result of their emigration abroad.  Just sit back and enjoy your career here and let the folks do their work and please no need to become xenophobic by saying things like:

"the recent arrivals...they can go back anytime...we don't need them in the US."

Just picture yourself 20 years ago when you were standing in line to apply for your U.S. visa and some vatani said the same thing to you.  There is plenty of room for everyone, even your ego.  Nazeto Beram!


Good job..Cheshme hasooda koor...

by Homayun on

I think this was wonderful. Although still a long way to go, but this is the right approach to become an industrial and developed country.  

 Given the time and resouces we IRanians don't come anythign short of other developed nations. Let's believe in our power.

The sanction is maybe in our benefit after all..


My Moto: Be Positive, Optimistic and don't fall in routines


more good news from ..

by delldaar on

Iranian " Air Industry".! more than fifty percent of IranAir air crafts are grounded because lack of spare parts. and mullas talking about manufacturig jet fighters,,,,,,,,,,,,GET REAL.


Shirazie: The problem is not

by sabzeh (not verified) on

Shirazie: The problem is not US-Iran relationship. Ask Firouz Naderi. Most decent Iranians despise the IRI, unless they are aghazadeha and beneficiaries of the IRI, the recent arrivals...they can go back anytime...we don't need them in the US.'re trying to minimize the complicity of the IR.

Shameful and transparent.


Not a monopoly anymore

by shirazie (not verified) on

Embraer air of Brazil began with prop aircrafts, then in 2005 they introduced their first jet. Also Honda (yes the car company) has introduced small jets. If relationships get better with USA, lots of southern Cal aerospace Iranian engineers probably will head home to help.

The best thing for development of industries is " sanctions". South African industries thrived during sanctions. once the sanctions were lifted - they became consumers again.

Iran also is 8th largest exporter of small arms (not a fan of that) . Iran has no option but to become an exporter of finish goods, its one of the most populated countries in the region.

A welfare system like the Arab countries will not work us. My guess is Saudi's will have diverse soon or become nomads again.


Look, If the IRI was not a

by sabzeh (not verified) on

Look, If the IRI was not a terrorist entity appointing itself to liberate the world from zionism and Imperialism, it could have worked on Air-bus or Boeing or perhaps it could have improved their technology instead of antiquated discarded technology hand me down of the Ukraianins.

These kind of "progress" is only appreciated by the uneducated basiji and their tribes.

There are hundreds of Iranian engineers who work for Boeing and Air-bus everyday in the West. They could be working in Iran,however, they choose to stay in the West because they don't want to sink to the level of depravity, unscrupulousness, and immorality of the Islamists who run the country.

Firouz Naderi is the head of Mars Lander in JPL:


Laser weapon and nuclear power plant architect:


Why don't scientist like these two and hundreds of others don't go back to Iran??? Because the Islamic Republic is an incompetent, corrupt creature who is only motivated by the lust for power and greed instead of love of Iran and what's good for Iranian future generation.

US judge orders Iran to pay $25M for Hamas killing


Mexican Drug Cartels, Hezbollah Strengthen Ties



Good question MRX1

by Abarmard on

The Iranians had decided to start this program and they needed help. No country was there to help because of sanctions etc. So Iran did its study and approached Ukraine, where they were about to dismantle this old planes. Iran bought the "technology" and transfered the factories in to Iran. They learned to details and here they are. The reason?

The Iranian objective is to get a quick start in this industry. They invested good amount of engineering to master the know how of simple planes. Now they sell spare parts to many countries and are working to upgrade their know how to build Jet engines. Which as I understand they have been very successful. The plan is to master the industry that only a few have the capability to produce.

The success of these kind of programs are relative and should be put in to its place based on the level of technology and know how of a country. I don't look down at this and believe that they are in line with their objectives and moving along. Nothing wrong with starting small and moving forward.

I would think that we will hear more news about the Iranian air industry advances in the future. Interesting fact, all the parts and pieces are made inside the country, many given to shops for production. This is an amazing advancement from previous era and countries in the same rank as Iran.


for the sake of argument

by MRX1 on

Let say all of this is true. is there really a large market for Antanov-140? who uses this plane? I doubt if russians themself use this plane for anything? 


To: ram Iran

by Saman on

Don’t hold your breath for a RSVP request.


Payandhe Iran

by ram Iran (not verified) on

I well never flay in russian molla made aircraft don wane be a [shahid]


The AN-140 aircraft is a disaster

by OmidKarimi on

4 of them have already crashed in Iran.

And Haji, here is the only video of that jet fighter ever released:



More To Come...

by Anonymous111222333 (not verified) on

جالب ترین موضوع اینست که پیشرفتهای صنعتی-نظامی (و گویا تر نظامی-صنعتی) ایران دشمنان عرب و یهودی (صهیونیست) را در جبهه متحدی قرار داده است.


More Advanced Fighters

by Anonymous Haji (not verified) on

The Iranian aerospace industry is much more advanced. Here is a photo of their most advanced fighter:



Pas chi

by Daryush on

Maa mitavaanee. Taazeh aval e kaareh, vaayseen bebinin kojaahaa mirim


What a Joke!

by (not verified) on

I am really impressed! Boeing and Airbus should watch out!

What a lot of BS....