Unknown Martyr

A man killed in post-election protests

This picture was taken by a doctor in one of Tehran's hospitals.



I'd like to first say that I

by Zachary (not verified) on

I'd like to first say that I admire the courage that this man and so many others have had fighting for that which every human being, regardless of religious views, is entitled to, and my heart is with all who continue to fight for this. The streets of heaven are too crowded with angels.

In response to Cezare's comments, while I am a Christian as well and believe in my own beliefs the same way Iranians believe in theirs, I seriously do not think this "mission" is productive or appropriate here. If God willed the nation of Iran to becoming Christian, it would happen on his accord, not on ours. I encourage you, Cezare, to know your place and respect this man, others, and the religion that they have as you would want them to respect yours. Failing in this is failing in adhering to our own beliefs. Furthermore, I think that those who are bothered by this person's statement should no longer respond and give weight to his argument and continue to honor this brave soul.I pay my deepest respects to this man, and I shall leave it at that.

Kaveh Nouraee


by Kaveh Nouraee on

Our rights also include the right for us to tell you to get lost.

The more you wax stupid, the clearer your story becomes.

Chances are you are either a drug addict or an alcoholio, maybe both, who is "in recovery" as they say. You are probably divorced, estranged from any children you may have because you loved getting high or drunk more than your kids. 

Previous addresses include halfway houses group living facilities, probably church-based, so that you could assimilate yourself back into society.

You are just a cliche. 


Cezare cry to recruit Iranians :o))

by O'Man (not verified) on

He writes:
"Iranians. Come to your senses. ...... Trust your Savior Jesus and he'll take care of you."

I can't believe how disconnected he is from Iranian mindset!
The only reason Iranians would go after Christianity is for asylem, girls, and some other worldly gains! That only leaves you with few <0.01% incompetent goats!

Don't try to defame Jesus. He was an extraordinary man.


Once again I will ignore

by cezare on

Once again I will ignore the childish, angry, derogatory comments because I just have no answers for them Nothing will change in Iran until they know who their savior is. This is a plain proven, historical, documented fact. You sensationalists are not the Savior of Iran. You are just opiniated and like to create strife.

I wonder if you are all living outside of Iran. Because if you are then you are hogging all the attention to yourselves. people of Iran need their savior. Find it too hard to believe? Then let others who are ready to believe respond to the call. Nobody is asking you to believe anymore.  You have already made your point clear that you are better off living apart from the presence of God and not having a personal relationship with him.

The fact that my comments has consumed your minds and provoked you to anger just tells me that you cannot live in a land where the first amendment rights are exercised.

Natalia Alvarado-Alvarez


by Natalia Alvarado-Alvarez on

First I would like to thank you for grouping me with Majid and freedom. I must say that considering your side it is a great honor for me to be with them.

On the Iranians converting to Christianity in mass numbers: Boy are you diluted! As soon as they have an oportunity they become atheist, agnostic, spiritual but definitely not religious.

That's okay! Keep living in your little world.

Whether you call out my name or not in your comments this will be my last comment on this thread.

After all this is about the loss of a brave young man. Who truly believed in Freedom.

May he rest in peace.



Kaveh Nouraee


by Kaveh Nouraee on

It is YOU that needs to step aside. Failing that, I will take any and all steps that are necessary in order to abort your mission.

What you fail to recognize is that we Iranian people are smart and intelligent enough to recognize what you are really all about.

We are aware of the true nature of your "mission", which is to attempt to convert as many people to YOUR ideology as possible. It is nothing more than a sales quota. 

You will find that you will have an easier time selling ice to eskimos.

It is not lost on anyone that you are using the current events in Iran in order to foster the environment where someone's personal faith and beliefs may be tested. Exploiting and taking advantage of another human being's raw emotions in order to extract an impulsive "epihany" is inappropriate to say the least, filthy and beyond blasphemous to be more accurate.

What you and people like you do is sick.


cezare, my last comment to you

by Majid on

You're absolutely right Sir, you're an attention whore and you're getting it here.

What's my mission you asked? preventing the cancer you're trying to promote all together......:-) 

Good luck in your mission.


Please leave little kids alone while preaching, will you?


Natalia, Majid and freedom

by cezare on

Natalia, Majid and freedom for Iran. Sorry. But Iranians are by far the fastest growing segmnet turning to Christ's salvation. To answer Majid, yes I am on a mission. What mission are you on? And stop accusing people. You are one of the worst accusers and labelers on this blog. No one can stop the the great savior when he calls on His people So please don't try. There are others hungry for his salvation. You don't need it? Kindly step aside. Thanks


Reply to cezare

by FreedomForIran (not verified) on

Get off your soapbox cezare. Iranians want freedom, so they're figthing for it! God will help those who help themselves. I hope they succeed!

Natalia Alvarado-Alvarez

Bale, Majid jan

by Natalia Alvarado-Alvarez on

However, it will fail. The Iranians on this web site will see right through it





by Majid on

This "THING" has been registered for a whole 3-1/2 hours and posted more than 15 postings of the exact same crapollah, verified and unverified! His foot steps are everywhere....LOL

Isn't he on a mission?


Natalia Alvarado-Alvarez

Majid jan

by Natalia Alvarado-Alvarez on

I shall put away my claws. I have already made my point to this person





by Majid on

Just ignore this "THING" called Cezare!

S/He posted this exact same post on more than 10 blogs within an hour.

 He's on a mission, let him be!

Natalia Alvarado-Alvarez

Holy Cow!

by Natalia Alvarado-Alvarez on


 Why don't you come to your senses. Since when is Jesus their savior. Most of them  believe Jesus is a prophet.

Have you no respect for the passing of this young man.

 Don't be shoving your religious views on people.


Iranians. Come to your

by cezare (not verified) on

Iranians. Come to your senses. get off the streets and tend to your lives and thank the almighty for what you got. Only God has the power to remove this fascist regime. Stop breaking your parents hearts. Mosavi does not represent you. He has a grave waiting for him just like all man. he just called for his own martyrdom which brings him to the level of the mullas. This is not your revolution. make a revolution in your heart. Trust your Savior Jesus and he'll take care of you.

Natalia Alvarado-Alvarez

Kaveh and MiNeum

by Natalia Alvarado-Alvarez on


 You are fighting the wrong individual.


عزا عزاست

Ameerah (not verified)

عزا عزاست امروز------روز عزاست امروز

حکومت اسلامی------مسلم کش است امروز

Kaveh Nouraee


by Kaveh Nouraee on

MY Iran is over? What constitutes MY Iran? Can you elaborate?

And who is this WE you speak of? The only WE I see that you are part of is the bunch being critical of anyone who disagrees with the way YOU think this should go.

You're the one who started with the personal digs. (lazy, cowardly, half wit, grow up). You started it the other day, and I showed you that I wasn't going to accept it from you. You backed off and apologized. I let it go. Now you're starting it up again.

You originally had asked me a question on the issue. I answered it. I never said you have to like it. And I'm not going to force it upon you, not that you would allow it. Nor will I allow you to force your ideology upon me. It's part of freedom.

But if you want to continue to turn this into a personal matter with me, don't whitewash it. Say what you want to say. Just be careful what you wish for, in case the wish comes true.

I'm not saying my idea is the best. I never did. But it seems like you're ready to apply for a patent for yours. Nor am I challenging or questioning your intellect, as you are doing with me. Vote/don't vote. I made my view clear.

Here is a lesson in democracy: I respect you're right to vote and your desire to vote. But you are damn sure going to respect my right to abstain.

If you're looking to pick a fight with me, I'll give you one. But I will not back off this time.


"Kaveh Nouraee"

by MiNeum71 on

My alternative was and is to abstain from voting. It is a form of civil disobedience that peacefully and quietly sends a very strong message of "enough" to the IR.: Which part of the 2005 elections didn't you understand?

No, your Iran is over, now we're creating a new Iran. With brave, intelligent, optimistic Iranians. You and yours are just too lazy, cowardly and half-witted. You think, democracy is brought by something like a divine power. Learn history, democracy costs blood. Velayat-e faghi is not a law of nature, it can be fought. And this is being done. And it started with these elections. They were the engine. This is what I've been hoping since March.

It's sad, that you are still defending your decision and your opinion. Read Hossein Hosseini's article, grow up.


People say that Mousavi won't change anything as he is part of the establishment. That is correct to a degree because they wouldn't let anyone who is not in their circle rise to seniority. But not all members of a family are alike, and for Mousavi it is useful to understand how he has changed over time.

Before the revolution, Mousavi was a religious intellectual and an artist, who supported radical change but did not support the mullahs. After the revolution, when all religious intellectuals and even leftists backed Khomeini, he served as prime minister for eight years. The economy was stable, and he did not order the killings of opponents, or become corrupt.

In order to neuralise his power, the position of prime minister was eliminated from the constitution and he was pushed out of politics. So Mousavi returned to the world of artists because in a country where there are no real political parties, artists can act as a party. The artists supported Khatami and now they support Mousavi.

Previously, he was revolutionary, because everyone inside the system was a revolutionary. But now he's a reformer. Now he knows Gandhi – before he knew only Che Guevara. If we gain power through aggression we would have to keep it through aggression. That is why we're having a green revolution, defined by peace and democracy.



Kaveh Nouraee


by Kaveh Nouraee on

Voting has brought the masses together, you say. Sure, to a degree, it has. But it still sends a message to the IR that their system is legitimate.

But the masses could be just as together by not voting. Imagine what kind of message a complete or mass abstention would send? How can the IR rig a ballot when no one votes? When no one votes, how can the IR continue to claim to be legitimate? If no ballots were cast, no election could result.

My alternative was and is to abstain from voting. It is a form of civil disobedience that peacefully and quietly sends a very strong message of "enough" to the IR. The protestors have my full support. Don't think otherwise for even a millisecond.

Perhaps what is not being understood is the fact that by not voting, not participating in this charade of casting a ballot, you are also protesting but the likelihood of blood being shed is far less.

Right now, while these elections have indeed empowered the masses, it can also result in the IR coming down harder with their crackdowns. Khamenei's words today may be a harbinger of the IR's plans if the protests continue. I'm sure we both share the same hope that no more blood will be shed.

I cannot imagine Moussavi as a great liberal president. Because Moussavi's presidency, like that of any other presidency in the past 30 years, is one in name only. There is no real power, no real influence, or authority. He, like all other candidates were selected, not for their free thinking, but for there adherence to the principles of jomhuriye eslami, of velayat-e-faghih.

If in 4 years there is still an IR, (God forbid) and there's another "election", Moussavi, if still alive and not in prison, will likely not be approved by the Guardian Council to be a candidate.

Be annoyed if you wish. You asked me a question and I answered. I'm not sure what you find even half-witty about what I'm saying.



by capt_ayhab on

I have been looking at the picture of this IRAN's brave son, the martyr of freedom, and how savagely he has been murdered for two days now, and for once in my life I can not express my deep emotion, my admiration, my love of this soul, my anger of the criminal who has murdered this brave SON OF IRAN.

From every drop of his blood, 1000's upon 1000's of brave sons and daughters of IRAN will rise up and avenge his and all of his comrades' who have been killed by these savages, by these IR murders.

Khamenie, Ahmadinajd, and everyone who ever ordered these crimes against our sons and daughters MUST BE TRIED. They must be held accountable for these young brave men and women of IRAN...........

These brave sons and daughter of Iran Zamin make us humbled and proud to be called their countrymen. Their voices will be heard, for they are MARTYRS of FREEDOM.



Dear "Kaveh Nouraee",

by MiNeum71 on

Do you remember what I've written often an often? That voting would bring the masses together? That this is system is not as strong as they want us to believe it would be? That - as in China 1989 - different forces are fighting against each other, and that voting the most liberal force can damage this construction?

No, nobody said, this elections were free ones. And yes, everybody said voting pre-selected candidates is just a joke. But that was never the point. The point was being and acting together as a large number of opposition.

We, we must go on. We must go for the change. But it was important to find an engine. Therefore it was important to choose a candidate and all vote for him. Nobody knows, if we will see better times, But without voting we wouldn't even had the chance to go for the better times. You never understood, that these elections could be an outlet for a libaral movement.

By the way, it's annoying reading your really half-witted comments. You only criticised these elections without showing an alternative. Now we have this movement without you and yours. And this is great.


Dear "Kaveh Nouraee", Dear "HATIERI", Dear "Darius",
by MiNeum71 on

Imagine, Mousavi turns out to be a great liberal president, a brave man with strong resilience, the engine for transformation to a secular society: What would you say then?

Man enough to admit being wrong and cross the divide?



Kaveh Nouraee

MiNeum: I'm Right Here

by Kaveh Nouraee on

I haven't gone anywhere. I haven't posted on every single thread, but I'm here.

Yes, I said I was against voting, and I stated why. Abstention from voting in this sham is indeed a form of civil disbedience.

On another thread, Setareh Sabety, who herself originally said she wasn't going to vote, declared that she had in fact changed her mind and was planning to vote, even if it meant that she would be attacked here on the site and called a "flip-flopper". I specifically told her that I see it as her exercising her right to change her mind and that her decision is to be respected, and that although my own position remained intact, her change does not make her a flip-flopper.

Feel free to check it out for yourself, if you haven't already.

Indeed, my position is that a vote for any candidate is in fact a vote to legitimize the IR regime. I maintain that position because candidates must be "approved" before being running for office. That alone taints the entire process. It is no longer an election. By voting under those conditions, you are sending the message that the practice of pre-approving prospective holders of public office is acceptable. I don't want to cast a vote for who they tell me I may vote for. I want to cast a vote for the candidate of my choice.

The only people I am working against are the elements of the IR, including their supporters, apologists, and enablers, whether out in the streets or here online. And I will continue to work against them for as long as they are present.

The people in Iran who are rising up, who have taken to the streets to inform the IR and the rest of the world that they are not stupid people, and that they see this election for the sham that it is, have my support and respect. Not because they are demanding that Moussavi be declared the winner. Moussavi merely puts a less aesthetically offensive face on the regime. Regardless of who was to "win", the IR will not fundamentally change. After 30 years, we have all seen that and we should not fool ourselves into believing otherwise.

The only parties who have insulted the intelligence of the voters are those parties responsible for rigging an election that was a sham election to begin with. It's clear as to why this happened.

Moussavi represents the possibility (albeit an unrealistic one) that the IR will reform, and begin to loosen some of the strangleholds that have been suffocating Iranian society. As we have all seen, Moussavi's presence alone has awakened a long-dormant sense of empowerment among the masses in Iran.

Khamenei and other hardliners not only saw this buildup but saw it for the threat it represents to their regime. This regime has been fueled by fear for the past 30 years. The regime cannot survive if the people are no longer afraid of them.

That is why this "election" was rigged to show Ahmadinejad as the winner. With him in office, they can continue to operate as they have. It is the IR who is fearful. That is why Moussavi was placed under house arrest initially, as were Rezai, Karroubi, and even Mohammad Khatami, even though he isn't even a candidate. Then on top of that they take a cancer-riddled Ibrahim Yazdi out of his hospital bed and put him jail. All of this was done in order to scare the people back into submission, because that's all they know how to do.

Does that make it clearer?


Kadivar! LOL :)


This was to demonstrate your hypocrisy as well as your intellectual and moral deficiency to engage in a truthful and thoughtful discussion! Thank you for your genuine input!  Now go to sleep and dream of Monarchy!


Missing Person Report

by MiNeum71 on

I wonder where those craps are hiding, the Parhams, hamsade ghadimis, Kaveh Nouraees, ramintorks, HATEIRIs, Yanas, LalehGillanis, eroonmans, Farah Rustas, Masoud Kazemzadehs ... who always claimed: Don't vote, only silly people and IRI-apologists vote, nothing will change, this only helps legitimating the IRI ...

I wrote very often: Civil disobedience is an active action, actually a subtle offence, with which you want to demontrate displeasure, for example when you go on strike. But sitting at home demonstrates only personified laziness and cowardice.

Where are you? You thinks you can work against the people whilst people are dying, and then you come and pick up free gift, you lazy gals and guys? You don't deserve Iran.

There are only two things I expect you to you:
1) Supporting the young and brave Iranians fighting in Tehran, Shiraz, Isfahan, Mashad, Ahvaz, Tabriz ...
2) Apologising for insulting the intelligence of the voters.

You lost this battle of wit.


Darius Kadivar


by Darius Kadivar on

Listen Lady I am NOT Interested in YOUR REGULAR RANT !

You Got your Minute of FAME ... No Worries I'm Not Jealous ! ...

You are a Persistant Fly ...

You Don't Like What I write ? Fine ... Don't Read them !

Otherwise I recommend you to Call Irandokht, MARGE and Co to the Rescue. They are usually Good in taking a Moralistic Twist on Everything they see and read !

If Only they applied these High Standards to themselves too.

But Personally I am NOT interested in debating with a WALL OF IGNORANCE like You!







Can one of you , take the

by Farideh (not verified) on

Can one of you , take the picture of the young man above and forward it to the news media outlets such as BBC, CNN, FOX , I am not computer savvy to do it . Please the world need to see what the Iranians are up against


Anonymous9999 and others


Perhaps I am one of those rare individuals amongst you who does not hide in anonymity and goes to Iran, sees and speaks her mind with full conscience. 

Now respect this young man and don't sully this thread.


Graphic photo of government crime...

by AnonymousX (not verified) on


Dear hamvatans, this could have been YOUR brother. Think about it for a second.

Please support the people's protest.


مسلح شوید برای دفاع

Anon4 (not verified)

مسلح شوید، نه برای حمله، برای دفاع. اینها اگر برای یک لحظه فکر کنند که با کشتار موفق میشن ، درنگ نمیکنن. الان میدونن که سومبه مردم پره و عقب نشستن. ولی‌ نگاه کنید با دانشجوهای دانشگاه تهران چه کردن.